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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Cancel Culture on Pepe Le Pew & Miss Piggy

It's been an interesting week. I was wondering how would Miss Piggy & Pepe Le Pew respond to the Cancel Culture controversies surrounding them. ;) I'm very happy that the originals are available on the streaming services but unfortunately there's people reacting to them negatively. There's this strong demand for "positive media representation" in characters. And to me, this explains why many favorites in pop culture history aren't as good as the originals in my opinion. Many comedy characters were satirical. But today, people think such characters are negatively reinforcing crime & abuse. And unfortunately, it's nothing new because satire has always been controversial & misunderstood. And the thing is satire and slapstick comedy has been apart of cartoons and puppetry just as long as the art form's existence in history. To me, it's artist tradition. I wish there was more cultural appreciation. But instead, art is looked at as a commodity, instead of what art and entertainment really is about. A reflection on life and the hard working, creative and talented people behind it as well as the fun and love they put into what they love to do. :)