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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Funniest Puppet Shows on TV & Film

Funniest Puppet Shows in Television and Film

Funniest Puppet Shows on Television and Film Comedy

Today I’m going to be talking about in my opinion the best and funniest puppet shows in television and film , mostly referring to adult puppetry. 

And for the most part I’m referring to the “ Television / Film standard “ puppetry which most are already familiar with regarding The Muppets.

And since I’m on the subject , I might as well shamelessly plug in my 20 year old adult puppet satirical comedy sketch show “ The Erica Crooks Show “

In no order , here I go.

( 1. The Muppet Show / Sesame Street / Fraggle Rock / Jim Henson’s Muppets

Might as well start off with the ones who started it all. :) Even though Bennie and Cecil were technically the first ones to develop hand puppet development specifically for television , Jim Henson developed it to where his puppets didn’t look like toys but more like 3rd demential cartoon characters many decades before the cartoon animation standard of CGI animation took over cinematic cartoon animation.

For me , there’s so much to like about The Muppets. Some find similarities to Jim Henson’s Muppets with the animated cartoon character creations of Walt Disney and his team with a sense of irreverent humor and silliness that are close to Walt Kelly’s Pogo. And of course those are accurate , but I also do find similarities between a puppet version of Looney Tunes meets The Gong Show in a vaudeville theater setting referring to The Muppet Show.;

The Muppet Show has not reran on television for years. I grew up with Muppet Show reruns when it was on Nickelodeon in the early mid 1990s . Still there’s younger generations discovering the show and of course there’s fans who would upload everything since Disney is too lazy to release any of the original Jim Henson’s Muppets commercially just like Network DVD with Spitting Image but unlike Disney , they are just extremely slow to not releasing the rest of the Spitting Image series at all. 

People get the wrong idea of Jim Henson’s Muppets so easily and just think that they are Sesame Street , like all the characters are like Elmo and the current newish cute characters on Sesame Street Post-Jim Henson era. People think puppets are for kids. People used to think the same with cartoons and cartoon animation years ago. Though it seems like Adult Puppetry no matter how hard they try or how desperate , they can never get a break.

I think people don’t realize that The Muppets used to be extremely funny and were really considered a Comedy group just like classic Looney Tunes cartoons , Three Stooges shorts , Classic Simpsons , etc.

The whole idea of The Muppets is when you actually sit down and WATCH the Jim Henson era Muppets ( perhaps a little bit of the 1990s Brain Henson era ) , you totally forget your watching a puppet show because THEY ACT SO HUMAN ! And at the same time , very cartoonish , kind of like the examples that I just gave above. Sometimes you might see a person in your personal life that remind you of a Muppet. Perhaps you got your heart taken advantage of by a narcissistic bitch like Miss Piggy or perhaps you acted like Animal in your high school or college years or knew of someone who was just as impulsive . Perhaps you know someone in authority that acts just like Oscar the Grouch , Boober Fraggle , Bert or even Sam the Eagle.
And yes , Sesame Street did satirize Donald Trump in more than one occasion. 3 from what I can recall off the top of my head.

While most can relate to the actual characters , why I love The Muppets is the energy within the intuitive creative humor with a spice of irreverence. Sometimes they can even shock you a little bit.

“ Well if you don’t go ( along with Kermit’s invitation to visit his birthplace aka The Swamp ) , I’ll put you all in the hospital. “ _ Miss Piggy ( John Denver episode of The Muppet Show )

“ Their job is to be rebellious , their job is to say ” screw Disney ! “ _ Frank Oz

“ A puppet can say something a real life performer won’t touch with a stick. “ _ Jim Henson

And of course since I mentioned Looney Tunes , like Tom & Jerry , The Muppets as a whole reflected a nostalgia from comic strip pun type humor like Walt Kelly’s Pogo to the explosive Golden Age of Animation , almost like if Tex Avery was limited as a puppet show …. Almost !

