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Saturday, November 3, 2018

INFP Lightworker Anarchist vs Hierarchy

INFP Lightworker Anarchist / Erica Crooks

INFP Lightworker Anarchist vs Hierarchy
Erica Crooks

Yet another article relating to being an INFP lightworker

Some might be annoyed by SJWs but is that relevant to INFPs ?

I’ve gotten into Anarchism for over a year now , and the more I look and observe the world around me , the more it makes me want to study Anarchism almost to the point of above all else.
Perhaps it’s “ The Lightworker’s Blues “ .
I wonder if INFPs feel it harder than most types.
John Lennon most certainly have.
( Fair Use sharing due to commenting . And as John Lennon would probably say if he’s still alive , “ It me own voice , no one should copyright me own views and words. “ )

* Or he would say “ my “ own . Sometimes British people speak like that and I’ve heard John Lennon speak this way as well. I love British stuff , full of iNtuitives. But perhaps I need to do my research better on dialects . Sorry. lol * 

There’s even a YouTube video of the audio of the interview called
John Lennon Completely Pissed Off !

Talk about a pissed off INFP !
Is this iNtuitive Bias ?

“ We are a minority , people like us always were. “ ~ John Lennon

Like how John Lennon expressed ,
I wonder if the concept of “ Ignorance is Bliss “ is true.
I wonder even though it’s the ultimate taboo regarding to studying personality type science such as MBTI / Myers Briggs pointing out that perhaps there’s personality types that can awaken faster than others . Or is that being “ iNtuitive Bias “ ? Perhaps like everything , everything is tainted with hierarchy in some way. 

John Lennon in his later years did seem to be more slightly right wing or at least centralist , proof is one of his last interviews where we was mocking leftists for being immature adults acting like babies locking themselves in their room crying about utopia and happy chocolate.
I say that if an INFP were to talk like this , that means deep down inside there’s something that’s troubling them. I think John Lennon was always searching for like minded people.
There was a 16 year old who broke into his dressing room with a tape recorder and John Lennon was happy to talk with him. However when there was a hardcore fan sleeping on his lawn , John Lennon was very irritated and he did invite him over for toast and tea but still being kind of disgusted and annoyed. There’s film footage of that as well as him being in the audience of his appearance on the Dick Cavett Show. ( and of course being the huge Jim Henson Muppet fan as I am , it’s very hard not to mention Dick Cavett by also mentioning the RARE full show appearance of The Muppets taking over the show which came about online in recent years. When I think I’ve seen everything , there’s always something I’ve never seen before which is always a treat for me. :) * )

I often think of these influential iNtuitives , what would they be doing with internet technology especially in an Anarchist Society ?

Even though John Lennon was pretty much independent to say as a whole ,
One moment leftist socialist then the next sort of this right wing libertarian attitude during his final years. 
I say let’s remember John Lennon for his golden years.
NO NO , I’m talking about after The Beatles !
And you can probably notice that I’m barely mentioning Yoko Ono. I have my suspicions and conspiracies . Obviously , look how she was trying to ruin one of John Lennon’s happiest moments of his life , jamming with one of his rock hero “ Chuck Barry “.

"I think our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal means and ends. I think they're all insane. Buy I am liable to be put away as insane for expressing that . That's what is insane about it. Don't you agree ? " _ John Lennon

Similar to John Lennons thoughts on being surrounded by idiots , is ignorance bliss as well as the iNtuitive thoughts that quickly get labeled as  “ iNtuitive Bias “ just because we are the minorities.

In terms of trying to popularize Anarchism , sometimes I get the similar feeling as the world around me seems to be like a situation such as cleaning all the oil of the ocean during an oil spill and helping out the animals.

Here’s a symbolic view.

The kind of image that I have in my mind as I’m writing this , is the idea of someone sneaking into a dungeon of some sort for the sake of good , rescuing a slave or prisoner by unlocking their shakes and chains with the friendly soft caring voice “ Don’t be scared. I’m here to help free you. You see that they are just standing there like a terrified child staring at you and not moving a muscle. Perhaps they didn’t hear you correctly. You say it again , and then “ Your free . Enjoy your happy life ! “ And they start start screaming for the authorities as they struggle to put the chains and shackles that bind them with the relief that soon enough they’ll live in the bondage of fear yet again. The good person gets caught and perhaps beheaded with a guillotine. And the prisoner / slave gets punished even though they explained that being in a free state was not their fault.
DAMN , I should be writing literature . lol :P

According to The Anarchist FAQ
People can either be submissive to authority and respect authority out of fear or respect authority because they want the power over others themselves.

