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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Happy Halloween Everyone !

The Erica Crooks Show

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BE YOURSELF and NON CONFORM even if you dig New Thought / New Age Spirituality

BE YOURSELF and NON CONFORM even if you dig New Thought / New Age Spirituality

It’s not about “ This is the truth “ and this isn’t. It takes a little bit of everything as long as it’s not hierarchical.
I strongly suggest Personality Type science such as MBTI Myers Briggs to know yourself as well as those of others , as well as Libertarian Socialist Anarchism or perhaps Anarchism itself.
And I say mix this in with New Age / New Thought Spirituality.

The big problem that I see when referred to “ Elder Souls “ is this conformity of THIS IS HOW EVERYONE SHOULD BE ! I’m an old soul so I get the infant soul , young soul , mature soul , 
However ELDER SOUL I yet to question as well as some other things New Thought / New Age people teach.

Yes it is true that we can become whole within , but the problem is WE THINK IN PICTURES NOT WORDS ! Emotions as well. The five senses someone can use to see the outer world while there’s personality types that are closer to the spirit world more than others.

And of course the PROBLEM with words and the way people speak , would make sense to that personality type but not others.

For example if someone says “ Life is perfect the way it is “
As a lightworker , as a Heyoka ( sacred clown / mirror empath ) empath , An anarchist , numerology : 5 ! Heh heh um …. NO ! I disagree.

Seeing the innocence in people in terms of WE FEAR WHAT WE DON’T UNDERSTAND , that’s how we can forgive introverted inside ourselves and see that EVIL is hierarchy and ego.

So to justify authoritative hierarchical power over others I disagree. 

That’s a huge problem when it comes to many New Age / New Thought spiritual people.

It all comes down to personality type. And I’m seeing more PRACTICAL spiritual people then Intuitive ones . I’m seeing more Accepting the way the world is instead of WHAT COULD BE !

And the thing is , I have had trouble second guessing myself and shoving myself in boxes which I know in my heart , body and soul that I do not belong.

What would be said as BAD KARMA , maybe it wasn’t. Perhaps I have spiritual ability and gifts to sense other people’s energy. No wonder I overwhelm myself. But being a satirist just makes Heyoka that much fun. It’s that inner child who sticks their tongue out at hierarchy.

It’s interesting , because like I said. MBTI , numerology , Anarchism , law of attraction , intuitives , intuitive perceivers , New Age / New Thought Spirituality.

It’s not one or the other , It’s WHAT WORKS FOR YOU ! 

So when people say that intellectualism is wrong , what the hell do they expect us to do ?
This ties in with the beliefs of death.

Sure we all sleep and rest. But who’s to say that spirits don’t float around and there’s more to the spiritual life than we know. 

What if 5D Earth is possible with Anarchism ?

There’s nothing wrong with the philosophies and sciences , but perhaps we souldn’t set things in stone either.

For example MBTI Myers Briggs / Personality type Science and New Age / New Thought can totally dismiss Anarchism and Anarchism can dismiss both.

But how could Anarchism dismiss both if people are free to do whatever they want !

It’s consequences I’m trying to point out.

If you conform to spirituality RULES that don’t feel right to you , your no different but a fearing religious person. No wonder you haven’t manifested anything.

Spirituality says CHILL OUT AND BE YOURSELF.

And the same can be said with the other two as well.

Be yourself , know that life can be better , and problems can go away.
That is , if you want them too. :)

Everyone wants to be happy. But happy means so many different things to people.

As long as it’s not hierarchy , as long as no one is getting hurt , no problem.

_ Erica 

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Monday, September 17, 2018

How I Build My Puppets - Easy , Fast and Cheap Puppet Building Tips used...

How I Build My Puppets - Easy , Fast and Cheap Puppet Building Tips used by Erica Crooks A Behind the Scenes look at The Erica Crooks puppet workshop ( The Erica Crooks Show )

as Erica Crooks reveals East , Fast and Cheap Puppet making secrets .

The 2 most important elements of puppet building is

( 1. A Puppet that looks good on camera

( 2. A puppet that works good on camera Better built puppets have a better budget , use better materials and take more time to do.In this video , it’s about how to apply professional technics to cheaper materials , and how to build a sort of decent looking puppet “ Fast and Easy “ .Fast and Easy is the highlight of this video. Sometimes people need to build a HUGE puppet cast but can’t afford television and film quality budgets.

