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Sunday, August 23, 2020

New Britbox Spitting Image revival trailer is almost out but going through ITV censorship problems.

If it's satirical and creative, And by being skeptical about everything like the original, ( original show had leftists involved, they ver VERY politically motivated. ) but I have my doubts that this is going to be as good as the original. The puppets look great, I'm sure the puppetry is great too. But the writing I'm questioning. The current head writer and show runner is someone who written the post-classic Simpsons aka Zombie Simpsons episodes from about 15 years ago ( The Simpsons began to change around Season 9 and 10 ) and it doesn't seem like it was a gathering of left leaning razor sharp satirists like it was back in the day. Why can't they get Ian Hislop & Nick Newman ? They are STILL at Private Eye Magazine and Ian was known for writing Spitting Image and editing Private Eye Magazine for many years. Also Ian Hislop is STILL on Have I Got News For You. Also most of the people from Spitting Image are still around, the voice artists and everything. So I don't know how many "Brand New" people are involved, if there's still any link with NBC anymore, etc. This piece is of course low brow, it's on the likes of their 1993 direct to video VHS release " Having It Off ! " but that's the thing, is it going to be like 1980s Spitting Image or is it going to be like 1990s Spitting Image but uncensored ? Les Guignols De L'info got way with stuff ALL THE TIME ! So maybe this is good for a start, I do hope there's more satirical commentary behind all this and it's not just going to be treated like a low brow "shock value" comedy show like Crank Yankers level or The Happytime Murders ( 2018 ). Again you can have great puppets and puppeteers but the writing really makes it come together, in my opinion. Spitting Image / Les Guignols De L'info has been known for doing stuff like that but again I hope there's satirical commentary that's linked to it. This seems like a satire on the toxic masculinity of those in power which is funny yet lowbrow. When Les Guignols was trying to reach out to English speaking viewership when the show was revived from Les Guignols De L'info to Les Guignols before it was canceled in 2018, similar situation with the trailer . So it's a way to promote it " Puppets Being Naughty, This Ain't A Kids Show. " Peter Jackson's film Meet The Feebles did the same kind of thing . But once again, I would compare things like this to The Happytime Murders, is it satire or is it shock comedy ? Is it a parody Saturday Night Live like show or is it going on the lines of Private Eye Magazine / Charlie Hebdo / Mad Magazine ( LIKE IT SHOULD ) ? It's an interesting article, either way I'm excited to see this trailer, it looks like it's not too far away. :)

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