If you’ve read most of my blog stuff and watched most of my blog videos ,
then you can already see the pattern that I’m so not average.
And I’m not talking about being a Transgender lesbian woman .
I’m talking about my personality ( INFP ) , perhaps my numerology ( Number 5 / Personality Number 9 . )
Maybe even my astrology zodiac Pisces .
But as I expressed before , I was diagnosed as a kid with stuff and then that and additional statist crap early this year by a Neurologist who didn’t have any theory of his own , just following the Neurologist test by the American Psycho Association and the DSM big book of cock-ups .

I’ve witnessed that very day that if someone is an iNtuitive / introverted iNtuitive / as well as an or iNtuitive Perceiver , if someone is of the LGBTQ + , anyone who has New Age Spiritual Gifts and Abilities , 
Anyone who isn’t an SJ cisgender heterosexual stereotype ,
is going to get labeled with something.
What a great example of hierarchy.

Anyone who refuses to be a slave to the system , anyone who doesn’t think like a zombie or robot .

And of course it’s not going to seem fair if I were to bitch and nag at all who are ignorant because let’s face it , we were all ignorant at some point in our life.
And I’ve became an Anarchist just a little over a year ago.
But like I was pointing out being not average , I had a long journey which many elements in my life relate to me today being more and more myself.
And not everyone is like that.

As I addressed in a current blog video
as well as others ,
Not all personality types are going to be as open minded as mine.

And not all INFPs are the same because of an individual’s life experience .
But that’s just the thing , everyone is a slave to hierarchy.
Probably more so than others.
And of course it depends on childhood and life experiences.

I won’t be alive today if I didn’t have a kind hearted SFJ mother.
You don’t pick your parents but still a lot better than my father and his equally ill wife.

Jack Canfield has mentioned in The Secret 
“ That’s everyone’s story in some form or another but that’s called so what , what do you choose now ? “

And even though I’m into New Age / New Thought Spirituality , and it’s actually not even a choice being a light-worker and having a Twin Flame .
Even New Age can be tainted with capitalists and new agers who might dismiss Anarchism without even studying it due to Spiritual Bypassing . They might even point out that you have a Spiritual Ego problem . But do you really ? For me , I was guided. 
There’s New Agers who claim that “ Spirit “ says that hierarchy is good.

But you know what , there’s personality types that feel much more comfortable with hierarchy more than others.
But saying that’s just the way they are perhaps is typist and even iNtuitive Bias / Sensor Bias .

For example , an INTJ who can be pro capitalism or an ESTJ / ISTJ who favors hierarchy might find other alternative ways that express themselves in a more positive way in an Anarchist Society / 5D Earth.

But of course , politically is probably where hierarchy is most accepted.
And it’s very sad to see good natured people and perhaps well meaning people
who have a heart and will believing that The State , Capitalism , and maybe religion as a last resort will solve everything. And if they realized that they were lied to , would they uprise or become psychologically mentally ill falling into depression or beyond that unfortunately.

Current great examples that I’ve most certainly seen is youtube.
On one hand , people are like “ Screw Copyright “ and they share their fandom with like minded people.
However there’s that legal disclaimer and of course , it’s hard to blame them because the ruling class can be so cruel . From your Internet Service Provider sending you a letter in the mail that your being sued an amount of money that the working class isn’t able to pay off or worse.
And for these YouTubers who put up copyrighted material on the internet otherwise they won’t get noticed and wanting to earn a living off of their viewers so they can escape the totalitarian 9 to 5 job , it’s slightly understandable.
And capitalism and statism is probably the hardest for most people.
Probably more so than sensors , I don’t know.
Not being iNtuitive Bias , just in theory I think.

“ Make sure to Subscribe , Like , click the bell “
As I addressed in my personal update video
“ Doesn’t that kind of feel patronizing ? We watched online video to escape commercials but now we are getting them. “

It’s interesting . I was invited to a Transgender Liberation Rally
and even though Anarchists are suppose to help out.
I am a bit of a pacifist . Perhaps it’s relating to me being an introvert as well as a bit of social anxiety.
Interesting how I can be so out spoken on the internet , huh folks ? lol

For me , it’s one of those things where I’m either comfortable being with like minded people or just myself. 

