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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Spitting Image : Decline & Cancellation


Spitting Image : Decline & Cancellation

Spitting Image was known for being not only one of the most expensive television shows ever produced but also one of the most controversial, influential and even radical.

But by the 1990s, Spitting Image changed.

Like always, it’s related to the business of the Television industry.

And such commodification ( for the real sake of keeping up the ratings )

 no matter how Liberal it’s said ( aka making it more popular ) , it’s usually a clear sign of disaster for the most part.

Bill Dare appeared in documentaries such as the Comedy Connections episode relating to Spitting Image as well as Best Ever Spitting Image.

Bill Dare said the following.

“ We wanted to reduce the amount of politics and wanted Spitting Image to be a popular show and to be funny above all else. “.

Roger Law mentioned in the documentary “ Whatever Happened To Spitting Image “ as well as his book “ A Nasty Piece of Work “ that new writers came in and they weren’t particularly interested in politics. “

I’ve noticed a HUGE change in the writing of Spitting Image starting in series 11.

Series 12 did have the great political satire caricature of Peter Lilley

( John Major's Secretary of State at the Department of Social Security ) as a Nazi and Paul Simon cashing in on World Music then getting smacked down at the end during a parody of his song “Crazy Love”,

still for the most part, 1990s Spitting Image felt different.

1990s Spitting Image felt like it was just trying to be more like a parody comedy show rather than the razor sharp political satire show it was known for.

1990s Spitting Image

Occasionally 1990s Spitting Image would have something silly and funny, but for the most part, these are my general thoughts on 1990s Spitting Image.

The Slapstick Comedy Puppetry is still good

The voices don’t sound as funny and entertaining as the ones from the 1980s. 

Besides people who were involved in 1980s Spitting Image started to leave starting around the late 1980s.

The jokes don’t seem as clever.

The joke delivery is still fast pace.

It’s still in a Mad Magazine written format.

Something about it just seems boring to me.

The satire doesn’t seem razor sharp.

Most of what they are lampooning is Unimportant subject matter , targets and celebrity culture.

The themes are boring.

The tone is very Saturday Night Live.

And Steve Brown’s hilarious anti-establishment satires on pop music seems like the only good thing left in the show.

Like the “Smell’s Like Teen Spirit Parody”, it does seem like the song parodies are the “GOOD BIT” we are all waiting for, but we have to get through the boring bits to get to the good bit.

1980s Spitting Image

Had faster pace dialog and humor then 1990s

More slapstick, better timing comedy

Unexpected insults, puns, wordplay and punchlines where 1990s Spitting Image relied more on running gags

1980s Spitting Image was more like and closer to Private Eye Magazine & Mad Magazine

in humor style.

strong satirical sarcasm.


It didn’t think of a target audience.

It doesn’t even talk down to an audience for the sake of ratings.


Just Working Class, left leaning.

And sympathy for the homeless and unemployed.

It didn’t try so hard to be popular.

It didn’t do shock value, sex, gross out humor for the sake of it.


The puppets didn’t look plasticy.

And the acting from the voice artists felt more believable as well as better comedic delivery , sounded human but also sounded funny and CARICATURED !

According to Steve Nallon’s blog post “Satire or Just Spit” from his website,

Steve Nallon talked about his opinions regarding the changes of Spitting Image during the 1990s.

“ SPITTING IMAGE had Thatcher sketches based on the controlling idea that she personally could do pretty much anything she wanted. And that was the prevailing political truth of the 1980s. What though of the 1990s, and what if a sketch didn’t have a controlling idea based on a political truth? Well, that’s when the show, in my opinion, got a bit rubbish. “

“ SPITTING IMAGE started to go downhill when sketches started to appear about John Major having a crush on Virginia Bottomley. Even before the Edwina Currie revelation of an actual affair there were rumours.”

