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Thursday, November 8, 2018

I was just thinking about that ! - The Law of Attraction

I was just thinking about that ! - The Law of Attraction

The big problem I have with modern Law of Attraction teachers and those who are teachers of New Age / New Thought Spirituality …. Besides capitalism and believing the spiritual ego dogma of the same brainwashed junk from conservatives that justify capitalism is 

And if you were a wicked entrepreneur , one that doesn’t believe in Law of Attraction yourself , it makes sense because I bet that most people who sell Law of Attraction products don’t even believe in it themselves. It’s like how Mad Magazine ripped on The Secret and said something like “Manifesting a free copy of The Secret is illegal and punishable by law. “ , likewise it seems like ALL people who SELL New Age / New Thought Spirituality use the disclaimer for entertainment purposes only. Are they admitting to being frauds and con artists ?

But however , that does not mean that Law of Attraction , Twin Flames , Spiritual gifts and abilities and New Age / New Thought Spirituality is fake. Far from it.

Here’s a pattern I’ve often noticed in my experience for automatic Law of Attraction manifestation. Have you ever noticed when you think about something intensely and just go about your day and then it comes to you and your like “ I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT ! “ Or how about when you contact someone who haven’t spoken to in quite awhile and they are like “ HEY , I was just thinking about you. “


But you know what’s easy and hard ? It’s easy to think of a certain song or scene from a TV show you haven’t seen in awhile and then you unconsciously come across it without thinking about it. But what’s hard is to let go of something you NEED ! 

Listen , all you got to do is enjoy thinking about it and daydream about it then enjoy your day. Not worry about it.

Law of Attraction .

But how interesting it is that feel good daydreaming and thinking about what you like comes to you and same with stuff you worry about , YET teachers make it complicated. WHY ?
Because business is a right wing thing and they believe that people are stupid.
They treat you like your a little kid. I’m going to teach you how to use your brain.


So here’s the thing. When you apply your own appreciation for hierarchy , you are going to toxicity it. 

It’s like there’s limits to Law of Attraction when it comes to your own life where you can not influence people positively and the only thing you can attract is material possessions which is NOT TRUE . 
Yeah maybe they did use Law of Attraction immorally and unethically , and perhaps that’s why hierarchy is however it’s still a low vibrational energy and love can conquer love and fear.

The light-workers in history influenced people and have a legacy after they're passing , not those who murdered them nor the people who smeared against them.

So remember when you get into Law of Attraction , New Age / New Thought Spirituality , just keep in mind that people can apply hierarchical dogma and ego in there and justify it. It can be deliberate brainwashing OR they could just be ignorant . They can say that they are apolitical but according to how much life as messed them up as well as their personality types , cognitive functions , numerology , etc it’s connected positively and or negatively , soul or ego.

There’s people who would rather stay in a hierarchical world and have no idea that a FREER and HAPPIER and RICHER world is possible. It’s not about who you vote , it’s about thinking for yourself. 

Law of Attraction helped me with self esteem and wake up to many truths in life , but I was guided by spirit perhaps to anarchism as well as my Twin Flame. Does that mean I’m negative ? Does that mean I have an unhealthy ego problem spreading fearful and hateful dogma ? No. I may only influence others but I see truth and I feel people should know.

If you watched my blog videos from 2014 and 2015 until perhaps late 2017 , what I had to say about capitalism is a little embarrassing now knowing what capitalism is actually doing to people. Sure there’s good wealthy people , but it’s not people it’s the system.
It’s like thinking that there’s no good legal authority and no good cops out there , it’s the person that’s not the problem because we are all human here , it’s the hierarchical system which is NOT the best for humanity and planet Earth and Universe’s best interest.

Yes we can be ignorant of something , but if people push it away with “ I don’t wanna here it , it’s negative “ well perhaps THAT is a blockage to your higher good. Not being anti-capitalist. Because if hierarchy was gone , we won’t be poor. People would make things and distribute because THEY LOVE TO DO IT ! That’s true innovation not entrepreneurship which I thought it was awhile back but scamming people just was never ever something that felt right in my body mind and soul. If people’s needs are meet and no hierarchy , pretty much political problems will some what go away.

 _ Erica

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