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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Epidemic of Ignorance

Epidemic of Ignorance
Erica Crooks

As we enter 2019 and might as well be any year which we haven’t reached to an Anarchist Society / 5D Earth ,
Once can’t help see the obvious truth which most still can not stop it’s existence which is the epidemic of ignorance.

It really does seem like in order to get someone to listen to you and understand where your coming from on a global scale , one would need the media tools of the Government however Anarchists won’t ever steep so low. The internet is clearly a horizontal network which we can accomplish such a goal , but authoritarian / totalitarian / fascist / right wing bullied are doing whatever they can to suppress such freedom. PragerU has admitted to being scared of the left , but the big question is , is it human fear of the unknown or is it the fear of losing power over people ?
If you take a look at every human fear that ever existed , it clearly shows that it’s fear that motivates the EGO to take action that would create more of that. That is on a New Thought point of view of “ Like energy attracts like energy “.

And lightworkers as well as anarchists alike can agree that they want a heaven on earth , unlike many skeptics , we know in our heart that it’s possible and therefore we shall never ever give up.
I have suggested using Law of Attraction in such an ethical was as a form of direct action that most easily disregard. 
To me there is no right way or wrong way to go about doing it and it really takes a little bit of effort from everyone if it’s body , mind , soul or all the above.

 I probably already said this before and I’ll say it again , what if Trump and the republicans do get impeached and democrats come into power , it really doesn’t matter.
However I strongly feel that if democrats like any worker care about more about the good they bring to the world above their income to survive , perhaps we can see that prosperity and wealth does not limit itself to capitalism but can succeed without it ( anarcho-communism ) .

And I don’t know what annoys me more politically , fascists or centrists.
Is like you want to go up to the republican / tory / conservative and say
“ Oh shut up , you are not fulling anyone. Come off it already. You know damn well that if you lust for world domination. The idea of a dystopian based on the satirical works of George Orwell gets you very exited ( pass the tissues and hand cream ) .
You would love that position of power.
Either you are ignorant being brainwashed by the authoritarian lies of those who’ve raised and abused you as well as their parents and masters and all the other generations before them OR you are damn well aware of your pathological lying ways that you have connections with either the richest of the fat cat capitalists or perhaps the illuminati New World Order malevolent extraterrestrials . That’s right , you blame the left but your exposing your own private parts.
Ain’t that of a sociopath / psychopath / anti-social / narcissist / dark triad. 
You live in fear , not love.

And for the democrats / liberals / labor party / green peace / new age politics
You know your body , mind and soul yearns for anarchism.
It’s in your blood.
Your just scared and submissive.
Your a big phony. A republican in leftist clothing.
A Cop dressed as a hippie obeying the orders of Nixon.
What is the truth ?
Do you actually believe in the justification of the chains that bondage you ? 
Or do you say when the camera is off you “ That’ll take care of those S.O.B.s ? “
Which what is it ?

Look I used to watch Bill Maher and listen to Bob Proctor , 
Now I wish they both listen to what I’m listening to.
iNtuitives need to stick together and unite.
Perhaps the sensors do need us after all.

Perhaps this world needs to take a critical look at how much damage fear does to live each and every day. We’re not creating freedom , we are creating security.
Just like 1984 ( George Orwell ) ,
Would you conform to totalitarian politics and believe a mad dictator for your own security ?

It’s very interesting because the blood is on the hands of the right wing ,
And perhaps pro-war democrats which loses the faith of the left.
If any of the brainwashing from the right even going so far to saying how Star Wars justifies Authoritarianism which is absolute nonsense , that’s like calling Dark Vader a leftist.
Dark Vader is no flower power no matter how many roses he has sticking out of his helmet .

Anyway , it’s no different from PragerU or an unfunny Ben Garrison cartoon ,
And perhaps The New World Order Conspiracy Theories which
Is the Right taking facts about themselves and pointing the finger of blame at the left because they are a bunch of pathological liars.
Oldest Narcissist tricks in the book.

But what I want to say in this blog article is this.
If there’s one thing that the left want if anarchist , liberal , social justice warrior , satirists , Heyoka empaths , old souls , New age empath lightworkers , it’s this…

It’s all about waking people up from the spell that they were under.
The brainwashing of the right.

The right can might as well copy and paste everything we say ,
But there’s something we got and they do not.

Left supports Love , not fear , not hate.

The right only supports the obedience of conforming to meaningless tradition of fear and hate.
And if they care about Jesus Christ so much then why don’t they just admit that Jesus Christ was a Communist and an Anarchist and a long haired leftist hippie !
And an NF personality type.

When the people are united , we can have our social revolution.
When people unite for Law of Attraction as long as it’s about bringing peace to the world with love instead of fear , 
We can have our 5D Earth.

Love heals , Fear Kills .

Happy New Year everyone.

_ Erica

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