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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

How Anarchy will change EVERYTHING ( and how Law of Attraction and Personality Type Science applies to this. ) by Erica Crooks

How Anarchy will change EVERYTHING ( and how Law of Attraction and Personality Type Science applies to this. )
Erica Crooks

One of the reasons that I’ve heard why fundamentalist religious people trust religion is because it’s really really old and full of wisdom. One one hand we could agree that that religion is perhaps one of the oldest forms of literature and philosophy. However , how many people knew about the history of what really happened ? Back then there was authority that censored a lot of stuff and controlled a lot of stuff. And even if we are all grateful for living in a Free Country , same thing , there’s a lot of hierarchy that’s going on which most people don’t know about. It’s kind of hard to imagion a stereotypical image of Jesus Christ being nailed to the cross and being calm. Not very realistic , is it ? Also in our darkest moments in life , aren’t we all sort of looking up words looking for a miracle to happen when it feels like all hope is lost ?
Now I’m not trying to dismiss religion itself . I’m into New Thought / New Age Spirituality so I know that regardless of all the religions out there , on a positive note , everyone is pretty much saying the same thing. The big difference between religion and spirituality I think is the same of what creates countries. Hierarchy ! 

Sure I’ve talked about a lot of stuff from Personality Type Science ( Myers Briggs MBTI , Numerology , etc ) as well as New Thought Spirituality , New Age Spirituality , Law of Attraction . Even the indicator that what makes an evil person evil on and off the internet is typed into toxic personality disorders and other toxic mental illnesses where people hurt the innocent and do not care. 

But since 2017 when I got into Anarchism , it was like everything I ever studied relating to the good of human kind . A miracle of information that most people either don’t know about or don’t take it seriously like they should. When I was a kid and even as a teenager and even today at age 30 ( * as I write this * )  , there was always this part of me that always listened to my heart and observed the world around me. There was that part of me that has always listened to my intuition regardless of how ignorant I may have been in order to put it into words , understanding myself and also how to reach a goal relating to making my dreams come true. It’s like falling in love , sometimes emotions are so strong it’s hard to put into words , but you know it feels just right . Same with making the perfect friendships. There’s something about them which you can strongly relate to . And then of course there’s that aspect of me where I see injustice and I wonder how can something like that just be allowed to happen ! Who made this mess , why is it hidden from everyone and how come no one is doing anything to clean it all up. Perhaps that’s the aspect about me that never changed which fits right to my soul.

As much as I am into the studies I’ve previously mentioned , like everything , it’s covered in hierarchy just like an old book . Yes in many ways the world is becoming a better place . But what’s really weird is that WE HAVE THE INFORMATION TO BRING PEACE TO THE WORLD , but why has the huge majority of the world stayed the same in a negative way or in a bland way ? HIERARCHY !

One of the many things I found very fascinating about MBTI ( Myers Briggs Personality Type Science ) is just how there could be many differences , but there can be strong similarities to the point where people could easily be friends with those who passed away , regardless of the age of the adult young or old , or haven’t even been born yet. I can read about things that Jim Henson said or what John Lennon said and there are things that resinates with me. And like I mentioned , the world is better now then it was back then for many reasons. And I think it has to do with THE INTERNET which we should always protect and save !

Perhaps The Internet is the greatest invention of humankind . Perhaps it’ll be all virtual reality just like Futurama , who knows. lol :P

Relating to personality types I’ve figured out and seen the patterns to and same goes with numerology and astrology ( WHICH IS FREAK REAL and I’m talking from EXPERIENCE ! ) 
is that ANYTHING can be typed , anything ! However the problem with hierarchy is there’s going to be personality types that are either going to be submissive to authority out of fear of losing freedom and happiness which I think is Universally shared . And then there’s those who respect authority so much that they want to exercise it themselves if state authority or entrepreneurship ( Capitalism ) .

I’m clearly left wing , and all the arts and entertainment and everything I’ve ever been interested in has clearly been left wing , bright brained , intuitive , perceiving , feeling , just totally relating to my INFP personality type . ( Perhaps I should add the Numerology : 5 / personality number 9 / Pisces zodiac for good measure ;) ) . 

