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Monday, April 20, 2020

To The Liberals... About Anarchism

To The Liberals , about Anarchism 

Dear Liberals

My name is Erica Crooks and I think internet technology is the greatest invention of human kind . Not only for practical matters and opportunities, but communication & education.
Even personal grown & spiritual growth. 
I am all in favor of using internet technology in the force of good. :)

There’s several things that I identify as. I’m a Transgender Woman, I have the INFP personality type ( Myers Briggs ) , Spiritually I am a Lightworker , I have a Twin Flame, I’m an Old Soul, etc.

But perhaps my first discovery of individuality in my life is being an artist with a giant love for television & film puppetry and cartoon animation.
Art to me is communication. Satire introduced me to politics. 
Art mirrors life in many ways.

I’m 32 now and in the past 4 or 5 years or so, I started to become less apolitical maybe ?
For me, I’ve always for the most part supported social politics.
But even that has a bad name aka “ Social Justice Warriors / Special Snowflake / Butt-hurt Crybaby / Identity Politics / Political Correctness PC Culture Thug Killjoy / etc “
Is that why the 1960s Movements was only in the 1960s ?

As I look at my heroes & field of work, most are liberals. Maybe a small majority perhaps socially liberal but economically libertarian. 
Also another thing. Most are white cisgender heterosexual men.
But the thing that I believe is like minded people, “ LIKE MINDED “ which has nothing to do with biology but the spirit and like minded personalities and shared interests that bring us together.
We can learn from each other and even inspire each other.

In a world of devision, perhaps similar philosophy is something the world really needs to hear.
The world needs love but we live in a world of hate & fear.

One of the great things about the internet is that it’s literarily a library at your fingertips.

When we become adults as we all know, we see a world that is hidden when we are children and perhaps we see bits and pieces of when we are teenagers. 

What is the meaning of life ?
In my opinion, I think we are on a journey of self discovery and inner wholeness spiritually.
As well as figuring out our perspective of our outer world and hopefully choice peace instead of hate.

For me
MBTI ( Myers Briggs Personality Types ) help me understand not only my own personality but those of others and I think it’s very accurate. ( I’m INFP by the way ;) )

New Thought / New Age Spirituality : Law of Attraction ( We can create your own lives with our thoughts and feelings ) . This maybe questionable to some. But I did meet my Twin Flame in telepathy face to face after 9 years in telepathy alone so I know this is real on a paranormal / supernatural level and not just philosophy alone. 
Still meditation, self-love, etc does wonders for personal & spiritual growth as well as calming down from stress.
And when it comes to Life on Earth, WE NEED IT !

And politically

Anarchism ( Libertarian Socialism / Anarcho-Communism ) aka those who want Revolution.
I would consider myself to be a cultural, philosophical, spiritual, & pacifist ( but open minded to self-defense ) Anarchist.
Heyoka Mirror Empath ( Sarced Clown in Native Spirituality I would consider to be a Spiritual Anarchist and perhaps a Spiritual Satirist ).

But let me back-up for a second because we live in a world of confusion as well as misconceptions .
As well as LIES !

This message is for generally for those who are politically “ Liberal “ .
Let’s talk about tolerance, equality, acceptance, ( before I get a rant of “ HOW DARE YOU, IF YOU DON’T LIKE AMERICA, GET OUTTA MY COUNTRY ! “ and before you expect a typical rude remark from a Millennial such as “OK Boomer” )
I’m not here to anger & upset anyone. 

Let me put it this way.
Say you got two completely different people and the only thing they have in common is their love for a specific art / pop culture entertainment art.
Remember I mentioned how “Like Mindedness” matters ?

OK, it’s time for me to talk about “ LIBERALS “ before I explain what the heck do I stand for politically
Which is “ THE ( real ) LEFT “.

Liberals can have many kinds of different friends.
That’s the thing about “ FRIENDS “ right ?
Friends come in different colors, ages, sizes, etc

Even if many STILL are slowly understanding what Transgender is all about.
( Which I would recommend the following 

The Secret / Oprah Winfrey has made New Thought / New Age Spirituality popular within Liberal politics about 15 years ago. ( I do have my opinions regarding that. )

OK so whatever I identify as is respected , great.
Spirituality, may not be your cup of tea but just as long as you are not shoving it down people’s throat and you are not hurting no one, no problem.
OK Then, that’s sort of understood for now.

You mean Chaos ? Destruction ?

Anarchism does NOT mean that by the way, 
Anarchism stands for Liberty, Equality & Solidarity
For more information, 
I would recommend An Anarchist FAQ :   

But Communism ? Socialism ?


( intermission )

There’s a reason why Anarchists are Anarchists.
It’s not because we are angry, out of control & ignorant.
It’s because ( like the internet itself ) we discovered something in our human history that was hidden that’s actually good.

Think about it. LGBTQ+ people were oppressed for many years and well… we still are.

In my opinion, Liberalism is a counterfeit of Leftism / Anarchism .

Liberty, Equality & Solidarity.
Sound good right ? I think so.

It’s a political theory ( not ideology ) that we can have Peace On Earth 
If we got rid of Hierarchy.

Again I would recommend this 

There’s a quote I remember reading. “The Truth Will Set You Free, But it will piss you off first. “

So what does Liberalism stand for.
They vision the best America ( or whatever free country they live in ) that is realistically possible and to make sure that everyone lives up to those ideals.
They disagree with conservatives feeling that even though they love their country , they need to be at least tolerant even if they disagree. )

So are Anarchists, Liberals ?
No, we aren’t.
We disagree with Liberalism, we know the truth about Liberalism.

When you are an Anarchist and there’s people you like and appreciate a great deal
Who happen to be liberal,
Part of you doesn’t want to ever bring up politics.
But part of you has a secret desire to wake up the world.
Like a lightworker, you see a positive light.
Unfortunately most people are not living in love, they are living in hate & fear.

The stronger you have an emotional attachment to nationalism,
The more it’s going to upset you.

Perhaps you had a family member or a loved one who got killed in war or even someone who was a cop.
It’s important to understand that it’s not anyone’s fault.
Those in power brainwash the masses with lies for centuries.
Hierarchy is not normal.
In fact, that’s where pretty much all of our political problems come from.

Some times the truth hurts so if your angry at me,
I can’t take responsibility for it,
If you want to have a forever grudge against me well just know that’s your choice,
You are putting that cardboard box over your head refusing to see the truth.

Hierarchy is a lie.
Liberalism is NOT THE LEFT.

_ Erica

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