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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Geeky Nerds In Outer Space

The hilarious 2013 Erica Crooks Animated Short Cartoon is now on YouTube " Geeky Nerds In Outer Space ! " For more animated shorts, check out

If you dont live, Ice Cream ( Funny Stupid Puppet Video by Erica Crooks )

A stupid funny puppet video from Erica Crooks ( Creator of The Eric Crooks Show and )

Random Man in Rock Star

Random Man : The World's Dumbest Superhero helps a Rock Star get record sales by getting Brain damage in his new viral music video that fails completely. From director Erica Crooks of

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An Almost Hour of Satire : An Erica Crooks Reptrospective

Enjoy 50 minutes of hilarious puppet satire and wild cartoon animation celebrating 9 years of Erica Crooks. For more information check out the official Erica Crooks website at Spread The World of Mouth Today !

Funny Puppet Bloopers featuring Swearing Puppets from The Eric Crooks Show

See those funny puppets from the irreverent sociopolitical satire puppet show " The Eric Crooks Show " behind the scenes swearing and having a fit for screwing up on their lines.

For more funny puppet bloopers and even the behind the scenes videos on how The Eric Crooks Show puppet show is made, visit the official Erica Crooks website on