“It really wasn’t true. And that was the problem also with the Virginia Bottomley sketches. It wasn’t factually true and worse there wasn’t a really bigger political truth behind it. Yes, I could see that he was the sort of accountant minded man who might have a crush on a pretty secretary or someone he worked with, but if that was the controlling idea of the sketch it was a very weak one. And these sketches ran for weeks. My view too was that they undermined the other sketches in the show. I remember seeing the writers running around very pleased with themselves that they had come up with such brilliance. I was told when I challenged them that the sketches were “just fun and what’s wrong with being a bit silly?” Er, a lot. If the political truth behind a satirical sketch is weak, or worse none existent, then it stops being a satire. For me with those sketches SPITTING IMAGE had stopped being satire. A short post-script though to the grey suburban Major.”

“Two things I think undermine satire. First, being too vicious about people who don’t deserve it and second, wasting your time attacking people who simply aren’t worth the time. One of the producers towards the end of the run rejected a sketch about Lady Diana because “it wasn’t malicious enough.” If your artistic criteria for satire becomes malice alone you might as well pack up your kit bag and go back to civvy street. Equally why waste your time on celebrity culture? This is never really an issue for SPITTING IMAGE as reality shows were only just beginning during the show’s run but there were times when I questioned why certain characters were on the show. Worse, we had a whole load of sketches about ‘Sad Man’, a mean caricature concerning a man who lived alone and who had no friends. Satire’s job is to attack up the social scale, not down. “

As Steve Nallon mentioned, 

Sad Man was a weak “Controlling Idea” of the satire. 

The Sad Man sketches ( besides being a parody of 1960s Batman ) was that Sad Man can’t get laid and he kept getting rejected for being sexually harassing and perverted. But still, it doesn’t even come off as the “Controlling Idea” in which in my opinion

Beavis & Butt-head & Johnny Bravo did a better job at doing which is satirizing Toxic Masculinity ignorance.

Crappy “Filler” sketches such as this was something I have noticed in the 1990s Spitting Image.

So this is what “reducing political satire and making Spitting Image a popular funny show” means ?

In series 12, there was this “album” commercial called “Real Life Love Making Moments”. Which was just a bunch of gross out sex jokes about smelly condoms and tampons.

In 1993, Spitting Image released a hour long VHS tape called “Having It Off”. Eventually I would need to get a Pal VHS player or some kind of converter in order to watch it in full.

But from what I’ve seen of it, all it is, is SEX humor featuring Spitting Image.

God watching Adam & Eve “do it”, Scottish farmers having sexual and romantic relationships with Sheep, something featuring a game show where I think Jeffery Archer is humping ( which is more satirical than the other two . )

There was sexual humor and nudity on Spitting Image, but it was still satirical.

 Though the two meanest sketches that seem like

 there were on the “Bullying” lines which Steve Nallon 

has mentioned aka punching down that I could think of right now is

_ The “John Loves Ginny” sketches which

 Steve Nallon has mentioned. But some of them went further than just that. One long sketch featured John Major

 wanting to abandon his wife “ Norma” with a note that 

says that he and Virginia Bottomley were in love and they were going to

run away together.

Even though John Major didn’t tell her that he loves her.

But then Norma comes home early and

 finds the love letter which was really meant for Virgina. John Major panics

as he tries to find the run away note which he does and eats it.

Another was Virginia Bottomley rejecting 

John Major, and the sketch ends with a close up of John Major having

tears running down his face and whimpering.

But perhaps the most irritating of all was 

“ The Wildebeest “ sketches.

A series of sketches featured a 

Wildebeest character who was angry , 

sad and upset at the fact that Wildebeests 

such as himself are marginalized, oppressed and he just wants 

the same human rights as everyone else.

One sketch involved him hoping that a woman 

wouldn’t point out the fact that he wasn’t a 

human but in fact, he’s a Wildebeest.

The sketches would end with the Wildebeest 

saying something on the lines of 

“How would you feel if everyone always stereotyped 

you as this big dumb stupid animal who’s always

 getting killed and eaten by lions.”

And a lion would attack him from behind

 and tear him to shreds.

Another pointless series of sketches 

( from the final series or so )

 featured two Penguins. 

They would be laughing about something or

 one would make the other one look ridiculous.

And of course Spitting Image began to focus more and more on “ Celebrity Culture “.

