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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

How Do We Stop Bullies ?

How Do We Stop Bullies

How Do We Stop Bullies

In a couple of recent blog videos I did one about having self confidence even though I’m different from the rest of the world and to help minorities have courage to be themselves and there’s nothing hateful people can do to stop us ( ) , I have noticed that YouTube is the hotspot of my hate mail currently which is no different from what I have suffered as a victim of narcissistic abuse to the point of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression in 2009 ( * 10 Years Ago * ) . But as I mentioned , thanks to The Secret ( aka Law of Attraction / New Thought & New Age Spirituality ) as well as being a libertarian socialist anarchist / anarcho-communist , I have learned that we fear what we do not understand but when we understand something then we become stronger in the knowing perhaps we know something in which the so called enemy might not even be self-aware of themselves and if they are self-aware which many of them are , they num it out and abstractly express their frustrated negative energy into mindless destruction not only their own self but anyone around them as well.

A few days back , it was “ Transgender Day of Visibility “ and I sure let those transphobic HAVE IT , I socked it to them in style , I exposed the fact that “ LOVE “ is their number one enemy as well as THE CURE for evil which might as well be therapy.
Still bullies won’t respond to such intelligence.

What’s sad in this world is if someone points out all the links to Fascism , sociopaths , and cyberbullying then they are going to be disliked. There’s unfortunately some major New Age Spiritual Community cults that do not believe in the “ Duality “ of Good vs Evil so therefore they say anyone who feels negative energy is not only creating their own Karma BUT is TOXIC and therefore no one should give them love , empathy , sympathy , or anything.
And it’s amazing , I call someone out nicely on how this individual’s idea is strongly similar to Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism and this individual’s cult following fans attack me as being sick , and negative , and how I absolutely love killing babies …. I know , how stupid can reactionaries go eh ? I literally read the very statements on a video just LAUGHING because the comments I received were so dumb 

This is the very reason WHY I stop recommending a certain spiritual website. Even though like another website Slayerment there’s tons of articles I strongly disagree with , there is some valuable information on the site too. But it’s just like choosing a favorite band because they have so many good songs that outweigh the ones you don’t like so much vs a band that has more misses than hits.

Here’s the problem we’ve got currently in this world today. There’s a small percentage of people who are totally awaken spiritually and intellectually regarding the subject of power hungry sociopaths. 
And someone could easily think that as soon as you put it out there on the internet , if something is GOOD and it is made to reach humanity and not so much so profit , if it’s intelligent and or creative , how can it not go viral , how can people not spread the world of mouth ….

I know right ? Well , it’s because we in a hierarchical system of control.

You got the mainstream media who has a bunch of talentless celebrities and an entertainment industry with such talent agencies don’t care about looking for talent. “ If you don’t have a referral then quit wasting my time. ( they hang up the phone ) “ and yes folks they are that aggressive and I know , I pitched myself through out late 2012 and got nothing but that.

And of course we got a political system where democrats and republicans are treated as equal praising the government. That’s like saying two kinds of religious people one who hates homosexuals and the other one finds them as equal to anyone but they both unite out of the love of their religion. In other words , here’s a fascist and a FAKE person only playing a socialist leftie both come together for the love of dominating people and making them their slaves with mind control and freedom tickets aka MONEY !

In other words , most bullies are right wing. And if they side with left and they are still sociopaths then they aren’t truly left wing. Those kinds of people are mentally ill and want to blend in with good people so they don’t get caught. Indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

In this very video I say how can you tell what is the truth and what is not , you feel it with your heart and you only listen to your heart and if it feels light. Sort of related story I feared my Twin Flame after she hurt me by making out with as many women in an LGBTQ+ nightclub right in front of me and just looking as bad as she could be during one of her “ Twin Flame Runner “ outbursts and I got into some books called “ Alien Love Bite “ and “ Dark Side of Cupid “ and had a narcissist posing online with a woman creating this SCAM Twin Flame viral small business and sadly they are very well known . This guy scammed me out of HUNDREDS over phone coaching where it was treated like he’s a therapist. I pay for his time aka capitalism.
It was my spirit guides that told me “ If you let go of fear and you loved your Twin Flame , how does it feel ? That’s the answer , that is your Twin Flame Erica. “
In the new year I gave my Twin Flame flowers after a performance she did and I got thrown out of a nightclub shortly after because of that.
But the thing that I am learning is the Ego isn’t real. And I need to be mindful of my EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS inside of me because my Twin Flame relates to this too.
It’s called the Twin Flame Mirror.
For more info on Twin Flames check out
This is the website that me and my Twin Flame use to help us on our reunion process out of ascension .

