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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Wilkins Coffee - Wilkins and Wontkins (1957-1961, USA)

The Wilkins Coffee Commercials , Jim Henson's Muppets at their best. :D lol #jimhenson #muppets #jimhensonsmuppets

Muppet Songs: Kermit the Frog - One More Sleep 'til Christmas

Tis the season for The Muppet Christmas Carol #brianhenson #jerrynelson #jerryjuhl #stevewhitmire

spitting image series 6 episode 3

Boris Johnson puppet on Spitting Image ?

According to my knowledge , there were plans for a Boris puppet On Spitting Image as a shaggy dog according to the book “ A nasty piece of work” though I’m not sure it was ever built . However there might have been a Boris puppet in a 1989 episode of Boris as Igor . Series 6 Episode 3 around 5 minutes in . The closest so far was 2DTV and Newzoids.

#spittingimage #spittingimagepuppets