Shows that were similar to Spitting Image featuring people who worked on Spitting Image like 2DTV, Headcases, & Newzoids did this as well. Probably due to the fact that those who worked on them , worked on 1990s Spitting Image.

Headcases was awful !

2DTV had a lot of funny moments, especially the ones featuring George W Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And Newzoids had it’s moments.

If there was any show that had a similar political satire edge that was

 inspired by Spitting Image, that would be Les Guignols De L’info.

But it wasn’t until 2015 when the show was under threat of cancelation from

 billionaire and new owner of Canal+ “ Vincent BollorĂ©“.

It has been said that as a favor to his friend Nicolas Sarkozy ( a regular target on Les Guignols De L’info for decades ) , 

Vincent wanted to cancel this overly expensive and offensive show that only got a few million viewers.

The fans protested against it.

So Vincent BollorĂ© decided to force Les Guignols De L’info to drop 

the rest of their ratings and popularity instead.

First he fired the 3 writers, then the show runner, a slight change in the set and format, 

a few non-satirical sketches including several featuring ridiculous dating apps. 

And of course , celebrity puppets such as Justin Bieber, Kayne West and Kim, but let’s not forget… Trump.

The show’s name would be shortened to Les Guignols and English dubs of clips for 

English speaking viewers could be seen on it’s own Dailymotion channel ( The video platform which Vincent Bollore also owns ).

The razor sharp satirical humor was still there , however it did seem a little pointless for the show to do celebrity culture.

Les Guignols would be canceled in 2018 due to low ratings. The show was on TV for 30 years

 and outlived Spitting Image which originally lasted for 12 years and 3 years in development.

According to Roger Law’s Autobiography “Still Spitting At Sixty”

Roger Law became chairman of Spitting Image Productions in March 1991.

“We had almost £2 million in debt to clear, and the near certainty that the TV show, already losing some of its spark, would soon be pulled. “

Spitting Image Series 10 was broadcasted from the 14th of April - the 19th of May.

Roger Law mentioned that in order to pay off the debt, he developed the “Trash For Cash” method. Meaning how to use the Spitting Image brand irreverent satirical caricature puppetry comedy to sell out in advertising or even other television shows.

Before Bill Dare’s decision regarding the change in Spitting Image, there was another problem which was John Major.

Bill Dare mentioned in the Comedy Connections episode of Spitting Image as well as the Best Ever Spitting Image documentary special, that even though he was cheering when Thatcher resigned, he did worry about something.

“If John Major got in, what the hell were we going to do ? Because  if he gets in, then we are stuffed because HE IS SUCH A BORING BLOKE ! “

John O’Farrell came up with the idea of making John Major grey and having a boring, dead marriage with his wife Norma as they are just eating peas.

Spitting Image writer Steve Punt mentioned in the Comedy Connections episode on Spitting Image that the show was doomed by the time “ Have I Got News For You “ went on the air.

The ironic thing about it, is that the most popular panelist is “ Ian Hislop “ who was one of the head satirists of the original 1980s Spitting Image until he left after series 5, the NBC specials and the other original specials.

Steve Punt mentioned that it could possibly be due to executives comparing the ratings of Have I Got News For You to Spitting Image to come to the conclusion, “Why are we paying all these people to make us a comedy show ? “ .

That could be true too. It has often been said that Spitting Image was one of the most expensive shows in television history.

Though I believe that Spitting Image & Les Guignols was doomed when the decisions were made to make the shows popular for the sake of raising the ratings as well as to be more attractive to younger generations.

And the only similar Spitting Image show that was able to stay on the air the longest was 2DTV, followed by Newzoids for having 2 series.

But what about BritBox Spitting Image ?

 It started with NBC asking Roger Law to make an American Spitting Image. 

Roger Law agreed to it. This developed into BritBox Spitting Image. 

It’s being made by a production company and production services which I find very strange.

According to an article from BBC News from March 2020

Roger Law said the following.

"I've refused to resuscitate Spitting Image for years but when my pension ran out 

and my palm was crossed with silver what could an old man do?”