But here’s the thing. It’s not like I was born and knew what anarchism was. Every anarchist has their life story when they WOKE UP in Awareness ! 

I’ve often wonder if there’s certain personality types that are more closer to Anarchism than others ? Even during The Spanish Revolution of 1936 it was said that there were some who were cautious and confused and needed help understanding Anarchism .
Likewise as it says in the Anarchist FAQ , there’s people who fear true independence and self-govern and the owner of their freedom.  

Even through The Law of Attraction we are able to create our own individual lives , the problems I have is not Law of Attraction / New Age / New Thought Spirituality itself but many who teach it. What I find very interesting is that there are a minority of Left wing New Age spiritual people who are old souls and know about The New World Order and believe the bottom uprise against the rulers and masters on the top. And Anarchism relates to this very strongly. However some of these spiritual people feel like a counsel of elders should govern everyone which I do not agree , they can be philosophical to people and inspirational but Spirituality to me should never ever be hierarchical. Even with spirit guides , what’s great about spirit guides is THEY ARE THERE WHEN YOU NEED THEM ! To be totally codependent isn’t necessary. Because they can channel and get your attention through number synchronicities and manifestations to get your attention in anyway possible. Just be in alignment with spiritual awareness that they have you protected and covered. And something wrong happens , perhaps a miracle will make your life better than it was if you didn’t have it. But at the same time , life can be happy regardless and perhaps no hard lessons to learn at all except doing your own shadow work clearing out old bondages of fear which is caused by Hierarchy and how it harms our self esteem. THIS TOO IS VERY ANARCHIST !

Who why is any mention of New Age Spiritual Anarchism rarely mentioned at all ? 
Instead it’s spit upon which I think is a real shame. The moment I realized that all this stuff was real is when I meet my Twin Flame and my telepathic communication with my twin flame caused this kundalini spiritual awakening which scared the crap out of me because it was literally OUT OF THIS WORLD ! And suddenly all this information , I must have been guided towards as a lightworker. 

But the thing about Anarchism that I find very important is no matter how great The Law of Attraction and Personality Type science is , it can be even better to apply it to helping an Anarchist Society become reality as well as it being better in an Anarchist Society which I don’t see why it wouldn’t be welcomed , they are both non-hierarchical .

Why it’s very important to live in an Anarchist society relating to Personality Type Science and New Thought / New Age spirituality is because WE LIVE LIMITED ! Yes we can clear out all the blockages knowing our true self worth and everything , HOWEVER people can use The Law of Attraction for evil just as well as good just as long as they are self confident. 
I did research on black magic and people can telepathically channel and spiritually connect with human friendly demons just as much as they can with connecting with spirit guides.
It’s just that love is higher vibration and fear and hate and power is of a low vibration. Also I think dark entities are deceitful . Kind of like when you get a credit card and you get credit that’s a hell of a lot more then what you normally get in a month , the only thing is you got to pay it all back plus interest fees. 

Besides , we all maybe slaves to hierarchy but that doesn’t mean we need to feel like victims of it.

We can help ourselves , and we can do whatever we can with our talents and abilities to make the world a better place. In this case “ To Build The New World In The Shell Of The Old “ .
If it’s manifestations of creative visualizations and medications of what a Libertarian Socialist Anarchist / 5D Earth might look like or those taking action to spread the world so that someday people will be so awaken and aware of what’s going on that hierarchical power would be defeated and lose that Ego strength . I say it’s both and just being open to whatever works.

Also another thing too is the arguments of the different school of thoughts regarding Anarchism . First of all why choose one ? Second those that are usually argued is ones that have some kind of hierarchy in it which doesn’t count as Anarchism but more right wing than anything.

Right Wing politics to me , is nothing more but brainwashing of hierarchical power. As the Anarchist FAQ stated , those who obey authority get rewarded. And you know , it sort of mimics modern day parenting if you think about it. People are always seeking love and acceptance outside of themselves like an unloved child. So authority poses itself as the adult parent. The strong militant father and the loving mother who says if you do your chores , you’ll get paid to buy yourself the toy that you want. And the church being your grand parents.
See how Jail is symbolism to TIME OUT TIME and being Grounded ? 
Yes , there is this parenting chapter in the Anarchist FAQ.