Or need to build a couple of good looking puppets within 24/7 within tight budgets.

This is such a Fast , Easy , Cheap but good looking puppet tutorial . Secrets coming from the satirical comedy cult following Adult puppet show “ The Erica Crooks Show “ !20 years of experienceYou also might be interested in the video

“ How I Make My Puppet Videos “ more hilarious puppet and cartoon animation parodies , Dark Comedy humor , satires and funny stupid videos for adults

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Erica Crooks Puppeteer Demo Reel Puppet Audition Tape April 2016

Erica Crooks Puppeteer Demo Reel Puppet Audition Tape ( April 2016 )

Most puppeteers in the entertainment industry , especially puppeteers who are members of SAG have some sort of puppeteer puppet reel demo audition tape.

I’m not a member of SAG . I think I’m totally blacklisted by now as a satirist and anarchist. lol

Just for the heck of it , I sent this very puppet audition tape to The Jim Henson Company seeing if they see something within my puppeteer talent perhaps something on the lines of Henson Alternative / The Happytime Murders . I never heard anything back.

And this was before the trailer and stuff , and how things went , I’m kind of glad I didn’t get the call. In my personal opinion , they shouldn’t have sold The Muppets to Disney .

Anyway , usually a Puppet audition tape is suppose to be 6 minutes long or less expressing  puppeteering , voice acting , singing , etc .

But the Puppet Audition Reel took on a life of it’s own , 20 minutes in fact.

So whatever , I thought it ended up being a funny spontaneous puppet comedy video but at the same time it does showcase my puppeteering , voice acting , comedy writing all in one. Like a typical episode of The Erica Crooks Show I suppose.

Not bad for a Transwoman lesbian huh folks. ;P

So … ENJOY The Official Erica Crooks Puppeteer Demo Reel Puppet Audition Tape ( April 2016 ) !

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Trump's Way - ( Puppet Political Satire ) - The Erica Crooks Show ( 2018 )

Move over Sinatra , because Trump is going to totally rip you off !

The following is a work of satirical fiction

Any similarity beyond political satire is coincidental and unintentional

For more hilarious puppet and cartoon animation parodies , Dark Comedy humor , satires and funny stupid videos for adults

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Talking About : How I Make My Cartoon Animation Videos ( digital filmmak...

Talking About : How I Make My Cartoon Animation Videos ( digital filmmaking tools ) / Erica's Home Office Studio

Erica Crooks ( independent filmmaker who’s made short films that have been shown in various film festivals , public access television and even the internet )

Talks about basics in how to make your very own cartoon animated film and or video .

For more hilarious puppet and cartoon animation parodies , Dark Comedy humor , satires and funny stupid videos for adults

( and other cool stuff )
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Cartoon Drawing Animation Style Tutorial ( Basics of Construction )

Erica Crooks Animation Cartoon Drawing Style Basic Tips Tutorial

Cartoonist of 20 years as well as a multi-talented independent filmmaker Erica Crooks
talks about the importance of construction when it comes to cartooning animation style drawing in this basic tips tutorial , as well as to how to develop your own cartooning style .

Keep on Drawing and Cartooning ! Practice Makes Perfect !

For more hilarious puppet and cartoon animation parodies , Dark Comedy humor , satires and funny stupid videos for adults
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Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Truth About Entertainment

Erica Crooks
The Truth about Entertainment ?
Erica Crooks

Let me start off this post as a reminder.
What does an artist do ?
They share their art with the world.
Art is ideas , art is communication on so many levels , like minded people will follow.
Fans can be friends.

But sadly there’s people who simply want FUN !
And they think such fun is outside of themselves.
An expression of love , seeking love and trying to gain it , or an expression of the lack of love ( hierarchy )

Love just is. Love is soul , not ego.

Like minded people will follow. But don’t count your fanbase by the millions like
you would with your Facebook friends.
Do not let this determine your self worth EVER !
You hold your own truth inside of you , not outside of you.
You can be your own biggest fan and best friend.
Remember , you also create your own life , your own thoughts , how you feel.
You are in charge of you. If people took responsibility for themselves by seeing their truth on the inside , perhaps the world would crumble into something better.
Yes , a new world is indeed possible.