Even Classic Sesame Street mostly seen in the 1970s more than in the 1980s , had the same sort of irreverence. Even though the 50 year old educational show for kids can do it’s job , The Muppets barely toned down their irreverence. If it’s Don Music slamming his piano in deep depression as a struggling songwriter , if Little Chrissy had his band members and his whole entire audience abandoning him during is live performance of the song “ Exit “ , If it’s Ernie and his devil-may-care prankster charm teasing the life out of boring ol buddy Bert until he goes off into the kitchen and smashes dishes or enjoys the game Ernie suggested just to result to Ernie abandoning the whole dang thing all together making Bert the fool yet again , if it’s Harry Monster taking cars with Anything Muppets driving them off the roads and throwing them into the recording studio of Guy Smiley to even Harvey Kneeslapper ( enough said ) , let me just say that I’m hitting on 31 now and these clips crack me up when I see them on youtube . I grew up with 1980s and early 1990s Sesame Street. And for many many many years , I thought the 1970s and 1980s episodes were basically the same and all well and good. Until I started seeing a pattern and strong difference between the 1970s Sesame Street vs the 1980s Sesame Street.

Both The Muppet Show and Classic Sesame Street 1970s shared the Muppets’ sense of wild zany humor as well as collaboration of Rock Music.
Fraggle Rock was a totally different show but still credited as “ Fraggle Rock : with Jim Henson’s Muppets “ . Like Dark Crystal and Labyrinth , the 1980s was a time where Jim Henson was becoming more and more interested in his idealistic vision ( yes Jim Henson was an INFP , The Idealist , Jim took the Myers Briggs Personality Test , it says it in Brian Jay Jones’ Jim Henson : The Biography “ .
Fraggle Rock was meant to be a show symbolizing bringing peace to the world.
If there’s one thing however that relates to The Muppet sense of humor , that would be head writer Jerry Juhl . And many of the episodes written by Jerry Juhl , the humor does show within the characters , especially Boober.

The Muppets in the 1980s still had it’s slapstick sense of humor but perhaps not as irreverent and edgy as it was back in the 1970s , but very close , in fact it does show up just as good time and time again.

Especially if it’s just Jim Henson and Frank Oz performing their classic characters again.

As for Disney , you won’t see the original magic like this again.

So really The Muppets were at their best from the very beginning “ Ever seen the dark comedy Wilkins Coffee Commercials ? Those are some of my all time favorites personally :) lol” and until the last episode of Muppets Tonight. Yes there were some pumps in the road like Muppet Babies , Little Muppet Monsters , Jim Henson’s Play-a-Long Video , but keep in mind when Muppets Take Manhattan wasn’t a box office hit , it was sort of the slow beginning of the end. 
Or perhaps it was the cancelation of The Muppet Show after 5 Seasons when the show was at it’s best. Jim Henson passed away at 53 due to the anxiety and stress of the Disney business deal.

And let current Sesame Street , Disney’s Muppets and The Happytime Murders make you turn to the Classic Jim Henson’s Muppets and make you nostalgic that must faster.

( 2. Dinosaurs
Jim Henson had the idea for a satirical sitcom where Dinosaurs symbolized the stupidity of humanity which lead to their slow extinction around 1990 . The show was one of the few ideas of Jim Henson that was made after his death. 
Dinosaurs was absolutely perfect for the left leaning 1990s , and if Fraggle Rock was about Peace and Understanding those that differ from us , Dinosaurs was political satire.

Like The Muppets , people thought Dinosaurs was just a cute show that most people forgot except the Elmo voiced Baby Sinclair “ I’m The Baby , Gotta Love Me “ ( Also performed by Kevin Clash ) . But in many ways , Dinosaurs was like the 1990s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meets Jurassic Park meets The Simpsons. And of course when The Simpsons were hip , you had shows like The Critic , Mission Hill , and Family Guy ( Sorry folks , I just can’t get into that show , even if I force myself. I rather watch Robot Chicken personally . )
But personally I thought the show went beyond shows like Classic Simpsons and even Beavis & Butt-head.

“ We had a lot of leftie writers. “ _ Brian Henson ( On The Dinosaurs documentary on the DVD box set )

In a previous blog article , I was talking about how ridged American Left Wing Politics are and examples of satirical comedy shows in America that were left leaning unlike Britain and France which could get further left than American Television could get away with.