Anyway , with modern day teachings of The Secret aka The Law of Attraction . And even Twin Flame Union advice . It doesn’t matter if the person doesn’t talk about politics , their personality type , numerology , zodiac , etc will expose the truth. Like I said , some can be less rebellious against hierarchy than others . Modern day gurus like everyone else doesn’t see why capitalism is a bad thing. ( Again , check out The Anarchist FAQ ) . And there’s so many arguments against anarchism so much so that people never take the time to actually do research. It’s like people would rather speak than listen , people would rather run off somewhere to get drunk , laid , some form of addiction just to make the stress go way.
Someone can say “ Spirit says Money is Good “ . Which is nonsense because it’s a human concept . 

And that’s the thing. Someone can be ignorant of something. But not all people are going to wake up as fast or slow as you have. It’s very interesting how “ Baggage / Karma / Paradigms / Blockages “ are taught as well as spiritual cleaning , which is very very good however DO WE EVER GET TO THE ROOT CAUSE WHICH IS GET RID OF HIERARCHY ? Most DO NOT ! And that’s the problem.

And they would justify it by saying the same kind of junk that I’ve said when I got into The Secret in 2012 and until I got into Anarchism in 2017 but more recently I’m waking up more and more to what Capitalism REALLY does. It’s like justifications like “ Being rich doesn’t make you a good person or a bad person. So you might as well have all the money you can earn in order to be free. “ But here’s the thing , if I think about the wealthiest and most successful heroes of mine. The only reason why they were wealthy in the first place was because calibrating with the mainstream media was THE ONLY WAY TO DO IT ! Same goes with people on YouTube , they get enough viewers than UP COMES THE STORE and the DONATIONS and COACHING PROGRAMS and BLOCKED MEMBERS ONLY CONTENT ! Isn’t that sort of exploiting people ? 
And I know , I was there a little bit in the past even though my morals were still intact . Perhaps WE ALL HAVE BEEN THERE AT SOME POINT OF OUR LIFE . I’m not asking people to stay poor. It’s just that when capitalism and hierarchy collapse when manifests itself to “ Power to The People “ , it would be Heaven on Earth NOT HELL !

Stuff is made by workers ! Money is slavery ! If people’s needs were meet then all the con artists would quit and only those who love what they do would do it !

If people actually wanted to teach Law of Attraction FOR FREE they would. If they only did it to make their needs meet then perhaps they didn’t believe in it in the first place. 

Also with MBTI / Myers Briggs , perhaps we won’t fight and argue about iNtuitives vs Sensors because iNtuitives can easily be with their own kind more maybe to the point where they start their own neighborhood and communities like the LGBTQ+ without the capitalism to ruin things . Likewise , the mentally ill will be treated not punished and forgiven no matter what evils they have done . That’s TRUE JUSTICE ! 

And it’s like John Lennon’s song Imagion “ We’ll be as one “ . And isn’t that what New Age / New Thought Spirituality is trying to say too ! 

In conclusion , it’s not victimization to see the truth that hierarchical power is limiting our freedoms and believing untruths out of FEAR !

Some may not believe in the duality of Good vs Evil . But it’s probably because it’s not understood as what it’s really and truly saying “ LOVE vs FEAR “ .

And if you love money , do you love it because you love hierarchy or do you love it because it can bring you freedom in the here and now ?

One of the things that feel like I was guided to know was
“ Always take a look at your beliefs , morals , ethics and just keep asking yourself why you love something and explain it to yourself. The more we can explain why we love something , the more it is true to our mind , body and soul which is TRUE ! And perhaps if someone says they want a new car , again perhaps what they are trying to say is they want the freedom to travel in a transportation where they can be buy themselves.

It’s not like people from the past said they want the new iPhone , they would probably laugh and be like “ What the hell is that ? Do you have a foot phone and an elbow phone as well ? Sounds kind of stupid and useless. “ However , perhaps people from the past can talk about freedom and being able to enjoy life at ease and explore intriguing technology the same way you would see an iPhone or other. Don’t let culture and time and age confuse you.

Perhaps this all in a sense makes us all one. I recommend The Self Determination Theory relating to my conclusions of this article.

_ Erica

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