Do not let money and the outside world determine your soul !
Life is meant to be enjoyed and to learn , all in the expression of love. :)

And remember , do what you love and your like minded people will follow.
I’ve been saying this for over 10 years now so pay attention. :) 

Ok , now onto business with creative talented artists who are totally struggling with their career.
Cartoonists , puppeteers , performers , musicians , anyone with creative talent ?
Do you feel like you just can’t make it in the entertainment industry ?
Or maybe you actually did work in the Hollywood Entertainment Industry
, and you used to be very popular but now you just can’t get a break .
The unions , the agents , the managers can’t seem to find you any gig / job
that isn’t CRAP ! And as depressing as it sounds ,
you are actually making more money at Comic Con / Comic Conventions / Pop Culture Conventions —— And there’s times that you just don’t right ?
You meet your fans face to face , they say nice things , BUT THEY DON’T BUY A DAMN THING !
Maybe a few actually do , and then sell it on eBay because just like you , they too need money to live on.

Let me tell you about my position as an artist . If people notice that I’m underground and obscure , that means I have no interest in the mainstream hollywood entertainment industry right ? It’s more then that . My work got rejected from Comedy Central , [ adult swim ] , Mondo Media and even Troma Entertainment has absolutely no interest in what I have to do.
And if you take a look at my following as I write this post. And you compare it to the well known ones. And how about trolls being the only ones to comment , to say anything about my work , and giving thumbs down , what does this say ?

Erica Crooks and Erica Crooks art totally SUCKS and is not any good at all ?
Far from it. lol

Fame can come and go or not come at all !

If you want to get noticed on social media or anything , you’d either use one or all the above or some of “ Business tactics “ .
Like and Subscribe , you know what I’m talking about. That patronizing , demeaning , dumb down crap !

Does that mean those who DO NOT subscribe or like mean that your stuff SUCKS ?
Far from it. lol
Do you seriously need to be right there with the very person sweeting , biting your finger nails , and nervously shaking with anxiety regarding what people think ?
Of course not.


If you check out personality type science , you can very well see that there’s no difference between who’s famous and who isn’t.

Let me tell you something about popularity , it’s the same with fame.
In my childhood there was shows that were popular and those that weren’t in my time.
I tend to love stuff that I can relate to that not everyone cares for.

And what ? Just because your Lesbian does that mean you need to be a fan of Ellen ? Of Orange is The New Black ?
I much prefer Rachel Maddow and Lori Petty ( She’s Tank Girl and also on Orange is The New Black ) .

So what about the stuff I like ? The stuff I was influenced by ?
Why do they get more views then I do ?

Well I ain’t going to pout and have a toddler tantrum . And I’m not going to say that what I do isn’t very good.

If those same artists were to work without much of a budget like they did before they had much of a budget and if they were to start all over again but using social media ,
they’d be exactly where I am.

People would sacrifice tons of their hard earned money for their views , using
keywords , SEO , hashtags , Google Adsense , Facebook and YouTube advertising and all that junk.

I had a panel at Rhode Island Comic Con in 2015 called
“ Bringing Back The Good Stuff “
( I have a blog video that talks about the results of the very Rhode Island Comic Con ( 2015 ) panel on

And the point of the panel was that artists that are inspired by their pop culture favorites can
totally do that more than ever thanks to affordable technology.

Sure it’s not the millions that the mainstream Hollywood Entertainment Industry uses 
but we are becoming that much closer in terms of competing with them.

But here’s the truth and realization that I’m coming to.

And this is the very reason why I never seem to shut up talking about the importance of 5D Earth , MBTI Myers Briggs Personality Type Science and a Libertarian Socialist Anarchist Free Society .

Your fans are kind of like meeting friends , they connect with what you got to say
because you share the same interests.

If those famous accomplished artists weren’t so busy trying to make a living ,
perhaps they either like to do the same with you or perhaps exit the entertainment arts all together just to get away from it all because they might feel that it took their whole entire life away.

Let me raise a question.
If capitalism was gone , if we didn’t need to work to meet our human needs if it’s earning money doing what what we love doing or not.

If we had absolute freedom to do what we only loved to do ,
what would we do ?

And as for audience building ,
what if you could reach to ALL people that shares the same interests of you and what you do ,
AND …. 
It isn’t in the millions.
Maybe it’s only a few.

Tell me , what matters best to you ?

Reaching out to your like minded people ?

Or looking for love outside of your own self ?

I’m for my like minded people and love doing what I love doing.

How about you ?

Just throw away the labels of hobby and making what you love doing seem so small.

