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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Artist : Being Influenced vs Being a Rip-Off

Artist : Being Influenced vs Being a Rip-Off

There's a Difference between having influences vs being a rip off .

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Internet Capitalism #NetNutrality #SaveTheInternet

 Internet Capitalism #NetNutrality #SaveTheInternet

Anarchists , Introverts , INtuitives & The Left Unite ,

#infp #infps Fellow INFPs , Lightworkers etc


The Internet has been a best friend to you more than most people you ever knew.

It has to me.

A technology that you can do anything , anywhere , and anything …

You can learn Law of Attraction and manifest mostly great things in your life if you want.

You can learn about Anarchism and learn the truth of what’s really going on , what mainstream television would never mention unless they want to put it down.

Maybe , just maybe , you realize that your not attracted to feminine woman romantically

But your attracted to Butch Lesbians ! Even though you know that you were born in the male body , you compare yourself to your fellow men and you feel deep down in your soul that perhaps you are one of the girls.

Sure , maybe you are not 100% feminine and Barbie like.

You are kind of an androgynous tomboy ….

Perhaps you realize your Androgyne / Genderqueer

However you know there’s something within you.

You see a Butch and Femme lesbian couple and what you would give to be the Femme and have a nice , masculine butch lesbian love you as if you where her girl.

Maybe you look up the subject of Transgender Woman after meeting one , and you realize that yes , Transgender Women can be androgynous as well as lesbian just like cisgender women because women are women no matter what.

Perhaps you meet some transgender men friends and see things from the other side of the street , perhaps you meet nice Gay men , perhaps nice cisgender heterosexual men , maybe that puts your mind / body and soul at ease realizing that not all men are like your abusive father.

Ok , perhaps I’m sprinkling my own life experience as well as the possibilities of someone else in a similar situation like me who used the internet that helped their life / personal growth / and spiritual growth and even coming out of the closet !

The point I’m making is ,


Hierarchy only wants to have power over us and our human needs !

Ever heard of The Self Determination theory ?

Or how about Maslow’s pyramid of human needs ?

Now what if hierarchical power if it’s

The New World Order , The richest of the capitalists that work in the state from The Queen to Trump !

Perhaps it’s not really the who , but the what !

Which is hierarchy ,

For more information I strongly recommend The Anarchist FAQ !

Isn’t it interesting how The Internet is really for the people and how we can make our own website and even our own TV channel through YouTube or DailyMotion or Vimeo or even on our own website , YET those freedoms might fade away.

The FCC might just want to turn the internet into a streaming media player and that’s it.

We just can’t go the liberal root and put our differences and try to get along.

I’ve tried really hard to think that way.

But you know , that feels like someone who hasn’t escaped an abusive relationship controlled by narcissistic supply.

The sociopaths don’t just stop on the internet , the fascists don’t just stop in your local area ,

They have power over us.

Perhaps it’s going to take a little bit of everything from everyone’s part in their own way to get rid of hierarchy / authoritative / totalitarian fascism ( aka Bullying ) .

Even Love will conquer Hate and Fear . Someone will find a way as we are digging to find truth , We are stabbing at the ice to break through to get access to water underneath …

Just remember the 1960s , never lose hope ( even though a bunch of them sure did ) ,


_ Erica

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