In 2021, Roger Law turns 80. And for now, 

he owns Spitting Image Productions. 

Roger Law donated many of the original Spitting Image material to

 Cambridge University ( where he went to college ).

There isn’t many pop culture icons that aren’t own by a media conglomerate. 

In the situation with Spitting Image, ITV owns the other half.

BritBox Spitting Image is expected to premiere 3rd October 2020,

And based on the first couple of promo videos I’ve seen and reviewed,

 It seems like a Disappointment. Commodified & Americanized.

If BritBox is just a testing ground and Roger Law sells 

the rest of Spitting Image to these entertainment capitalists, 

In a way, we can’t blame him. 

Roger Law was ALWAYS hard working.

He mentioned in a news article once…

“ We were paid on contract by Central Television, and my initial salary 

was about £400 a week. The most I was ever paid was £600 a week.”

Whenever something great in pop culture is remade and commodified, 

I always hope that new generations of fans will eventually discover the originals,

because most often, the originals are the best.

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EVIL : Why Does Bullying, Cyberbullying & Hate Crime Exist ?


Why Does Bullying, Cyberbullying & Hate Crime Exist ?

By Erica Crooks

  The World Needs Love but we live in a world of Hate & Fear.

Most people are aware that life is filled with problems, however differ in their perception

as well as where the root cause of the problem as well as the solution.

  Same can be said with the perception of Good vs Evil.

In the world of politics , there is most certainly a culture war going on.



















But how would this explain psychopaths , sociopaths, narcissistic, dark triad, sadistic bullies that manipulate someone’s trust one moment then attack them the next. Some can be ignored by cutting all contact with them. Others might go further by dedicating decades of their life attacking an individual, especially on the internet through cyberbullying / cyberstalking / doxxing / harassment campaigns with other people who are as equally evil / or even involving people from the deep dark web , chan boards and hate sites and organize a murder.

Where does Bullying / Cyberbullying / Cyberstalking / Hate Crime and other evil antisocial behavior against innocent people REALLY come from ?

    Too often , the norm is Neurology and DNA scientific studies relating to Psychiatry and Psychology. This seems very flawed to me.

This gives the impression of they were born evil but they are still citizens of The United States of America ( or whatever country

they live in ) and whenever there’s signs of bad behavior, contact law enforcement ,

even though they do barely a thing about it and

just collect bodies and notes when it’s too late, oh well that’s life, nothing you can do. It’s human nature. )

Sure there’s terms such as

Psychopath, Sociopath, Narcissist, Dark Triad, Sadistic, etc

which have useful descriptions of traits which explains

why many survivors of such abuse ,

especially the victims of such abuse suffer with mental illnesses

such PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ).


But such diagnosis could be ableist. Especially when people with mental illnesses

are thrown into a stereotype of being evil.

So instead of seeing them as DSM approved

“ Personality Disorders “,

I just wanted to point out that the traits and descriptions have very important information.

  In the movie version of George Orwell’s dark satirical novel “ 1984 “ , O’Brien tortures the main character Winston . One of the many great lines was O’Brien asking Winston : ” How does one man assert his power over another ? “ Winston responds weakly and in pain “ By making him suffer. “

 This power of course can be refer to as “Hierarchical Authority”.

Having hierarchical power over others. Perhaps this is the root cause of not only the problem with bullies but ALL political problems.

In fact

“ Hierarchical Power over others “ IS Bullying.


  With all the antisocial evil crimes known by most people, bullying and crime on and offline, emotional manipulation, domestic abuse, rape, pedophilia, murder, etc

Is it possible for there to be someone that’s even more evil then such a hateful and cruel individual ? Yes. Those who are responsible for making them that way in the first place.

  Of course not all psychology studies point out to Neurology / DNA theories relating to psychology. There is another source which I think is more legit which is “ Environmental “.

When it comes to learning about basic psychology, one of the first indicators in

learning about a person’s life is their childhood.

  Authoritarian Parenting should be illegal and seen as child abuse but it never is. Right wing politics should be considered as a hate group but it never is. In comparison, most great people happen to be Liberal while people who support Conservatism tend to be hated by most, as well as being bullies who are

brainwashed by hate & fear political ideology, politics, religion, business, everything.

