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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Erica Crooks Retrospective #2 ( February 11th 2017 ) : 2 Hours of Adult ...

Erica Crooks Retrospective #2 ( February 11th 2017 ) : 2 Hours of Adult Puppetry and Rude Animation

Erica Crooks

Indie Filmmaker and Trans woman lesbian

Dark Comedy / Parodies / Satire / Slapstick

Praising nonconformity and mocking serious people since 1999 and 2006

10 years and continuing

Trump’s Worst Nightmare

2 Hours of Adult Puppetry and Rude Animation

For more hilarious puppet and cartoon animation parodies , Dark Comedy humor , satires and funny stupid videos for adults

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Spiritual Philosophy of Comedy Puppetry and Comedy Animation by Erica Crooks

Spiritual Philosophy of Comedy Puppetry and Comedy Animation
Erica Crooks

Puppetry and Animation is the very subject of this blog post , how I got into it , what I find so special about it and finally how to get out of it ( just kidding on the last part lol :P ) .
But relating , perhaps the very comedy and art teaches us not to take things in life so seriously.
I like to consider what I do to be a form of comic relief .
There’s a quote that I find is very inspiring to what I do .
“ Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. “
Well that explains me being Heyoka : Sacred Clown empath and a satirist.
I grew up around television and film puppetry and animation
and it attracted me into the art form and creativity of perhaps 
mirroring life in a weird funny way and at the same time influencing life as well.
I say that ok maybe in our Earth life there isn’t a walking , talking , breathing Bugs Bunny 
however you can still indicate his personality type and apply those
personality type sciences locating people of that similar sense of humor and comedic energetic personality traits.
I see fiction like most won’t . People shrug it off as not real and just for fun entertainment.
To me , I feel there’s a strong connection to the human soul , perhaps the world of imagination and fiction , there’s a realm out there.
Maybe the artists and fans are the channeler as the art is the mirror.
When I perform a puppet character or voice and animate a cartoon character ,
it’s acting. In that very moment , I am that character. I need to think and navigate what the character sees. And since I’m a satirist , I would throw myself mentally into the mental world
of the character’s psychological problems and highlight their flaws ( aka satire / heyoka : The Sacred Clown empath ) and not only present it in a way where it entertains those who were disturbed by such jerks in their life , but also pulling out the very unconscious fear of the character and showing it to their face through some form of vice irony.
Comedy can do this in many ways which we can laugh at ourselves 
and maybe even see the innocent of the most cruel and evil behaving people in the world.
And it’s tricky because not everyone is going to think that way.
But if you laugh at something , there’s some sort of connection to a certain set of ideas.
I would say I’m a lot more careful about how I write funny comedy and such but never losing my sense of creative freedom. And to me that’s the other fun thing about puppetry and animation. You have these symbols , these caricatures of human life on Earth ,
then again you can do surreal things to bring out the human spirit and perhaps the animal spirit and the happy go lucky unconditional loving spirit of life and afterlife and prelife itself.
A celebration of the spirit.
And I feel the inner child / child at heart does a great job at that.
Just like a child sticking their tongue out at authority , this very reverence for the irreverent
to me brings out the spirit of not allowing fear to control us.
Laughing at the face of evil , of fear , of negativity by mocking the ignorance and stupidity it truly is to live life in fear and hate is truly I strongly feel the deep down meaning of what I do with my art.
 I grew up in the 1990s which I feel was the last time any sort of animation and puppet comedy was seen in the mainstream and on the internet , it’s mix nuts.
However the internet is a great place for artists to do their thing outside the Hollywood / Capitalist system.
And hopefully someday in a Free Society Anarchist / 5D Earth ,
we won’t need to worry about the struggles and sacrifices of money and business.
I say let’s help build the new world in the shell of the old.
_ Erica

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