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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Transgender and why Anarchy is good

Transgender blog video by Trans Woman by Erica Crooks

Transgender , Transsexual ( sort of outdated term right ) , MTF , FTM , non-binary , genderqueer , HRT , androgyne 
This video is for anyone who’s born this way , born transgender as well as allies or perhaps people who’d like or seriously need a general awareness of just what “ transgender “ actually and really means . As well as Transgender and Anarchism and why I feel that’s the best solution regarding getting rid of the harms , oppression , prejudice , transphobia , etc which is due to hierarchy .

I also like to dedicate this video to my dear inspirational trans woman friend who unfortunately passed away in 2013 who’s still a strong influence to me to this very day. :)

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INFP sense of humor ( plus Numerology 5 and Heyoka Empath )

One of my top videos currently is about the personality types ENFP and ENTP sense of humor , today I will be talking about another personality type which so happens to be my own “ INFP “ and INFP sense of humor which I feel is basically and strongly related due to the Ne cognitive function. Also as an INFP numerology 5 for the most part , it’s pretty strong Ne sense of humor actually. lol As well as a Heyoka empath …. WOW ! lol :P
Though I feel sometimes the INFP humor can go from Ne to Fi Ne from time to time , but perhaps that’s just me as an example. 
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The Erica Crooks Show Season 11 ( 2018 )

A full length combination of all 5 episodes from The Erica Crooks Show Season 11 ( 2018 )
Season 11 episode 1 : " Trump , internet garbage , pigs , Trump and more internet garbage and Trump "
Season 11 episode 2 : Right is Wrong ( political satire )
Season 11 episode 3 :  Let's shove Trump and untalented idiots going viral on the internet down the toilet
The Erica Crooks Show Season 11 ( 2018 ) Episode 4  When Stupid Puppets Get Bored and Play With The Webcam Most Of The Episode plus more Low Brow Toilet Humor TOO !
The Erica Crooks Show Season 11 Episode 5 ( 2018 ) : Maturity ( Season Finale )
Featuring adult puppetry and adult animation performing political satire , Trump , slapstick comedy , Trump , toilet humor , Trump , parodies , black comedy / dark humor , Trump and even more Trump and let us not forget T….
Performed by the multi-talented satirical artist and trans woman lesbian “ Erica Crooks “
Disclaimer :
The following program is a work of fiction / semi-fiction
The following program is intended for mature adult audiences only
anyone in the public eye is lampooned in a parodic and or satiric fashion
any similarity to anyone , anywhere or anything beyond parody and satire is coincidental and unintentional
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