For more recommended reading, I suggest the following…



T.W. Adorno,

Else Frenkel-Brunskik, Daniel J. Levinson and R. Nevitt Sanford



Wilhelm Reich

The more Authoritarian and right wing the parenting, the less chance the child will think for themselves and challenge the hate & fear that’s forced onto them and similar hierarchical environments, the worse this will effect them in childhood. Authoritarianism creates submissive or aggressive authoritarian personalities.

In fact Authoritarian Personalities become reactionary and would threaten your life if you speak

the truth that they were abused in childhood and their parents were WRONG ! And the same could be said regarding right wing religious schools and or churches.

Even socially bigger bullies could even influence other bullies with peer pressure.

Each and every bully has their bully, each and every abusive parent has theirs, generation after generation after generation.

 But is there someone whose worse than them ?

There are parents who’s kids grow up into murderers even if they aren’t murderers themselves.

So is there someone even worse than them ?

Yes. The one who’s been pulling the strings the whole entire time. The one that no one suspects,

the one that’s been invisible to the masses for most of the time.

   SATAN ! The Illuminati ! Malevolent Extraterrestrials ! All that could easily be dismissed by an Atheist.

Before I became an Anarchist, I got into New World Order Conspiracy Theories.

The theory that there could be someone at the top controlling everything from mainstream television ,

schools, and everything I found very interesting.

The problem of course is most New World Order Conspiracy Theories tend to be right wing and

attacking marginalized groups and unfortunately same could be said regarding many who are into Extraterrestrials and UFOs. As a Spiritual Anarchist, I often mention how we need get rid of con-artists and people who use

New Thought / New Age Spirituality and The Occult as a platform for Hate, Fear and Narcissistic Supply.

  Even though dark entities could possibly exist, AGAIN they don’t just exist in existence alone as I mentioned earlier. There are definitely New Agers and Spiritual people who just believe that Karma

will get them in the end. Sure by the Law of Attraction which I tend to believe as a Spiritual Anarchist that’s into New Age / New Thought Spirituality and as a Lightworker, Old Soul , Twin Flame, Heyoka Mirror Empath, etc Spirituality has helped me gain my self confidence

through personal and spiritual growth.

But as a Spiritual Anarchist, I tend to question those who use Spiritual Practice and Theory

as a tool for hierarchical power over us or as a platform for hate & fear, promoting

Alt-Right Fascist brainwashing or even exploiting people out of their money aka Capitalism.

   The New World Order’s flaws are anything that attacks marginalized groups

and promotes hate & fear filled ideology against them.

Again, Law of Attraction is great but it shouldn’t be the only action someone should take. If Spiritual teachers claim to be right about ignoring Lightworker mission

and being concern with the world, especially relating to a

Transgender Lesbian Woman such as myself, then why was I spiritually guided to Anarchism

in which filled in the facts and details that New World Order Conspiracy Theories

fail to address which makes the Pyramidal Hierarchical structure theories making more sense.


if you are a White Cisgender Heterosexual

who’s privileged in hierarchical society, like politics, you feel like you have a choice.

Because culturally they are privileged.

No wonder most bullies tend to be White CisHet Men who conform to Toxic Masculinity expectations

and Right Wing politics.


But, did I just call myself an ANARCHIST ? Doesn’t that mean chaos, destruction and antisocial behavior ? Especially when politicians and mainstream media dehumanize Anarchists and ANTIFA and falsely accusing them and stereotyping them as abusive , violent bullies.

Anarchism & ANTIFA is the opposite of that. Anarchism is a political philosophy that believes that we all globally should live in the political philosophy of Liberty - Equality - Solidarity. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE ! No more hierarchical power over others. The # 1 political philosophy that cares about the needs and well being of the People, Animals and The Planet .

  ANTIFA ( which name is shorten and means Anti-Fascist ) protects people ,

especially marginalized groups from bullies that want to bully innocent people on and offline. The bullies are Fascists.

