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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Deplatform John Kricfalusi

END John Kricfalusi's Violence & Evil Abuse !
Ren & Stimpy fans against the violence & evil abuse of John Kricfalusi UNITE ! #translivesmatter #endtransphobia #endabuse #criminals #crime #endviolence #renandstimpy30

Don't let John Kricfalusi destroy Ren & Stimpy's Legacy.

Don't let John Kricfalusi destroy Ren & Stimpy's Legacy.

I’ve been a HUGE Ren & Stimpy fan for 22 years since I discovered The Ren & Stimpy Show at Blockbuster Video rentals. And I can tell you that NOTHING made me stop loving this show.
John Kricfalusi had been an open secret, he had quite a shady image even back then.
John Kricfalusi was rude and bullying people who was even on his blog including a drawing called “Puppet Aspergers” which I believe was an attack on me because I was in high school , I was a lonely teenager and I found out that I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and I kept wondering if any of my heroes had it too. I asked John Kricfalusi, I mentioned a puppet was made of him ( but I didn’t mention that I was satirizing him for his failure “ Adult Party Cartoon “ ) . The “ Puppet Aspergers “ drawing showed up on his blog in the early 2010s. I managed to get ahold of his agent on the phone regarding this attack and even talked with his assistant who forwarded my email to John Kricfalusi himself, I kept getting the answer that it wasn’t a specific attack on me even though my old comment was still present on his blog from 2008. I later found out the truth that John Kricfalusi wasn’t just a bully, a rapist, but a pedo. He’s homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, and obviously ABLEIST !
As a human being, his personal life, he’s DISGUSTING and SHOULD be deplatformed ASAP ( sign those petitions against him please ! ).
However there’s a saying in art, “ Let Art Speak for itself. “
That’s why I’m still a Ren & Stimpy / early Spumco fan ( web cartoon era ) .

There’s also another story regarding the “Puppet Aspergers” situation which John Kricfalusi created that as an attack on “Sick Little Monkeys” writer Thad Komorowski but I strongly believe my situation is exactly where John Kricfalusi got the “Puppet Aspergers” name from.
Before I came out, I used to have short hair like that so… Anyway, John Kricfalusi is a disgusting bully.
I personally don’t identify with the Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis and label anymore.

So hate John Kricfalusi, not Ren & Stimpy.

_ Erica

Wishing Ren & Stimpy a Happy Happy Joy Joy 30th

We would like to wish Ren & Stimpy, Cast & Crew ( minus John K and his evil yes-men minions of course. ) A HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY 30th ANNIVERSARY ! And what better way to show gratitude to our favorite cartoon and one of our top cartoon animation inspirations than KNOCKING THE PISS OUT OF CRIMINAL JOHN KRIFALUSI FOR HIS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY !

But seriously check out the book "Sick Little Monkeys" and the upcoming Happy Happy Joy Joy : The Ren & Stimpy Story ( August 14 2020 ) !
Even though we HATE JOHN KRICFALUSI FOR HIS EVIL ABUSE , we refuse to allow that to ruin Ren & Stimpy's Legacy ! But for sake of it, smack the hell out of Ren Hoek ! WE ARE STIMPYS ! STIMPYS OF THE WORLD UNITE !

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