The one thing about the show that I focused on was the show within the show. That’s like watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus and you keep fast forwarding until you find Terry Gilliam’s Cut Out Animations , same with me when it comes to watching Harley Quinn in Batman The Animated Series , SanDeE* in LA Story , or Susan Watts in Some Kind of Wonderful , or any movie Lori Petty happens to be in.
Perhaps I feel the same way when it comes to Dinosaur TV .

This was mind-blowing because to me this was the first time I ever seen a television show satirize television in such a way where it almost screams out “ Anti-capitalism “ politically , and perhaps in ways it did.

I always thought how cool would it be to see a fan edit , or perhaps THAT was a show itself.

That inspired the format of the filmed version of my satirical puppet show , The Erica Crooks Show in the matter to lampoon Television !

And what I found out in 2017 when I became an Anarchist , lefties such as Anarchism , socialism , etc feel the same way about the media. It’s not about “ Liberal Media / Fake News “ , it’s more on the lines of “STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS ! “

There’s even an episode of Dinosaurs that was dedicated to satirizing television which of course next to the Potatoism episode is one of my all time favorites.

Unfortunately it looks like Disney wants people to spend money watching the episodes because anyone who uploaded episodes like the one I’m referring too “ Network Genius “ is going to be speeded up , reversed or slowed down to beat so called copyright infringement just like episodes of Doug. 

It just makes me want an Anarchist Society MORE so .  

( 3. Spitting Image / Les Guignols De L’info

I seen Contra Informacao ( Puppets by Pablo Bach of Spitting Image fame ) and Les Guignols De L’info ( The Osama Bin Laden Budweiser Commercial via internet . ) before I seen Spitting Image.

A puppeteer friend of mine who worked on Spitting Image told me about it and I don’t know how many times I thanked him for getting me into the show and how many questions I had for him relating to his work on the show. 

This was probably between 2002 - 2005 , definitely the early 2000s . YouTube was barely popular at the time and all the videos were pixelated so if you wanted to watch videos on the internet without having a hard time with Google Search unlike today , You’d use a Peer-To-Peer Torrent Downloading Application . That’s how I seen my first episodes of Spitting Image which happened to be the very first episode and an episode from Season 2 about the RS232 Interface Lead . I ended up showing it showing it off at High School and only I found it funny.
I also showed Blackface and WWII cartoons from The Golden Age of Animation in my Anti-Racial High School class. I even made this introduction using Invader Zim music and this Flash Animated cinema opening with a file cabinet like the opening of some documentaries show , sort of similar to film presentations I did at my local public library side from the adult puppet shows. Perhaps the first video clip I seen on the internet was a pixelated copy of The Who “ My Generation “ parody from 1986.
And I watched this combination of the first 3 seasons of Spitting Image at The Museum of Television and Radio on my Trip to New York City which was around the time I got a chance to see Avenue Q ( The original cast ) and “ The Producers “ ( which I much prefer the 1968 Mel Brooks classic ) . I was mindblown , I needed to see MORE ! And that’s the thing about me , it’s like an addict , when I get hooked onto something good , I NEED MORE ! Don’t worry folks , I’m only an addict for pop culture and knowledge , as far as I know. lol

First off you can deny how awesome the puppets are. It’s like how Jim Henson improved the puppet for not only television but also film ( The Dark Crystal , Labyrinth , The Storyteller ) , Spitting Image looks like Mad Magazine meets The Muppets. There’s also a story that floats around that Jim Henson was asked to join but wasn’t interested. 

Kind of like the satire of Dinosaurs but beyond PG , going towards a balance between PG-13 and R where Les Guignols De L’info took on the hard R and many times more hardcore than Spitting Image ever was.

The writing was brilliant ! It was like the kind of show that I wanted to see with Dinosaurs’ show within a show “ Dinosaur TV “ but with caricatured people.

Most fans will agree the 1980s episodes are the absolute best. 

My favorites are usually 1985 - 1991 ( Series 2 - Series 10 ) . However I do like watching the 1990s episodes for some of the musical and pop culture parodies.

And guess what folks ? Someone was nice enough to upload almost EVERY SINGLE EPISODE which Network DVD never took down , ENJOY !

I would consider Spitting Image to be perhaps my 3rd favorite television show of all time , or 4th , I’m not sure where Dinosaurs would go. :) It’s pretty close , though I think Spitting Image gave me that fill I needed.