It’s time to question the world around us.

A New World and Better Life is Possible !

_ Erica

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Erica Crooks Retrospective #2 ( February 11th 2017 ) : 2 Hours of Adult ...

Erica Crooks Retrospective #2 ( February 11th 2017 ) : 2 Hours of Adult Puppetry and Rude Animation

Erica Crooks

Indie Filmmaker and Trans woman lesbian

Dark Comedy / Parodies / Satire / Slapstick

Praising nonconformity and mocking serious people since 1999 and 2006

10 years and continuing

Trump’s Worst Nightmare

2 Hours of Adult Puppetry and Rude Animation

For more hilarious puppet and cartoon animation parodies , Dark Comedy humor , satires and funny stupid videos for adults

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Spiritual Philosophy of Comedy Puppetry and Comedy Animation by Erica Crooks

Spiritual Philosophy of Comedy Puppetry and Comedy Animation
Erica Crooks

Puppetry and Animation is the very subject of this blog post , how I got into it , what I find so special about it and finally how to get out of it ( just kidding on the last part lol :P ) .
But relating , perhaps the very comedy and art teaches us not to take things in life so seriously.
I like to consider what I do to be a form of comic relief .
There’s a quote that I find is very inspiring to what I do .
“ Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. “
Well that explains me being Heyoka : Sacred Clown empath and a satirist.
I grew up around television and film puppetry and animation
and it attracted me into the art form and creativity of perhaps 
mirroring life in a weird funny way and at the same time influencing life as well.
I say that ok maybe in our Earth life there isn’t a walking , talking , breathing Bugs Bunny 
however you can still indicate his personality type and apply those
personality type sciences locating people of that similar sense of humor and comedic energetic personality traits.
I see fiction like most won’t . People shrug it off as not real and just for fun entertainment.
To me , I feel there’s a strong connection to the human soul , perhaps the world of imagination and fiction , there’s a realm out there.
Maybe the artists and fans are the channeler as the art is the mirror.
When I perform a puppet character or voice and animate a cartoon character ,
it’s acting. In that very moment , I am that character. I need to think and navigate what the character sees. And since I’m a satirist , I would throw myself mentally into the mental world
of the character’s psychological problems and highlight their flaws ( aka satire / heyoka : The Sacred Clown empath ) and not only present it in a way where it entertains those who were disturbed by such jerks in their life , but also pulling out the very unconscious fear of the character and showing it to their face through some form of vice irony.
Comedy can do this in many ways which we can laugh at ourselves 
and maybe even see the innocent of the most cruel and evil behaving people in the world.
And it’s tricky because not everyone is going to think that way.
But if you laugh at something , there’s some sort of connection to a certain set of ideas.
I would say I’m a lot more careful about how I write funny comedy and such but never losing my sense of creative freedom. And to me that’s the other fun thing about puppetry and animation. You have these symbols , these caricatures of human life on Earth ,
then again you can do surreal things to bring out the human spirit and perhaps the animal spirit and the happy go lucky unconditional loving spirit of life and afterlife and prelife itself.
A celebration of the spirit.
And I feel the inner child / child at heart does a great job at that.
Just like a child sticking their tongue out at authority , this very reverence for the irreverent
to me brings out the spirit of not allowing fear to control us.
Laughing at the face of evil , of fear , of negativity by mocking the ignorance and stupidity it truly is to live life in fear and hate is truly I strongly feel the deep down meaning of what I do with my art.
 I grew up in the 1990s which I feel was the last time any sort of animation and puppet comedy was seen in the mainstream and on the internet , it’s mix nuts.
However the internet is a great place for artists to do their thing outside the Hollywood / Capitalist system.
And hopefully someday in a Free Society Anarchist / 5D Earth ,
we won’t need to worry about the struggles and sacrifices of money and business.
I say let’s help build the new world in the shell of the old.
_ Erica

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Monday, September 10, 2018



Just because your not attracted , doesn’t give you the right to misgender people.

Just because someone is different from you does not make them EVIL or inferior to you !

In my mind , I’m imagining the big picture of the opening scenes of Mike Judge’s great satire movie “ Idiocracy “ , how the greatest ideas of humankind are never achieved because of people’s stupidity. I say it’s also due to authoritative upbringing and respect for hierarchical power.

