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Monday, December 3, 2018

What if MBTI , Anarchism and Spirituality is TRUE and NOT Pseudoscience

What if MBTI , Anarchism and Spirituality is TRUE and NOT Pseudoscience

I often hear people debunking Myers Briggs Personality Type Science , New Age / New Thought Spirituality , Libertarian Socialist Anarchism , etc .

But if they think it's Pseudoscience , and I think that it's not Pseudoscience or it's Pseudoscience that's not fake at all ,

Is this an argument among personality types ?

Are there personality types that agree to this stuff more than others ?

Are we living in a world of F types vs T types and therefore explains political problems and conflict ?

Maybe not.

Then again are there types closer to hierarchy than others ?

Perhaps it's not so much the who but the what meaning behavior of hierarchy.

Maybe it links together or it's completely separate.

Just more ramblings for an INFP thinking about the conflict in the world , and perhaps to some people " Overthinking about such theories and intuitive puzzle piece linking and creating conspiracy theories. "

IT is what it is. But is it hitting on some sort of " Truth " within the theory ? You be the judge.

The Political History of Fear ( satire cartoon by Erica Crooks )

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The political history of Fear ( a satire cartoon by Erica Crooks )

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