Plus something about British Comedy , perhaps they are more for iNtuitive personality types where in America it seems like humor is targeted toward either the ESFP or ESTP .

Spitting Image was made by left leaning satirists definitely.

Les Guignols De L’info wasn’t as cartoony and silly as Spitting Image could get. Les Guignols De L’info was a lot more Darker .
And even though I’m born in the country of America and know barely any language outside English , I can get what’s happening for the most part by the body language of the puppet.

Also I have a French translator on my iPod touch and I tested it and it works.

Despite all of this , I’m a huge fan of the show.

I own all the DVDs which I got off of ! 

They stopped making DVDs after 2015 , and 2015 was a big year for the show because Vincent Bollore bought Canal+ , sacked the original writers and later the producer of the show ,
And the show changed format no longer having PPD as the host. Kind of an unnecessary change but from what I’ve noticed in the English dubs , it was quite exciting just to get THAT !

Before , I remember reading that Les Guignols were going to be featured in a PBS documentary and I WAS SO STOKED ! ( Go To 7:00 on the timeline )

So when sketches were being dubbed in English , That’s was a very exiting time as an English speaking Guignols fan .

Sadly the show came to an end this year after 30 years .

Like Spitting Image’s ending reminding viewers “ Don’t Forget To Spit “ [ perhaps referring to direct action / Bob Crow’s quote “ Spit on your own and you can’t do a thing , but if we all Spit together , we’ll drown the bastards. “

The ending to Guignols had several .

There was their goodbye song ( kind of similar to the Spitting Image ending but sad ) 

There was also another one which I’m struggling to find the link to because Canal+ looks like they are ripping it off from who ever uploaded it. I’m sure it’s online somewhere .

The one where PDD is hosting Les Guignols as usual , goes around to the party in the Canal+ studios where the production crew are partying to Daft Punk’s “ Get Lucky “ while the DJ ( I’m not sure who that is ) snorts cocaine with a rolled dollar . It cuts to a shot where it looks like the Canal+ executives or censors had just about enough of the antics and shenanigans of Les Guignols . Cuts back to the party where a blood shot eyed puppet smokes a join and falls to the floor and Mr Stallone of the World Company asks what is going on and all the lights go off. PPD Gets the news that Vincent Bollore is shutting down the show. PPD is desperate to get revenge and even asking Jacques Chirac who strangely enough took the place of PPD as host in the last season / series for no reason. PPD packs up his desk from a hair piece to the famous early Les Guignols Egg Coco clock given to him by the obsessed “Co-Co “ Johnny Hallyday , and yes that was the show’s first big hit GAG ! He was one of the first puppets on there too. So the sketch ends with Jacques I think telling PPD to hang on to the satirical memories of the show. Nicolas Sarkozy ( in which the big true conspiracy of the ending of Les Guignols was because Nicolas Sarkozy hated his puppet and wanted Vincent Bollore to cancel the show or at least get his puppet off the show because they are such rich capitalist friends. ) butts in and him and Jacques are backing up to either a vacation or “ Hollywood “ ? Was this an indication of the Fox deal for an American Guignols as NBC wanted an American Spitting Image ? ( * Update * Roger Law donated the rest of what he has of Spitting Image to Oxford University but still interested in pitching Spitting Image to Netflix to any American mainstream network who wants it. I also heard HBO rumors a few years back. )

The final sketh shows Jacques Chirac getting sacked revealing that Canal+ is in fact owned by none other but THE AMERICANS ! BOM BUM BAW ! ( Dramatic music cliche ) aka THE WORLD COMPANY ! 
The final piece shows a Sad PPD looking back at the very establishment that him and his fellow puppets were rebelling against political only to walk out in failure and depressing disappointment. It does bring a tear to the eye , very similar to the first episode where they responded to the shootings that happened at Charlie Hebdo. I think who worked people on Guignols knew the satirists who were killed closely , so it was a personal loss to them , so of course they amped the satire against the religious terrorists even more !

I was watching those episodes closely not only entertained but fearing that these courageous satirists might get attacked next.

This was right before the 2015 change over.

One sketch I remember gasping in entertainment was this one.


The satirical sketch I think was made a year prior , but still .

