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Monday, September 10, 2018



Just because your not attracted , doesn’t give you the right to misgender people.

Just because someone is different from you does not make them EVIL or inferior to you !

In my mind , I’m imagining the big picture of the opening scenes of Mike Judge’s great satire movie “ Idiocracy “ , how the greatest ideas of humankind are never achieved because of people’s stupidity. I say it’s also due to authoritative upbringing and respect for hierarchical power.

There’s people out there who just want to keep things simple and they don’t want to learn anything new because they think everything they have learned , they learned from their friends , family , school , church ( some do / some don’t ) , government , hierarchical power itself.

I don’t know if the indifferent additude towards others is culture that’s taught.
School and everyone teaches this model is a man and this model is a woman ,
here are the norms , and here’s how we’re going to justify all this ,
and anything different is not normal. Because there is more of us and less of them ,
therefore we are superior.

Ok , they may not use those exact words , but it’s basically the same thing.

For example if someone states that girl who claims to be an early 20s girl is really in fact a man in his mid 50s . 
What are you trying to say ? That trans woman is not a real woman ?
That is why I featured the vision of the opening of the movie idiocracy , a symbolism of the world trapped in the old.

But if Rik Mayall’s show Bottom and even Porn websites have proved , yes there are cisgender heterosexual men who are attracted to trans women.
But I’m not talking about a sexual fetish. There’s cisgender heterosexual men who find trans woman attractive.
And it’s not just cisgender heterosexuals.
My Twin Flame is a butch stud masculine lesbian and she loves me.
I know for a fact that there’s someone out there for everyone.

There’s trans men who are in beautifully romantic relationships regardless if these trans men are with women ( straight ) or gay ( with another man ).

Cisgender , transgender , non-binary ,
Why is it so freakin’ heard for you to keep an open mind ?
Are you SCARED or something ?

Trans woman must be the ultimate fear of cisgender men ( who are not attracted to Trans Woman ) just as much as cisgender Gay men are.
Because of the idea that someone is going to do something sexual to you without your consent ? 
If that’s true for you , where did you exactly learn that garbage from ?

Why is there separation between LGBTQ+ and cisgender heterosexuals ?

We are all the same.

This is one of the many reasons why I’m an anarchist , I am so sick and tired of this stupidity and ignorance . 
And people use right wing excuses such as “ Political Correctness “ maybe because they don’t want to take a good look in the mirror.

If you are prejudice to someone with an unfunny joke , which you should have thought twice about not only saying it but even questioning why in the hell does your psyche find it funny in the first place. 
Are you just going to be sarcastic thinking the person that you discriminated against is a butthurt crybaby ?
Maybe it’s time you put yourself into the shoes of others.

Just because your a cisgender heterosexual man ( not all of course ) , Mr. Macho alpha male superior , you think no one can make fun of you ?
It’s not about being heterophobic , is your content of character.
Because not all men are like you.
As a trans woman myself , NO , I am not one of you. Which is the very reason why I know I am not one of you.

I don’t care what position these people are in . Even if they are Jim Henson Muppet Fans.
Don’t you know that there’s LGBTQ+ Jim Henson Muppet fans and puppeteers out there ?
Yes even Transgender Jim Henson Muppet Fans and puppeteers.
So far , I only know myself.

There’s right wing patriotic nationalists who are also BORN Trans and LGBTQ+ people
so too bad about your fruity little club of political stupidity.

Just because you don’t see us every single day , doesn’t give you the right to misgender.
Perhaps you do see us transpeople and we are looking so good baby , you wouldn’t know. GOOD !

What the hell is in the mind of transphobes ? SEX ?
Man , dude , your sex life and romantic life must truly suck.
I bet you want those porno fantasies don’t cha ? Don’t cha !
You need something to num your psychological pain , remember that time when mommy and daddy didn’t love you ?
I’m not trying to troll you , I’m drilling past your skull into your mind and TELLING YOU !

What does John Lennon say about Karma ?
Listen to “ Instant Karma ! “ 
That’s my point !

Your scared. Transphobes are freakin’ scared.
Perhaps we all are to a degree. 
People just want to be happy.
People just want to be left alone.

It’s not the fault of minorities , not the fault of leftists ,
If you want a better life…. Support the 3 !

MBTI - Know yourself and others around you. People are not all like you ! Not everything
thinks your “ SHE’S REALLY A MAN TRANSPHOBIA “ jokes are funny !

New Age / New Thought / Law of Attraction - Yeah your life sucks !
You just went through a messy divorce , your going to alcoholics anonymous meetings ,
everyone hates you. Get yourself together because your attracting your sucky life.
Do something about it. Not outer action , inner action. And maybe you won’t be such a sex obsessed homophobe / transphobic !

Anarchism - Know your prejudices were taught and not your own opinions. Your
probably the very sad person who doesn’t know who you are , how to obtain Happiness , Health , Wealth , and Prosperity , and your looking for evil so YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE HURT AGAIN ! 
Real the Anarchist FAQ - know the true enemy is hierarchy .

Times have changed , they just NEED to change.
Enough of the shock that your girlfriend has a penis .
Don’t you know that most trans people are open about it ? Maybe not , but I sure am .
I want to spread the word. It’s time for a social revolution of peace and the end of hate and fear and hierarchy !

So what if the woman has a dick and the man has a vagina ! 
There’s people who find that sexy , and there’s some that don’t.
Maybe you , that’s fine.
No one is shoving anything don’t someone’s throat.

But I’m going to warn you.
If you know racial slurs are not nice , don’t call a trans woman a man and don’t call a trans man a woman ! alright ?

Want me to put a dress on you sir and feminize your face ?
Because you know that your a man and that does not feel comfortable to you.

That’s like if you were going to kiss me on the lips.
I’m not attracted to men.

Again put yourself into other people’s shoes. 
Sadly not all people are going learn what’s right from wrong ( thanks to hierarchy ) ,
It’s like my grandfather calling certain race of people slurs ,
perhaps these old men who are transphobes are going to talk just like they are.

But some day , your going to encounter angry people who are going to call you ignorant and stupid for being transphobic. 
Just like you do about any middle eastern person a terrorist and everything else.

What are you going to do ? Stay at home ? 
And be a prejudice prick on the internet ?
Loser !

In conclusion ,
Transphobes I just don’t get . Maybe they are not evil people , just very closed minded.
And those who only see from their five senses , only knowledge is what is given to them by authority figures since childhood , this can’t teach an old dog new tricks / fight of the fittest mindset , just fearing life , being all closed minded and stuff …
These people are going to have the most MISERABLE , SAD lives of all.

They are attracting it.

A happy soul wants to enjoy their life and learn .

Not happy people don’t want to be bothered. If they say something discriminating and someone points that out , they fear their freedom being taken away from them.

Childhood wound indeed.

This world is only going to change if people cooperate. 
And when everyone’s minds are at peace ,
Hierarchy goes buy-buy.
And those who are stuck in negativity , will not see the light of day of a light happy soul-filled life existence.

Erica Crooks
( Transwoman lesbian , puppeteer, cartoonist , satirist, independent filmmaker , multi-talented artist , empath light-worker , anarchist ,  truth seeker and educator , etc )

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