There’s people out there who just want to keep things simple and they don’t want to learn anything new because they think everything they have learned , they learned from their friends , family , school , church ( some do / some don’t ) , government , hierarchical power itself.

I don’t know if the indifferent additude towards others is culture that’s taught.
School and everyone teaches this model is a man and this model is a woman ,
here are the norms , and here’s how we’re going to justify all this ,
and anything different is not normal. Because there is more of us and less of them ,
therefore we are superior.

Ok , they may not use those exact words , but it’s basically the same thing.

For example if someone states that girl who claims to be an early 20s girl is really in fact a man in his mid 50s . 
What are you trying to say ? That trans woman is not a real woman ?
That is why I featured the vision of the opening of the movie idiocracy , a symbolism of the world trapped in the old.

But if Rik Mayall’s show Bottom and even Porn websites have proved , yes there are cisgender heterosexual men who are attracted to trans women.
But I’m not talking about a sexual fetish. There’s cisgender heterosexual men who find trans woman attractive.
And it’s not just cisgender heterosexuals.
My Twin Flame is a butch stud masculine lesbian and she loves me.
I know for a fact that there’s someone out there for everyone.

There’s trans men who are in beautifully romantic relationships regardless if these trans men are with women ( straight ) or gay ( with another man ).

Cisgender , transgender , non-binary ,
Why is it so freakin’ heard for you to keep an open mind ?
Are you SCARED or something ?

Trans woman must be the ultimate fear of cisgender men ( who are not attracted to Trans Woman ) just as much as cisgender Gay men are.
Because of the idea that someone is going to do something sexual to you without your consent ? 
If that’s true for you , where did you exactly learn that garbage from ?

Why is there separation between LGBTQ+ and cisgender heterosexuals ?

We are all the same.

This is one of the many reasons why I’m an anarchist , I am so sick and tired of this stupidity and ignorance . 
And people use right wing excuses such as “ Political Correctness “ maybe because they don’t want to take a good look in the mirror.

If you are prejudice to someone with an unfunny joke , which you should have thought twice about not only saying it but even questioning why in the hell does your psyche find it funny in the first place. 
Are you just going to be sarcastic thinking the person that you discriminated against is a butthurt crybaby ?
Maybe it’s time you put yourself into the shoes of others.

Just because your a cisgender heterosexual man ( not all of course ) , Mr. Macho alpha male superior , you think no one can make fun of you ?
It’s not about being heterophobic , is your content of character.
Because not all men are like you.
As a trans woman myself , NO , I am not one of you. Which is the very reason why I know I am not one of you.

I don’t care what position these people are in . Even if they are Jim Henson Muppet Fans.
Don’t you know that there’s LGBTQ+ Jim Henson Muppet fans and puppeteers out there ?
Yes even Transgender Jim Henson Muppet Fans and puppeteers.
So far , I only know myself.

There’s right wing patriotic nationalists who are also BORN Trans and LGBTQ+ people
so too bad about your fruity little club of political stupidity.

Just because you don’t see us every single day , doesn’t give you the right to misgender.
Perhaps you do see us transpeople and we are looking so good baby , you wouldn’t know. GOOD !

What the hell is in the mind of transphobes ? SEX ?
Man , dude , your sex life and romantic life must truly suck.
I bet you want those porno fantasies don’t cha ? Don’t cha !
You need something to num your psychological pain , remember that time when mommy and daddy didn’t love you ?
I’m not trying to troll you , I’m drilling past your skull into your mind and TELLING YOU !

What does John Lennon say about Karma ?
Listen to “ Instant Karma ! “ 
That’s my point !

Your scared. Transphobes are freakin’ scared.
Perhaps we all are to a degree. 
People just want to be happy.
People just want to be left alone.

It’s not the fault of minorities , not the fault of leftists ,
If you want a better life…. Support the 3 !

MBTI - Know yourself and others around you. People are not all like you ! Not everything
thinks your “ SHE’S REALLY A MAN TRANSPHOBIA “ jokes are funny !

New Age / New Thought / Law of Attraction - Yeah your life sucks !
You just went through a messy divorce , your going to alcoholics anonymous meetings ,
everyone hates you. Get yourself together because your attracting your sucky life.
Do something about it. Not outer action , inner action. And maybe you won’t be such a sex obsessed homophobe / transphobic !