That was the thing about the show , Les Guignols responded to September 11th the very next day with a George W Bush puppet hiding behind the news desk with a very pissed off Stallone ( Ugly American stereotype , GENUIS caricatures on the American ruling class ! ) threatening the religious terrorists on air.

So regarding the legacy of the show , it went beyond Spitting Image as a political satire , it lasted longer than Spitting Image , and their budget was beyond Spitting Image.

When Guignols was getting good by the 1990s , Spitting Image was losing it’s touch until it’s cancelation in 1996.

And the other thing about Les Guignols De L’info was they can make most Americans GASP ! 
Never before has a television show or perhaps sense were able to knock the piss out of religious terrorists in the way Guignols has. In fact , I think that was partly why they were given the threat of cancelation in 2015.

There was a terrorist attack in France when Guignols was off the air and Vincent Bollore sacked the writers …. But they still had the producer who later got sacked. I think it was said that once they got him off the backs of those who worked on Guignols , it’s back to business as usual.

Ever seen their Jackass parody ? lol Saturday Night Live wouldn’t touch this with a thousand mile long poll.

LES SUIS GUIGNOLS ! ( 1988 - 2015 / 2015 - 2018 )

Les Guignols De’ Info wasn’t just one out of many Spitting Image inspired shows , they were THE BEST ONE out of all of them. Contra being the next one mainly because it was Pablo Bach’s puppets and actual puppets from Spitting Image appeared on the show.

2DTV was Spitting Image animated which was an inspiration to me as well.

Newzoids was so much better than Headaches. And Dead Ringers as well as Have I Got News For You is as close to BRAND NEW Spitting Image as your ever going to get.

Personally I don’t know why 2DTV can’t be revived. That was the best alternative for a comeback in my opinion , even more than Newzoids.

And like Spitting Image’s Music video with Genesis Land of Confusion

There was one with 2DTV with George Michael

And even the American show inspired by 2DTV called SuperNews! Has a music video with Weird Al , Which I watched online on Current TV’s website by the time of it’s cancelation.

OK , now I’m talking about animation. But let me just say that the show itself , the writing could have been better in my opinion.

But what was funny about them was they were some of the first one’s to knock the piss out of social media.


Google Toilet

One of the BEST theme song openings I have ever seen and heard in my opinion.

Like Apollo’s Pad , another great funny show that had such little attention and remembrance and should be remembered more in my opinion.
Even though Apollo’s Pad made me laugh more.

Did I mention SuperNews! Having a sweet opening ?

Guignols had a sweet one too !

Also their last one was also pretty sweet.

One more thing about Spitting Image. They were involved in commercials and stuff because the show was expensive.

But one show they did that deserves an award of their own is “ Round The Bend “.

( 3. * BONUS * 

Round The Bend

It was like 1990s Nickelodeon but on a Dinosaurs level … a PG rated Spitting Image !
Mad Magazine meets puppets again. 

The humor was close to bad pun humor like The Muppet Show with a mix of Mad Magazine and Spitting Image ( not only the puppets but THE VOICES ! Yep , John Glover is in the house ! ) 

JUST WATCH THE SHOW AND ENJOY ! All the episodes are on there !

Also make sure to check out the website of one of the creators “ Tony Husband “

I know it’s been a long read , so get on up and start …


( 4. Gremlins
And it’s not just because Chuck Jones of Looney Tunes fame makes a cameo. ( Sorry I can’t find the clip ) “ Yep the bat never looked better. It’s great , you’re doing fine. Hello Gerold. “ and Mr Jones pays the bartender after looking at Billy’s drawing and leaves in the background.

Don’t you just love those awkward cameos ? OK Trump’s movie cameos such but since we’re talking about Puppets.


From Richard Hunt , Frank Oz as a cop , and Jim Henson having a hard time with his agent Bernie in the movie Into The Night. And yes folks , I’m that crazy enough to get that movie just for that alone.

Friend : Erica , why do you own a DVD of Rocky III , you don’t even like those kinds of movies like I do.

Me : Because Jim Henson recording a special Muppet Show into for the movie alone since Sly was a guest star on The Muppet Show.

Anyway , back to Gremlins.

What can I say , I seen the movie in my Middle School years and what I love about it should be obvious by now. It starts out like a horror movie and ends up being this wacky parody.

