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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Erica Crooks Comics 2018 - This Summer Heatwave weather is to DIE FOR

Erica Crooks Comics

Erica Crooks Comics 2018 - False New Age and Twin Flame guru Capitalists ( Karma WILL get them in the end )

Sometimes I feel there’s a lot of capitalist New Age gurus out there that don’t even believe in new thought and new age spirituality and that
TRUE and REAL spiritual people and empaths should trust their Spirit Guides / Angels above all else. / 

Dr LeBrick : Zombie Eater

What if the puppet doctor of malpractice from The Erica Crooks Show ( as seen on ) featured in a horror action movie not only fighting off zombies BUT EATING THEM ! The cliche teaser trailer might look something like this.

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Erica Crooks Comics 2018 - The Failing Loser in the game of life

#anticapitalism #funny
#entrepreneur #narcissist #sociopath with #egoproblems , Besides any sane person would never want to be in a #badrelationship , especially with such a #psychopathic creep ! Who would want to be friends with a #jerk like this ? ( #divorce #breakup )
#ericacrookscomics #webcomic #cartoon #satire 
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