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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Erica Crooks Animated Parodies

Some of the craziest and messed up Animated parodies from satirical cartoonist independent punk filmmaker Erica Crooks .

Wild Dark and Violent Erica Crooks Animation Moments

The crazy, morbid and sometimes wacky & sick cartoon animation moments from Erica Crooks cartoon shorts, Random Man and The Eric Crooks Show.

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Erica Crooks talks about Dr LeBrick

The puppet doctor of malpractice gets a good word from the boss.

What is it like being transgender MTF Transwoman

My Transgender Experience.

Buy a DVD already it's really not that hard to do

DVDs are here to stay if you want them or not !

A waste of time and money and refunds oh wait

Amazon Commenters, there's a thing called refund. Ever heard of it ?

A hilariously sarcastic Erica Crooks blog video.

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Watch this video and stop and go read a book

Forget about this blog post, just go and read a book !

Erica Crooks talks about Sad Man Comics

Cartoonist Erica Crooks talks about her brand new dark satire comic “ Sad Man Comics “. Now available on Kindle, Google Play and Nook.