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Friday, April 2, 2021

Spitting Image (1984) - Series 1, Episode 12 | Full Episode

The legendary final episode of series 1 of Spitting Image ( 1984 ) has been uploaded. This was originally intended to be the last and final episode of the show. The show would continue until 1996 with 12 years and 18 series, and then returning in 2020 with two series. The second series of Britbox Spitting Image starts this fall. Britbox Spitting Image is even more distant from 1980s Spitting Image than 1990s Spitting Image is. 

This features Sting singing the Spitting Image parody lyrics for "Every Breath You Take" which they called "Every Bomb You Drop".
This would be one of the biggest highlights of Spitting Image history.

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