Not so like minded people I tend to be more introverted and cautious when speaking.
The Friendliness of treat others like you want to be treated helps.
However my SFJ mother still thinks her 30 year old transgender daughter is still a little kid ( smothering / over protective mother ) 
and let me just say , or even PRAY
I JUST CAN NOT SPEAK TO STJs ! In my lifetime I’ve done everything but these kinds of people I CAN NOT STAND for the most part.
However perhaps ISTJs who are casual and at a distance and I’m not speaking to them at much or at all is as fair as it’s going to get with me.
ESTPs / ISTPs , NTJs , it’s hard to tell.
NTJs can be interesting to talk to online but just as long as it’s not too personal.
And as an F , being impersonal is not my strong points.

And before I became an Anarchist , just like everyone else on the internet , trying to figure out just how I can make a living doing what I love doing.
But in my heart , I wanted to make it fair to everyone as I possibly could.
Selling to Troma was the last thing I attempted to do around 2016 
because from 2013 - 2016 , I knew it wasn’t working.
Plus also my Twin Flame running shortly after bumping into each other many times ,
let’s just say that just like my introduction to MBTI knowing that me being different that I’m not alone in this crazy world , Law of Attraction knowing that regardless of where I am at in my life I can bring about miracles which is the cheat sheet code of life as well as Anarchism now finally after all these years wondering why the world is like it is , it just happens to help me in life and help me involve. And also perhaps it’s related to spiritual awakening.
Because those years were 2007 , 2012 , and 2017 
My Twin Flame journey was evolving as well in those time periods .
Spiritual Timeframes ?

So anyway , the thing about a social revolution is that
Anarchism just needs to be supported more and more.
The more people support Anarchism the better.
But some just stop in the middle going as far as Right Wing Libertarianism / State Socialism / Liberal / Anarcho-Capitalism / Post-Left Anarchism / apolitical

And like I said , it’s related to personality type.

_ Erica

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Fred & Byso

Fred & Byso

Fred & Byso

Fred & Byso was a childhood creation almost as old as The Erica Crooks Show itself but most certainly not the most lasting but almost .
I didn’t complete anything relating to it until 2010 which was the first film project I done since my tragedy in 2009. ( Read Adults Get Bullied Too )

In 2010 , I did a short animated test film and served it as a pilot episode.
In December of 2012 Like The Erica Crooks Show , this too and everything else was rejected
from Comedy Central , [ adult swim ] , and Mondo Media .

Fred & Byso was basically a Ren & Stimpy rip off . And clearly there was this Ren & Stimpy / Rocko’s Modern Life inspiration .
Byso was basically a Stimpy type character and Fred was basically the Ren type character.

In middle school , I was introduced to the software “ Macromedia Flash 5 “ which at the time was the animation software for independent animators for the internet.
John Kricfalusi / Spumco , Newgrounds , Icebox , Jib Jab , Joe Cartoon , Happy Tree Friends , Homestar Runner , etc
All used this software to bring animated cartoons to the internet.
I already knew what the software was , and my middle school happened to have the software strange enough , and I guess I self taught myself how to use it.
I didn’t figure out sound until later and I couldn’t figure out how to export animation properly instead of filming my computer screen with a video camera ( That explains the animation on The Erica Crooks Show from 2006 - 2007 ) until 2008.
And yes , I did finally get my own Flash 5 software !
Today the software is replaced with Adobe Flash as well as a bunch of other better animation software.

I can still remember ideas for episodes that I came up with as a kid.
I remember telling anyone I meet that this would be on TV someday.
And technically anyone can watch youtube videos on their TV so , yeah I guess I accomplished it a little bit.

One episode was going to be called “ Fred Goes Mad “
and basically it was Dr. Jeckle and Mr Hyde and clearly inspired by
a scene from The Ren & Stimpy Show episode “ Stimpy’s Fan Club “
where Ren almost murders Stimpy in his sleep.

Another one was when Fred dies and he was told by the angel at the gate of Heaven that if he decides to be nice to Byso instead of being an abusive jerk , his soul can finally be in peace and welcomed into Heaven.

Another one was Goodbye Byso where Byso gets carried away by the current of the ocean and Fred starts to miss his best friend until Byso finally washes onto shore at an elderly age and still alive and Fred beats up Byso.
Clearly ripping off “ Stimpy’s Big Day “

There was an idea where they go off into space , ripping off “Space Madness “.

