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Thursday, November 21, 2019

I am Leaving YouTube For Good

My friend has something to say on how YouTube's new policy is hurting content creators. #youtubesucks #coppasucks #savetheinternet #netneutrality #retrogammer #videogammer #googlesucks

Trey Parker & Matt Stone - Has-been satirists The downfall of South Park

Trey Parker & Matt Stone - Has-been satirists The downfall of South Park

At the time I have written this , I have been reading headlines of Trey Parker and Matt Stone being called Transphobes and the latest episode of South Park being Transphobic. Several thoughts come to mind for this fan who’s not only a trans woman but also as a fan who stopped watching the newer episodes for several years now. The last good episode in my opinion was their 200th and 2001st episode but it was only recently thanks to fans who discovered the existing footage which Viacom never wanted fans to discover which was the uncensored speech of Kyle’s famous “ You know , I’ve learned something today. “ Instead of it being a long annoying censored bleep , it was the sarcasm that “ if you want people to stop laughing at you , all you need is bombs and guns to get people to stop because terrorizing people with violence works. “ 
I felt since then the show went to a different direction.

There was a quote I remember Trey Parker mentioned in an interview once “ We used to be punk and cool but now we are just a couple of Rich Hollywood doucebags . “

Today it seems like the quote is no longer viewed as self criticism humor but perhaps THE TRUTH !

As a satirist myself , satire tends to be a left wing thing at it’s best. Conservatives suck at any attempt at it if cartoon comics or animation as well as memes. They say the left can’t meme , I say they suck at comedy and satire. No matter how it’s done within performance and delivery , the jokes just aren’t funny.

Most leftist satirists tend to come from Europe according to my observation as a fan of Les Guignols De L’info and even Spitting Image which was the very point why I believe an American Spitting Image and an American Les Guignols De L’info wouldn’t work out unless it was Americanized and dumb down.

The only razor sharp satire there seems to be in America is Right Wing Libertarian party humor. To me the best satire to come from America would be Mad Magazine , Classic Simpsons / The Critic and Dinosaurs.

I would add South Park to the list as well as Beavis & Butt-head and Daria. Though it does seem like South Park is not only losing it’s edge but perhaps turning right wing more so.

Season 17 was probably the final season I ever watched of South Park. The show’s format was becoming more abstract and it wasn’t as entertaining as it was within the first 10 seasons ( which I much prefer ) and select episodes form the others .

As an Anarchist , of course I would have loved to see the Anarchist flag seen in South Park beyond the movie. But of course Anarchism is probably the most misunderstood political theory of all time even though in my opinion is the most genius and I support it 100% The funny thing is as a satirist , all I had to do was ask myself what do I support politically , I already know what I’m against. Anarchism seems to just fit me like a glove and perhaps save me as a satirist . Satire can be considered as Cultural Anarchism and perhaps spiritually the expressions of they Heyoka Empath.

Shows like Spitting Image and Les Guignols De L’info were leftist in their satire ( 80s Spitting Image ) and it does seem to me that satire in America has been quite rare when it came to razor sharp edgy satire. The Simpsons in it’s heyday was considered that , though I think Dinosaurs from time to time was even more progressive and sharper in political satire than The Simpsons . Though in the early days South Park truly seems to be the ultimate satire . But now a days , they kind of look pathetic.

I don’t watch the new South Park episodes anymore for a reason. In Season 13 they did this queef episode and like that episode , women tend to be treated as delicate and feminine and sensitive and … stereotypical . According to the headlines I’ve read recording the transphobic episode in question , it seems to be on the same sexist stereotypical perception of women.
Where are the glory days of Mrs Garrison . The very episode which introduced me to the subject of “ Transgender “ . Did it leave me with a positive note or did it keep me in the closet until I meet a trans woman friend of mine who explained to me what the experience is really like and as the androgyne who loved butch lesbians at the time , it was proof that I am a lesbian woman born in the wrong body. But then again , with trans woman being non-op and people who are attracted to Trans Woman , perhaps we need to question the gender binary system right ? I meet my Twin Flame shortly after and she finds me attractive so there.

Sure I enjoy watching the early South Park episodes from time to time , just like the Classic Simpsons. And perhaps at the same time , ignore that there’s new ones being made. I think it’s that feeling that there’s two different shows with the same name. I feel the same about the separation of Sesame Street of it’s first 20 Seasons vs the ones afterwords.

There were times where Trey Parker and Matt Stone wanted to quit. The two films they made in Hollywood “ South Park : Bigger , Longer and Uncut “ as well as “ Team America “ were literally nightmares for them behind the scenes and they yearned for a simple life of starting a family with someone and retiring. “ We don’t need anymore money . “ was something Trey often said from time to time. 

In the documentary “ 6 Days to Air “ censorship and the pressure of time seemed to make Trey Parker very depressed. In one scene in the documentary he mentions how ordering McDonalds was his little ray of sunshine at the moment.

I think a big question to ask is has Trey Parker and Matt Stone CHANGED ? Same goes with Matt Groening , George Lucas , etc ? Almost like how slapstick filmmaker David Zucker turned Republican after September 11th 2001 or how Mel Brooks says that Political Correctness is killing comedy. 

Trey Parker and Matt Stone mentioned that they will keep up the show until they get canceled. From time to time it sounded like they really do want to get canceled. They mentioned that the final episode would just seem like dropping the microphone and abandoning it , perhaps symbolically then again I’m not sure…

Trey Parker and Matt Stone as irreverent as they are has supported LGBTQ+ people from time to time in their work . But today it seems like their satirical targets are on PC Culture , Safe Spaces , Transgender women , ???? 

In the words of the South Park kids “ DUDE , WEAK ! “

Perhaps it’s Comedy Central , perhaps it’s American culture when it comes to comedy …

I personally don’t think political correctness is the problem nor does it kill comedy. I think the problem is people fear going punk beyond punk. In other words , Anarchism. People fear becoming anti-American and questioning hierarchy . That’s why I say probably the best satire I’ve seen in modern times just happens to be leftist memes from ordinary people. Because there’s value to that , just like satire and anarchism itself , it relates to people.

Hierarchy doesn’t.

When someone is rich and famous , they cash in on it and live off of it. They say that when people turn middle age , they end up turning right wing.

I don’t think right wing or centrist politics makes good satire. Because if you believe that life is perfect when it’s unfair than why are you a satirist ?

I think it’s extremely contradictory for Trey Parker and Matt Stone to complain about Political Correctness because as satirists they should know why people complain about injustice in the first place.

It’s interesting why people hate Social Justice Warriors and liberals and progressives. As An Anarchist , our frustration is how they can be left wing however they trust hierarchy and don’t see the root causes which need to be dismantled as Anarchists do ( Government , Capitalism , Social Hierarchy , Antisocial behavior , etc ) 

Anarchism stands for Liberty , Equality and Solidarity
Spirituality is Mind , Body , Soul

In terms of the liberation of the soul , satire has that within it’s practice and at the same time it mocks anything hierarchical and anti-authoritarian .

I’m not going to say that South Park was the most perfect satire , we all are ignorant of something. Life is about growth and learning from past mistakes.

However in my opinion , the show doesn’t stand for the “ You know , I’ve learned something today “ satirical perspective as it once was.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone may say that they support The Libertarian Party , perhaps they are centrists ( center right ) . But one thing is for sure , fans who’ve been watching the show for all these years know the difference .

If you have the same authors for all those years and when the old show’s tone doesn’t reflect the current satire of the new episodes , it’s time to start questioning…


_ Erica

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