Anarchism - Know your prejudices were taught and not your own opinions. Your
probably the very sad person who doesn’t know who you are , how to obtain Happiness , Health , Wealth , and Prosperity , and your looking for evil so YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE HURT AGAIN ! 
Real the Anarchist FAQ - know the true enemy is hierarchy .

Times have changed , they just NEED to change.
Enough of the shock that your girlfriend has a penis .
Don’t you know that most trans people are open about it ? Maybe not , but I sure am .
I want to spread the word. It’s time for a social revolution of peace and the end of hate and fear and hierarchy !

So what if the woman has a dick and the man has a vagina ! 
There’s people who find that sexy , and there’s some that don’t.
Maybe you , that’s fine.
No one is shoving anything don’t someone’s throat.

But I’m going to warn you.
If you know racial slurs are not nice , don’t call a trans woman a man and don’t call a trans man a woman ! alright ?

Want me to put a dress on you sir and feminize your face ?
Because you know that your a man and that does not feel comfortable to you.

That’s like if you were going to kiss me on the lips.
I’m not attracted to men.

Again put yourself into other people’s shoes. 
Sadly not all people are going learn what’s right from wrong ( thanks to hierarchy ) ,
It’s like my grandfather calling certain race of people slurs ,
perhaps these old men who are transphobes are going to talk just like they are.

But some day , your going to encounter angry people who are going to call you ignorant and stupid for being transphobic. 
Just like you do about any middle eastern person a terrorist and everything else.

What are you going to do ? Stay at home ? 
And be a prejudice prick on the internet ?
Loser !

In conclusion ,
Transphobes I just don’t get . Maybe they are not evil people , just very closed minded.
And those who only see from their five senses , only knowledge is what is given to them by authority figures since childhood , this can’t teach an old dog new tricks / fight of the fittest mindset , just fearing life , being all closed minded and stuff …
These people are going to have the most MISERABLE , SAD lives of all.

They are attracting it.

A happy soul wants to enjoy their life and learn .

Not happy people don’t want to be bothered. If they say something discriminating and someone points that out , they fear their freedom being taken away from them.

Childhood wound indeed.

This world is only going to change if people cooperate. 
And when everyone’s minds are at peace ,
Hierarchy goes buy-buy.
And those who are stuck in negativity , will not see the light of day of a light happy soul-filled life existence.

Erica Crooks
( Transwoman lesbian , puppeteer, cartoonist , satirist, independent filmmaker , multi-talented artist , empath light-worker , anarchist ,  truth seeker and educator , etc )

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

A Crappy Scientific Experience - Funny Cartoon Animation by Erica Crooks

And for more hilarious puppets and cartoon animation parodies, Dark Comedy humor , satires and funny stupid videos for adults ( even comics and other cool stuff )
visit The Official Erica Crooks Websites : 
 today !

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Friday, September 7, 2018


Fellow INFPs , this video is for you . I cover things from my experience , things I’ve heard about regarding INFPs on the internet and perhaps even stereotypes of INFPs I bust . Remember , your not alone . And life can be wonderful if you allow it to be. Your all beautiful just the way you are. :)

INFP : Wrong Planet ? Is INFP the most misunderstood personality type of Myers Briggs Personality Types ?
Is INFP the most loneliest type not so much so a social life but perhaps being the #1 type who can care about humanity .
Is INFP the most socially awkward unless interests are mentioned ? Is there a connection between INFP and Asperger’s Syndrome and other diagnoses from DSM Numerology ? Are INFP or some in fact light workers ? ( Which I’ve mentioned a bit in my video asking the question if INFP is considered to be the stereotype in the eyes of the public as a social justice warrior / special snowflake / butthurt crybaby ? )
Would INFPs rather live in the world of fantasy and just HATE Earth life so much ? Are there political / spiritual / philosophies that not only make the world a better place but finally a utopia idea for INFPs and intuitives alike . INFPs , Intuitives and the MBTI Message Forum Online Community , how they are perceived . Mentioning a couple of famous successful people with the INFP Myers Briggs / MBTI personality type and more .

Presented by INFP Trans woman blogger “ Erica Crooks “

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Going Within ( New Age / New Thought Spirituality and World Peace )

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With all the craziness that happens in the world , we should never lose our wisdom of who we are.
Likewise , we should never let another person to tell us who they think we are because we know ourselves more than anyone else.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Achieving a Peaceful and Spiritual Revolution

Inner Peace manifests into World Peace

Something came to my attention recently. Which was the New Thought / New Age perspective of how a social revolution is indeed a spiritual revolution.
One of things that has puzzled me for 2 years in a row pretty much is just how can this brilliant information for world peace influence all the people in the world using internet technology in a way that such a so called ideal utopia can be achieved.
Just saying “no it can’t be done” will only make me question further.