  If you want to know why bullies attack marginalized people all the time,

it’s “ Divide & Conquer “.

The bully sees the victim as weak, vulnerable and inferior.

And if you look at the pyramid of Hate, you can see that it only has one goal. DEATH !

This is exactly what Hitler did.

He promised a Utopia to White CisHet men brainwashed into Toxic Masculinity which resulted in dystopia.

Hate & Fear ideology, violence of all kinds, and of course The Holocaust. And it wasn’t just Jewish people but ALL MARGINALIZED Groups, kids, and anyone who was left wing.

Anyone they wanted dead.

Trump’s presidential presence has increased

attraction of White CisHet Men

to Alt-Right Fascism, however such attraction has existed before then.

 Dark Triad / Sadism,

Alt-Right Fascism,

Toxic Masculinity are linked to Hate Crime.

Divide & Conquer is used as excuses to justify Hate Crime. And it’s not just the individual bullies who are responsible. It’s Hierarchical Power itself.

The World Needs Love but

we live in a world of hate & fear, sadness and pain.

  Toxic Masculinity promises men royalty that never happens or will backfire on them somehow. They are told to conform to unrealistic expectations like Boys / Men don’t cry

and to attack Marginalized groups and left wing politics for their misery.

Bullies attack those they see as inferior, vulnerable and weak.

But none of that, or the violence or brainwashing they inflect on people makes their life any better. They deny all the hurt they’ve caused people, and perhaps the biggest fear they need to face is facing

their own vulnerable emotions, and feel remorse for all they’ve hurt. But if they aren’t to blame ? Who is ?

  We can think of every evil person that has ever hurt us in our lives and most of them are apart of the masses just like us.

But they aren’t the only ones who uses Brainwashing and Violence to control us and make us suffer. Most people don’t know about “Class Consciousness”. There’s two classes.

 The Masses which is referred to as “ The Working Class “.

Even though there are people in poverty living on Disability or Welfare income and even the homeless,

they are still included as a part of The Masses Class.

  The Capitalist Ruling Classes are the richest of the rich.

Not just politicians, but capitalists.

The most successful ones come from generations of wealthy families. They know something that’s never expressed in the public eye. Being rich has nothing to do with prosperity to feel comfortable and extend the good that you do beyond what you would without it.







Noam Chomsky has mentioned how they do this with the media in his book and documentary “ Manufacturing Consent “.

      Bullies are political pawns to stop peace on earth from happening.

Police are political pawns to also protect The Ruling Class and capitalism.

Troops are political pawns believing they are protecting the country, it’s citizens and freedoms but they are murdering innocent people for the most part, raping female bodied women even those who are on their side,

murdering children and their pets and innocent parents,

and they are brainwashed into the imperialist wars that only serve the interests of the ruling classes.

The Ruling Classes DO NOT CARE ABOUT US AT ALL ! In fact they are all in competition with each other for world domination.

      Sure bullies in life do similar things that The Ruling Classes do which is Brainwashing and Violence.

But there’s a difference.

The Ruling Classes are the ones who written the lies which bullies believe to be true. They are the ones who brainwashed people to accepting hierarchical power to be normal like Government and Capitalism and even bullying. The Ruling Classes are the most evil because they have the most money so therefore they have power over us. THEY NEVER HAVE MONEY PROBLEMS ! If they do, they don’t worry about poverty, they worry about control.

  And if capitalism fails.

It’s back to Fascism, Feudalism, Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism without Liberalism. Dystopian.

And as mentioned before,

Orwellian !

A term that is used to describe a dystopia in which

George Orwell written in his satirical works such as 1984 and even Animal Farm.

  Brainwashing and VIOLENCE are the tools for control.

We want Love, not hate & fear.

We want Good, Happy, Healthy & Prosperous lives for ourselves and all.

Perhaps Law of Attraction can help but we still need a REVOLUTION !

 We start Building The New World In The Shell Of The Old RIGHT NOW ! Authority is not going to help us. It’s up to US !

