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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Is there an EVIL personality type ?

Is there an EVIL personality type ?
by Erica Crooks

If there was something within my shameless research , it would be if MBTI could possibly pin point a personality type or even a group of personality types that are considered “ EVIL “ . 
The truth of the matter is , if you ever encountered ANYONE who was calm and in a good mood then you are going to get along with them. One of the very things that I do in fact find absolutely fascinating is I can read about the frustrations of INFPs ( I’m an INFP myself ) and the frustrations of intuitives which would lead to what is known in the MBTI aka Myers Briggs Personality Types Online Communities is “ iNtuitive Bias “ . I have stated in a previous blog video on my current youtube cannel that in order to get rid of intuitive bias as well as the oppressors of intuitives in a sensor society , we must get rid of hierarchy. Libertarian Socialist Anarchism and Law of Attraction aka 5D Earth would help create a Heaven on Earth style world. If you take a look at the mainstream political systems , it’s rigged , both political parties tend to blame each other. In my opinion Left wing politics holds THE TRUTH while Right Wing politics are brainwashed into justifying hierarchy and authority while at the same time claiming to be moral. For NF types I’m guessing but can only speak up for my own INFP personality type as well as many INFP types I have read from time and time again , not only are ST types the most hated but also make up the majority. I did my best to research to see if there is evil blood in any of them , what’s interesting is comparing each type in a good mood and in a bad mood. I may seem to be bias and hypocritical and perhaps skeptical as well but from my own observation as well as those of other intuitives , intuitives HATE living in a sensor catered society. Perhaps the libertarian socialist anarchist and anti-capitalist TRUE and SPIRITUAL Left Wing New Age / New Thought Spirituality put it best that it’s hierarchy that’s causing us trouble. If you did research on what your least favorite personality types do when they are happy and how they relax and go on vacation and even do for fun , and you apply this with libertarian socialist anarchism and law of attraction , it’s proof that if you get rid of their trust in justified hierarchical / authoritarian / totalitarian / domination brainwashing then perhaps that healthy calmness will help us understand them better. 
However the big problem I see is there’s people who are more grounded to Earth than head in the clouds. And I’m going to admit , this is not my strong points right here. Perhaps I’m an old soul but I just find this mundane world absolutely boring .  It’s no wonder that the INFP personality type would rather live in the world of fantasy and perhaps why I’m so obsessed about animation , puppetry , creative fiction and bark about Comic Con’s capitalism instead of an anti-capitalist celebration of art , creativity and talent ( I’ve written a recent article about that called “ A Better Comic Con “ ) .
There are types that can , even INFP types like John Lennon , but like I said the so called grounded to Earth types want FACTS and REAL WORLD EXAMPLES and WHAT GOOD IS THIS GOING TO DO ME IN THE HERE AND NOW ? So I didn’t say it wasn’t possible. If people could be controlled throw hierarchy , why not re-educate them to a better , freer life , no BS .
So I did question myself if sensors are possible to believe in anarchism but just like modern teachings of Law of Attraction ( minus The Secret and it’s teachers siding with capitalism and similar online gurus ) and modern anarchist publications such as The Anarchist FAQ , perhaps it’s possible. But the truth of the matter is , even as a lightworker / Twin Flame myself , I can only inspire without force. Same goes with all that inspire me. Education , philosophy , humor , etc influenced me and so therefore the root I go . Plus the likely chance that it would be illegal is unlikely since it’s covered by law which of course is phony anyways but authoritative asskissers believe it. Trump and the puppeteers above him probably believe in power. I’m not disrespecting puppeteers , I am one myself but not one of hierarchy , but as a performance artist. 
Yes there are personality types that are closed minded to empathy , spontaneous improvised action taking and thinking past the five senses. It’s ironic because intuitives , new age people with spiritual gifts and abilities , LGBTQ+ people , introverts and perceivers are considered mentally ill in the eyes of the DSM big book of cock-ups / American Psychopaths Association .   It’s hard to tell if sociopaths , psychopaths , narcissists , dark triad sick people are under control by malevolent extraterrestrials and dark entities or if it’s the oldest form of traditional evil that purposely makes people sick and trusting hierarchical power over others where people mistaken it as “ Human Nature “ . One thing is for sure. Hierarchy makes people sick , and depending on how someone can be effected by all this in a negative energetic way ,  will determine their fate . 
So is there an evil personality type ? All I can say is , it’s not rooted within the personality type themselves , however there are personality types that are easily convinced of the justifications of authority more than others. Likewise , there’s personality types that are more open minded to peaceful change more than others. To leave it in a centralized “ for now “ liberal peace is just as ignorant and obscured as right wing libertarians because it’s all trust in hierarchy if wanting to apply it yourself or submissive to it out of fear of losing your freedoms which is said to meet most of the biggest human fears of all time. If you look at the shadow aspects of each personality type , it’s almost like hierarchy will do what it can to piss people off and trust them like any propaganda machine and brainwashing. The total opposite is an absolute which is to reeducate people about THE TRUTH ! 
In conclusion , any type can be an absolute bastard. Any type is capable of being destructive and cruel. But hate and fear is taught . I think the more your life was cruel to you and the more your ignorant that you have the power to change things not only for your self but to be of greater good to others. The only problem is , the truth is out there but it’s not getting it’s message across due to hierarchical power. That’s why we got hate groups like The Westboro Bapist Church. If you take a look at Lauren Drain’s book “ Banished “ which came out before the death of Fred Phelps and before her father Steve Drain took charge because of how there’s more women there than men and all that patriarchal misogyny crap , she clearly points out that she’s sorry and she just wanted to be good. And I know how she feels , when your a kind soul and your parents are narcissistic bullies with toxic personality disorders while the friend you thought you knew of 5 years is trying to ruin you online due to their anti-social personality disorder , perhaps your either going to be submissive or your going to think there’s nothing wrong at all. 
In conclusion , if hierarchical power knew how to make certain types mentally ill that would best serve them as well as having the DSM to use against good smart people with a kind soul , perhaps it just doesn’t matter if it started with agent Egypt farrows whipping their slaves to build pyramids ( New World Order ) or what , what’s really important is HOW DO WE STOP HIERARCHY ? The Secret , Abraham Hicks and other modern New Thought gurus cover this up . As I stated before in my blogs , It’s not just focus on your own individual self and ignore the rest or fight for others and forget about your own individual self , IT’S BOTH ! A doctor needs to be well if they want to help their patients . But the thing is , we need all there Body , Mind and Soul . Not only to relax the body in the here and now , But make DAMN WELL SURE IT WILL BE FREE while living on Earth. Perhaps there isn’t a Heaven in the clouds , but a collective. And 5D Earth may welcome spirits based by. What I’m trying to say is , if we all work together , even in our own way to make the world a better place for not only our selves but perhaps friends we haven’t even meet yet. Everyone , everywhere , and everything.

_ Erica

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