( someone captured this from their TV , I couldn’t find a cleaner captured clip . Sorry. )

And Gremlins 2 is funny also and so Anti-Capitalism ! lol TAKE THAT CAPITALISTS !
The second one sort of parodied itself. I thought it was funny.

From the WB Tattoo , all the crazy parodies at the end.

And maybe it’s just my dark sense of humor speaking but this is one of my favorite moments in the movie , Intellectual Gremlin talks to Grandpa Munster and then this happens…

The slapstick totally cracks me up.

I did have a friend in middle school in which we talked about someday joining together to write Gremlins 3. He HATED Gremlins for being funny and he HATED Gremlins 2.
Nothing came about that of course.

I will say this , if Gremlins were revived , JUST LIKE YODA , I WANT TO SEE PUPPETS NOT CGI !

Like the British Telecom commercial which was as close to a Gremlins 3 we ever got.

 If you look up the behind the scenes video with all the chroma key involved , to me as a a puppeteer and puppet indie filmmaker , it’s truly a treat to watch.

Unlike the movies , this was done by British puppeteers. Won’t be surprised if Spitting Image people had their hands in this. Pun intended. lol

( * FUN FACT * When setting up secretly alarms and cameras in my apartment , I found out the guy setting up my cameras and such was a Gremlins fan. So I told him about this. ;) * ) 

Did I mention I’m a music addict ?

Peter Gabrel’s OUT OUT ROCKS THE HOUSE ! This so needs to be on Apple Music , I SWEAR !

( 5. Meet The Feebles

Let’s face it

The X rated Fritz the Cat is pretty tame in today’s standards.

( Funny how people warned me about NOT EVER SEEING stuff that I end up loving . That’s what separates the right from the left politically. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk ! )

So is the NC-17 Meet The Feebles.

But one thing is for sure.


If your curious what I’m getting you into ,
Check out the trailer

In 2018 , The movie was in the headlines describing The Happytime Murders.
It doesn’t come close because as I said in previous blog videos and articles about the film , my philosophy to comedy is this , “ It’s got to be either creative and or satirical or it’s not funny to me at all. “ In my opinion .

Team America has it’s funny moments like I’m so Ronery to “ MATT DA-MON ! “ and of course , South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone .

But for Adult Puppet Movies outside The Muppets , it’s Meet The Feebles.

What other puppet movie can you think of where they show a Vietnam Vet Frog drug addict or a drug lord Walrus , a Suicidal / homicidal obese yet sort of innocent Hippo and An arrogant gay fox who is the stage director who refuse staying hidden in the closet ! Talk about a pro-LGBTQ+ character right there. Also Harry the sex positive rabbit. And let’s not forget Wobbert .

Great characters , dark satire , I think it’s brilliant.

Peter Jackson’s only puppet movie. And it was an independent film coming from someone who wasn’t a puppeteer before hand , at least to my knowledge.

Also there’s a documentary called Sex , Drugs and Soft Toys !

So enjoy the trailer 

And / or


( 6. Puppets Who Kill
I personally like Puppets Who Kill more than Greg The Bunny .
I know Kevin Carlson and James Murray worked on it , had cameos of their puppets ( Want to See Timmy the Tooth puppets swear ) ? 
They were going to do a show called “ Crow Police “ which looks great and a hell of a lot funnier than Happytime Murders ,
Perhaps even the Billy West / James Gomez ( Ren & Stimpy ) Billy Bastard  
Yeah way funnier than Happytime Murders . 

Puppets Who Kill is brilliant 

And also , Jerry Juhl of The Muppets LOVED IT !

And it was made by Canadian puppeteers that worked with Jim Henson on Fraggle Rock and even The Jim Henson Hour !

The characters are hilarious ! It’s like The Simpsons but more satirically dark.

You’ll immediately LOVE THESE GUYS ! 

Oh just go watch the show already.

( * Fun Fact * : One of the reasons why I hate the internet. When I was in middle school / early high school when I first heard about these , I was shocked and freaking out saying “ What was Jerry Juhl thinking “ on the Muppet fan forums and looking like a fool . The thing that people should know about the internet is don’t get too fresh with someone who appears to be a Social Justice Warrior or an idiot online , they could be just a kid. I’ve talked about how I promoted myself at a young age and some college guy just didn’t realize he was talking to a kid the whole time. Jokes on him , My show is 20 years old !

