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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

State of The Union - Erica Crooks Comics ( 2019 )

State of The Union Trump Political Satire Cartoon

State of The Union seems so fake to me !
The State of The Union , same with all Hierarchy .... It's nothing more but Hierarchical Manipulative Nonsense coming from Fear driven , Power Hungry Psychos !

State of The Union seems so fake ( Anarchist / Spiritual prospective )

State of The Union Trump Political Satire Cartoon
State of The Union seems so fake ( Anarchist / Spiritual prospective )

In the first Summer Trump was President of The United States of America , 
I was looking into Anarchism.
When this narcissistic Boris Johnson looking-a-like took office 
I started to question this so called American Patriotism and Nationalism more than ever before.
For me perhaps my Spiritual Awakening And Kundalini is related to my Twin Flame Ascension .
Now as a Libertarian Socialist Anarchist / Anarcho-Communist and New Age Spiritual Empath and Lightworker of all sorts including Heyoka ,
I can see truths which were invisible to me 10 years ago.
We fear what we do not understand but when we learn about it we no longer fear it.

I can’t believe I actually wasted my time to watch Trump’s State of the Union Address ( 9pm , February 5th 2019 ) .
I was really just wanting to watch Rachel Maddow not for the news but … Rachel Maddow .
What would be the ideal Rachel Maddow Show episode for me ?
How about more Smiles and Fun like this
and how about a make over to Old School Rachel Maddow

( Ironically a lot of this is reminding me of my Twin Flame ;) lol #twinflames

Anyway , when watching this religious ceremony , it just made my blood boil psychically knowing perhaps all of this is nothing more but a show to keep people into mindless obedience .
Every bit of it , politicians are walking in , in an orderly matter smiling and greeting each other.
And it’s like the Monarchy .
Here comes this bald chap and perhaps he forgot his big brass horn …
“ SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE , I give you , The President of The United States ! “
And enters Trump and everyone is applauding .
I’m thinking ,” I just can’t take any of this junk seriously. “

And the whole freakin’ thing to me isn’t intelligent at all. Just read the Anarchist FAQ and know a better world can be possible with Anarchism and 5D Earth and all of this “ America is #1 in everything “ nonsense seems so fake.

But if that doesn’t piss you off enough , what if most of these politicians are power hungry psychopathic liars ! What if all of this is nothing more but a show because the camera is on.
Here’s Trump preaching the Gospel of how America is the best Country to be in and how America is #1 .
Jobs , Economy , blah blah blah ! 
And then all these random people from a little girl with Cancer , to the surviving WWII Vets , Crying Women who already witnessed some of the worst anti-social acts on Earth today , 
Here they are being buttered up with false promise .

If I was watching a Monarchy ceremony or The Pope , it really won’t be much difference.

One of the thoughts that was on my mind is if Democrats hate the Republicans and Trump so much , why clap ? Why applause ? Where’s your bin of rotten Tomatoes to throw at the guy ?
And to top it all off , Trump’s fake humanitarian heart with mock clamming sad voice and all , caring about The Working Class ! 
“ Getting people off Food Stamps “

Perhaps these are indeed power hungry evil doers !
Because if you say recommended the idea of Law of Attraction or Anarchism to a dear dear friend who cares about people and self growth , they’d listen to you.
Sure they might forget like how I still need to check out the book “ Bowling Alone “ which someone recommended to me awhile back ,
Still on my need to check out list.

Anyway it’s a bunch of hovering and gaslighting not only Trump , but anyone around the world that has hierarchical power over others.

And just like how fundamentalist right wing religious people use scare tactics to keep their believers into obedience , same goes with Government.

It’s in the matter of most people waking up to not only the truth , but their own truth that every single individual has the capability to govern their own lives without being told what to do.
Screw the Human Nature myth that we are all born sinful , nonsense , rubbish !
Parenting of telling a child No No No No No is just going to psychologically damage them more and more as an adult.

But perhaps those who are awaken already see what I do.

Also I think I may have seen many reptilian eyes , I don’t know. Maybe a little.
I was looking for that actually.
Look at this video proof , it’s kind of creepy.

Anyway perhaps this sort of truth hurts the more people are groomed to patriotism and nationalism , but for me , it feels better knowing the truth than being entertained by a happy lie !

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