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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Eric Crooks Show - Dead Person

More crazy puppet slapstick and stupidity from The Eric Crooks Show.

The Eric Crooks Show - Lousy Viral YouTube Commenting on Videos Parody T...

YouTube Video Commenting TV Shows are really Stupid.

The Eric Crooks Show - Small Business Owners

Why local businesses should go bye-bye.

Erica Crooks talks about Transwoman MTF Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT...

Erica Crooks talks about HRT For Transgender MTF Women.

The Eric Crooks Show - Takin Bout Awesome Crap Album

New Album called AAAAhhhhh ! Coming soon NOWHERE ! GOOD !

From the satirical comedy puppet show " The Eric Crooks Show "

Bad Video Access Television - Useless wisdom about his miserable life ( ...

Sad or Funny ? Sad Man never shuts about being a loser.

Bad Video Access Television - Unfunny Stand Up Comedy for Saving My Life

Unfunny Hack Performs crap stand up comedy.

Bad Video Access Television - Crazy YouTube Woman

YouTube Psycho Video Blogger Wants To Go Viral for talking about Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber !
Performed by the hilarious Erica Crooks ( )