We need to educate the masses about Anarchism and debunk the dehumanized lies and misunderstandings against Anarchism

The masses need to unite in the class struggle we are all in against those who want to have hierarchical power over us.

We take direct action and praxis. And for many, it relates to our own individual talents and strengths as well as solidarity and equality ,

fellow Anarchists who want to help us out. The goal is the same even though direct action and praxis differs.

Some even go to jail for it while others ( like myself ) would rather go about it in a Spiritual , Philosophical, Cultural, Educational and Pacifist way.

  Yes, we are limited in what we can do.

Those who conform to the system succeed a little more but THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED !

Hopefully outnumbering those in power would be good enough, especially peaceful resistance.

We are the many, they are the few.

But of course like ANTIFA, we need to watch our backs from their minions. Solidarity is a great thing because there are those who can help those who need it.

  Not everyone understands Anarchism, to some people it doesn’t make sense. Even good people are brainwashed by the system. We all have.

But a better world for us is possible. Another world is possible.

If you want it. And if you do, keep an open mind, do research on Anarchism.

I would recommend An Anarchist FAQ for more information.

    Hierarchical Power over others is the root cause of all political problems.

And if we live in Liberty - Equality - Solidarity instead of having hierarchical power over us, the better off we will be.

But we need to be careful. The Ruling Class does NOT want peace and unity. The minion political pawns are brainwashed into hating us for no good reason.

But of course a global Free Anarchist Society is worth it in the end. Everyone’s needs can be meet and such a world would have little to no problems at all. World Peace IS POSSIBLE ! If you want it.

 But what do we do about Bullying, Cyberbullying & Hate Crime in the here and now ?

    In previous blog videos, I have talked about my own personal survival.

  I’ve even written an ebook between 2013 and 2014 about it but I didn’t realize it was politically connected as I do now.

    So here’s my thoughts regarding what we can do about the Bullying / Cyberbullying & Hate Crime in the here and now.

As we all know we are all trapped in this global hierarchical hellhole. So when it comes to Anarchist practice, Direct Action is a must. Like praxis, Anarchists differ in how they go about it as I mentioned earlier.

So in Anarchist theory and practice,

_ Self Management, Self-Help, Self-Liberation and Self-Activity 

_ Solidarity : Helps if you can get it.


_ Direct Action

If you suffer with anxiety mental illness like PTSD, just know that you have the power to turn off your computer device which you access the internet.

Solidarity . If you don’t have any, turn to family and friends for emotional support, and if you don’t have that, learn about personal growth and spiritual growth. Perhaps Law of Attraction can help.

Especially when you don’t have much support in your life right now.

If harassment gets worse, especially online, take legal action if you feel like you need to. Anarchists / ANTIFA are extremely skeptical about the hierarchical system,

especially when good people go to jail for protecting those who need protection and actually cares about marginalized and innocent people unlike the system which purpose is to protect the capitalist ruling classes.

If you are a content creator, maintain your public presence.

Like ANTIFA, some Anarchists go the extra mile and risk their lives to protect marginalized groups and the vulnerable. Some activities are also done online like Hate Sites being hacked , attacked and even shut down. That’s a hero in my book.


     Anarchists are very intelligent people. They read all the time ,

they expose the truth about hierarchical power ,

and they work on ways in the here and now to make the world a better place as well as building the new world in the shell of the old.

All Anarchists are Anti-Fascists but those apart of the ANTIFA movement can also be leftist as well. Perhaps what I’m presenting right now is my own Anti-Fascist direct action and praxis.

  It’s important to understand that you are not alone. When you live a life of alienation and isolation and don’t have much support from anyone, this can

cause depression and even dealing with PTSD more of a challenge.

Anarchists are against hierarchy because we know that hierarchy causes harm to humanity.

There’s social breakdown, climate change, brainwashing and violence

that happens all the time. And it’s because of the capitalist ruling classes and the minions they brainwash into political pawns.

If we are serious about wanting the world to become a better place for ourselves and all, we need to have unity and class consciousness.


Hate & Fear leads to dystopia. Love leads to Utopia that’s actually possible. Again, world peace is possible.

Do you want it ?

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