But anyway that’s the story of my life , I thought satire was bully humor until I grew up and realized that this world really is in a mess. Adults need satire. And perhaps kids need to learn about the dark facts of this current reality early on. Just an opinion. 

Anyway , go check out Puppets Who Kill. Next to Dinosaurs and Spitting Image / Guignols , Puppets Who Kill in my opinion was the next BEST adult puppet show outside The Muppets. ( Dinosaurs was made by Henson and Puppets Who Kill like Avenue Q had Muppet people involved , Spitting Image did too a little bit like Louise Gold and director Peter Harris but you know what I mean . )

( 7. Apollo’s PAd / Mr Meaty



Plus I have a thing for foam puppets , I admit it. AS AN ARTIST ! Get that dirty picture out of your might right now . lol Anyway .

This is an adult puppet show that I wished people talked about more. I tried to bring awareness on Muppet fan sites but it’s weird the liberal politics of message forums and reddit can be . But understandable. Sometimes I can’t believe there’s younger Muppet fans who get into it from watching Classic Muppet videos online. There’s a time in one’s life where you got to realize , you are not the youngest adult anymore.

 My Twin Flame is 6 years younger than me so I got to face facts sometime.

Speaking of which there was this puppet show on Nickelodeon which I was totally missing out on called “ Mr. Meaty “ .

Now I’m watching the episodes on YouTube and I LOVE IT ! I’ve been watching a bunch of them while I struggle to sleep at night. YouTube is sort of my TV next to reading and doing this stuff. Lol

But if you know of the show , then prepare for the R rated version “ Mr. Meaty “ 

In other words watch whatever didn’t get pulled off.

( Another mentions

Inside Outdoors

The guy who made the puppets had a website called Whattacharacter or something and unfortunately he passed away not long ago.

Puppeteer Ed May ( who has worked for The Jim Henson Company ) 
Worked on the show and has uploaded the little existence of the show.

I remember seeing the show once or twice as a kid and I was searching the internet for almost a decade trying to find information about it , and even asking around on any puppet forum I could find at the time.

Another slapstick puppet comedy show on television ? WHAT IS THIS SHOW ?

( 8. The Erica Crooks Show

Here I go again with my shameless plug in.
Oh what the hell , the show is going to be 20 years old starting next year so might as well. :)
I already talk about my inspirations . ;P

But seriously , I’m the kind of fan who not only is obsessed with what I love , collects what I want into my personal libraries and media collections , but I’m an artist who wants to go out and do my own spin on it.

In 2015 , I did a panel at Rhode Island Comic Con in 2015 about just that “ Bringing Back The Good Stuff “ 
Here’s a blog video where I talk about it.

As for The Erica Crooks Show , sometimes it’s best to let Art speak for itself. :)

Check out more from Erica Crooks ( me )

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Freedom Tickets ( anticapitalist political satire )

Freedom Tickets ( anticapitalist political satire )

I had thoughts of wanting to do this satire on the subject of “ Capitalism “ for awhile. lol

Ok , let me set the mood. ;P

Say if there was a time where everyone had to obey someone and suddenly peasants found out that instead of slaving to a king or queen or mad dictator , they can slave 9-5 at a job they hate instead , and the whole idea is that “ Freedom Tickets aka Money “ is nothing more but a brainwashing technic to create the illusion of freedom even though it’s just another tool of control !

And for those who think capitalism and hierarchy is justified , perhaps you need to 
Need to re-educate yourself and know the truth of what’s going on here.

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Power ( political satire cartoon art by Erica Crooks )

Power : Political Satire Cartoon Art by Erica Crooks

The face of hierarchical , authoritarian power over others ( political satire )  #antiauthoritarian #antitotalitarian #antifascist #antifascism #anarchy #anarchism #politicalsatire #satire #politicalcartoon #politicalcartoons #cartoon #cartoons #webcomic #webcomics #comic #comics #comicart #cartoonart #art #anticapitalist #anticapitalism #ericacrooks #toon #toonart #political #politics #antihierarchy #nogodsnomasters #darkcomedy #darkhumor