So really in truth , evil isn’t evil for the sake of it like some New Age cults will tell you about malevolent extraterrestrials being on top of The New World Order / Illuminati secret societies because even if there was truth in all of that , their attacks are usually against lefties and minorities so in my opinion either right wing people made up NWO conspiracy theories or THEY ARE the NWO and they blame lefties and minorities as scapegoats.

I do believe that right wing politics is an indicator hotspot for bullies
But like I said , they can blend in anywhere and the red flags will come up exposing how they are liars just like any narcissist red flag warning signs due to their hurtful behavior.

People need to start taking these puzzle pieces and adding them up making the bigger picture .

On a spiritual level we all know we are all one and the same regardless of differences. So it’s not really the who but the what ! 

And the right would say all these libel and slanderous things about lefties and minorities ( Trump for example ) but isn’t that already a narcissistic tactic within itself ?

What libertarian socialist anarchists / Anarcho-Communists and the like say is WE WANT EVIL TO STOP NOW ! We have the intelligence and we can do it.

So how do we get to such a social revolution

( 1. Spread the world. The more people know about it , the more most of the good in this world can unite against evil.

( 2. Social Revolution . Even now people use direct action in anyway they see fit within their own personality type strengths to do whatever they can just like people did in the 1960s.

( 3. Personally I’m all in favor of a peaceful revolution instead of a violent one. 
Even though I personally won’t be an Antifa member fighting against toxic fascist bullies or a black block member breaking things , I do understand their motives and I do feel that they are getting a bunch of hate they don’t deserve. Just because I myself won’t do those things doesn’t mean I should hate them. I understand what they do , I do believe that all good people should unite because we all understand that the goal is to get rid of the evil power hungry heartless bullies in this world , and even though our choices of action differ and some like me will disagree , I do understand and am even thankful of Antifa because what they are truly doing is self-defense for themselves and lefties / minorities like myself.
When you are a part of the LGBTQ+ and you are a lesbian and or a Transgender Woman such as myself and you hear all the time that there’s someone who’s queer like you who got MURDERED because of some hateful bully , of course that’s scary , of course you want justice ! 
Perhaps something in the here and now ! In other words if people love superheroes , why hate Antifa right ?

( 4. These Toxic people need therapy ! But not the kind that is meant to SURVE sociopaths and label smart and even spiritual people as disabled and I KNOW WHAT I’m taking about because I’m one of the victims myself !
I’m talking about a system that’s pro-Anarchist . The one we got … who knows if it works at all !
This system clearly creates the crime it says it helps keep us safe from.

Even my Spirit Guides told me that we are indeed living in a world of Good vs Evil . And there’s no good in right wing politics aka Fascism everything they say about socialism and communism is a lie ! Hitler called himself a National Socialist but in truth he was a Nazi , he was a Fascist . And Communism , there’s left wing communism and the same goes with ALL religions too ! There’s left wing Muslims and even Anarchist friendly Islam .

So how do we cure this world ? Well that’s the tricky part.
Because anyone who takes direct action seems to be arrested if it violates “ THE LAW “.
I am a cultural / philosophical anarchist and not just because it’s LEGAL to have anarchist beliefs 
But it’s really where my strengths are.

I’m an artist and as a lightworker as an INFP , I want to use my talents and knowledge to bring peace and good to this world.

So for those who think the lefties and minorities are the evil ones , THINK AGAIN !
Don’t forget what the 1960s and early 1970s HAVE TAUGHT US !
So what if it’s 50 years ago , same with the founders of Anarchism ,
The words still speak truth today !

_ Erica

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