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Friday, July 10, 2020

Joe Cool (Vocal)

Noam Chosmky, J.K. Rowling's Transphobia IS " Hate Speech " !

So I don't know what's going on regarding Noam Chomsky in this matter. I want to think that Noam Chomsky supports LGBTQ+ Rights as well as Transgender rights just as much as any Anarchist does because Noam Chomsky HIMSELF claims to be an Anarchist. This isn't in the matter of , let's give the 91 year old a break because that within itself is ageist. This is in the matter of Anarchist principles. Before you can really talk and stand by an issue, you need to understand it from both points of view. As a Leftist / Anarchist we know more than the Right / Fascists think, that the Right / Fascism / Hierarchy is Poison to humanity. Noam Chomsky is always looked at as one of the most influential Anarchist writers in history, especially modern history. There's many great things to say about Noam Chomsky. However, and even as a Professor of two Universities, he's surrounded by young adult all the time. There's MANY Transgender Anarchists out there ! If Noam Chomsky sides with J.K. Rowling in terms of Free Speech against Cancel Culture and not even debating and Challenging her ignorance regarding Transphobia, then of course we will soon see hashtags that state " Noam Chomsky Is Over Party " , because as an Anarchist , Noam Chomsky needs to LISTEN TO PEOPLE ! 

If he shuts them off, THAT IS CANCEL CULTURE ! If an artist can only perform the voice of a cartoon character that's their own skin color, gender identity, etc, THAT is Cancel Culture ! It's one thing if non-white voice artists are not getting as much work as white voice artists do, it's not an art issue, it's a class struggle problem which ties into racism. That's like saying you can't point out the fact that Oprah Winfrey is rich because that's racist which it is not, THAT'S ALSO CANCEL CULTURE ! With all the young Anarchists out there, I congratulate them as well as Transgender individuals, allies and other leftists who unite against the ignorant TERF transphobia of J.K. Rolling. And as a Transgender Lesbian Woman, I too, fight against such transphobia. Noam Chomsky needs to be reminded that Anarchists are against "HATE SPEECH" and are all for deplatforming anyone who has no point to make other than "Hate Speech". Why else would ANTIFA because hacktivists and try to shut down cyberbully / cyberstalker / Alt-Right websites? Anarchists are against hierarchy, does Noam Chomsky need to be reminded of his Anarchist principles or does a fellow Anarchist need to educate him about the struggles of Transgender people ? Because that's exactly what Anarchists are suppose to do. If a fellow Anarchist is ignorant, a fellow friendly Anarchist is going to correct their ignorance with proper knowledge. And if discussion / debate needs to go on in order for understanding even if it is tireless, so be it. I think many Anarchists / BreadTubers need to be reminded of this. If they can't handle it, why are they an Anarchist ? Sure we have busy lives, but ignorance is NO EXCUSE ! Cancel Culture means no room for discussion. Well there is discussion so therefore it's not Cancel Culture. _ Erica 

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