Remember I was just a kid coming up with these ideas. And the thing about inspiration is when you have limited inspirations , it’s going to look like a rip off of something else.
Perhaps that’s why adults are slightly better than kids when it comes to this kind of things because they’ve lived life enough to come up with original ideas.
I don’t know. lol

At age 11 , I was up and ready to have my creativity onto mainstream television . At age 18 - 21 , I had my own public access television show . And now at age 30 , I’m a successful independent filmmaker and other stuff.
Today there’s kids with their own youtube channel and smart phones so ,
perhaps it makes the 11 in me slightly jealous because I didn’t have that in my late 1990s childhood. lol

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The Earliest Origins of The Erica Crooks Show

November 2 2018 Introduction :

I posted this on the old version of talking about probably the earliest archival existence of The Erica Crooks Show that exists . Now remember the show changed to The Erica Crooks Show in mid-2016 so it’s referred to as “ The Eric Crooks Show “ in this article.

I was 11 years old when I written a post on a puppetry newsgroup with my WebTV at the time , and this really goes to show that you never know who your talking to on the internet sometimes. It’s kind of laughable and embarrassing at the same time. A College Student who doesn’t realize they are talking to an 11 year old kid and not a troll. lol

But anyway what’s interesting is , this is the earliest origins of The Erica Crooks Show. I won’t get my public access TV show until 7 years later when I was 18. So it’s a very interesting thing to share in celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Erica Crooks Show I think !

And now the following article ,

In 1999, which was the year that I found out about public access television existed and when I made some home movies of my first puppets which were just my hands with shoelaces around them and a sock, This was the early origins of The Eric Crooks Show. I was only 11 years old and perhaps since the internet was just so new to me that I was quite impulsive. Here's a copy of perhaps my first " welcome world " post on the internet. [ certain names are not mention to protect the legal privacy of the not so innocent ] This was posted in an early puppetry newsgroup.

The Eric Crooks Show Look at this !



E-mail my puppets from The Eric Crooks Show. (The Eric Crooks Show is a
new puppet comedy show.) E-mail these puppets ..

    Barney ( Not the dinosaur)
          Mr. Socky head
          Mr. Stupid head
         Little pink alligator
            Sargent Hand
            Two singing hands 
          Fred the news hand 
           Dick the weather hand 
                  Happy boy
               Post women 
                 Cows & bulls 
                 3 horn Bulls & cows

( Reply from some ..... college student on the internet )


 > E-mail these puppets ..
Ummm, how?  You haven't given their, uh, email addresses...

 >    Barney ( Not the dinosaur)
 >          Mr. Socky head
 >          Mr. Stupid head
 >         Little pink alligator
 >            Sargent Hand
 >            Two singing hands 
 >                 Discoman  
 >                    Alien
Don't suppose that's a xenomorph-type Alien...?

 >          Fred the news hand 
 >           Dick the weather hand 
 >                  Happy boy
 >               Post women 
 >                    Pinky
 >                 Cows & bulls 
 >                 3 horn Bulls & cows
 >                     Vantron

ME again

I'll let you know what chanel it's going to be on .
       E-mail my puppets at ********** The show is going to be taped at Comcast studio .

 Alien is a alien puppet . OK ?

    If you don't Beavene me wait and see .

( that guy who doesn't realizing he's arguing with an 11 year old )


> I'll let you know what chanel it's going to be on .
>        E-mail my puppets at  .................
Ah, there's the missing info.  Now everyone that was poised waiting to email
your puppets can spring into action.

>  The show is going to be taped at Comcast studio .
As in Comcast Cablevision?  So it'll be a cable-access show, or...?

>  Alien is a alien puppet . OK ?
OK.  I was just being cheeky as I'm currently working on a xenomorph-type
Alien puppet (as discussed recently in this newsgroup).  For those that
followed that discussion, stay tuned and I'll post a URL of a webpage
summarizing how the project went when I'm done.

>     If you don't Beavene me wait and see .
Oh, don't worry; we definitely Beavene you.

As a kid, I didn't funny know what I was doing except that I had this bright idea and totally enthusiastic about it and if I knew this guy was sort of mocking me, I would have been really emotionally hurt. But in this case I was a little confused. 
But out of all people who said rotten things about me and my work, this guy was most likely the first where ever the hell he is now and who cares. 

But what I find so funny about this is that this College student with some university email is arguing with an 11 year old. Technology has changed but human beings haven't. Though I'm a person who much prefers to live and let die in the past but since I felt this was not only such a very important piece of perhaps the earliest surviving anything of my earliest works but to show that there was idiots who thought me and my work was stupid before youtube.

Where ever this jackass is now, If he knew, he'd feel the fool of what that message would become 15 years later.


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