Let me just say that I absolutely love the idea of Libertarian Socialist Anarchism and I still support it. But I do not think that atheism is the right way to go. New Age / New Thought Spirituality is not hierarchy in my opinion but absolute paranormal science ! When I meet my Twin Flame around 2016 , I knew all this stuff was real because the situation was so in my face.
Never before have I seen myself mirrored in someone else just as closely. 
Sure there’s the INFP personality type and artists that I admire I can relate to on many levels , but a Twin Flame is literally YOUR ENERGY being mirrored back to you in another person.
In other words , you can be thinking about something and feeling something , but if you think your “ save inside your mind … THINK AGAIN ! Because if you have a Twin Flame , they WILL react and respond to your thoughts and feelings alone just as if it was broadcasted on a live stream video and audio.

I do believe that this paranormal energy totally exists and perhaps the hierarchy of The New World Order explains a lot. I think both The New World Order conspiracy theory as well as the Anarchist FAQ explain EXACTLY what’s happening in the world. Even things John Lennon mentioned all the time in interviews and such.

And if we get right to the core of it all , we all maybe different but at the same time we are all the same. That is what “ We are all one “ is. We know what happy means , we all know what angry feels like. But perhaps according to our 16 personality types ( Myers Briggs / MBTI ) , zodiac , numerology , astrology , enneagram , etc - it all comes down to prospectives of what we perceive to be good or evil .

I like to think of the duality of Good vs Evil on a more Universally / humanitarian moral point of view. If no one is getting hurt , it’s fine. Hierarchy hurts and even kills so therefore , evil !

Anarchists , Socialists , left wing Communists , they all protest either peacefully and nonviolently or not either to display their frustrations or perhaps in deviance against Government imperialism used against the good intentioned. My heart still goes to these people because I can relate and understand what they are REALLY and TRULY trying to do.

But as I just mentioned , true spirituality I don’t feel is hierarchical.

Law of Attraction , New Age / New Thought Spirituality says that like attracts like . 

On a cultural anarchist level , it’s good to help bring awareness about what’s really going on . Same goes with New Age left wing Conspiracists ! Again my heart goes out to them.

But here’s some food for thought . How much time is spent thinking of such an ideal utopia of Heaven on Earth ? Less than you would spend on fighting against the enemy ?

In other words , if you really want to take out the enemy , you must go in psychologically and know what makes them tick. 

If dark traid , sociopaths , psychopaths and anti social narcissists alike can do this when the manipulate and hurt innocent people , we can do the same but instead of hurting them , send out spiritual forgiveness and unconditional love.

Which brings up a very important point !

 Is evil just negative energy for the sake of it ? 

I say that it’s the unconscious fighting against the world aka negativity aka low vibration aka Ego.

 But if we know that we have the power to our own mind body and soul by going within and finding inner peace , that’s going to be on a high vibration ( that’s why it’s called NEW THOUGHT ) and tap into the SOUL knowing that NO ONE TRULY HAS POWER OVER YOUR MIND !

What hierarchy truly is , is people trying to control others so they feel better about themselves and the world around.

The leftists I strongly feel only want peace . But then again , perhaps that’s on Everyone’s mind.

So , if you want to get rid of evil and hierarchy forever , each individual needs to find inner wholeness ! 

That’s going to create a spiritual chain reaction in terms of energy. 

In the form of an energetic collective.

So above , so below . Like attracts like .

Just as Anarchists say that if we all unite , Just as New Age conspiracies and Peace Protesters and Antifascists say that if we all unite , I say let’s all Unite within individually - and the energy itself is going to affect everyone on the planet from the creatures in the wild and sea to even your enemies .

They may not know what’s going on ,

But it’s all about “ SPIRITUAL AWAKENING OF TRUTH ! “

We all want to be happy and feel good. So if we all take control of ourselves by going within , that’ll create peace in the world.

Then hierarchy WILL collapse on it’s own ! Law and Order will collapse on it’s own.

And therefore an automatic libertarian socialist anarchist society , free society , Heaven on Earth , 5D Earth ! 

_ Erica

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