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Friday, August 14, 2020

SanDeE* from L.A. Story ( 1991 )

SanDeE* from L.A. Story ( 1991 )

Sometimes the worst Birthday and Christmas presents you can ever receive is from your relatives. Once my number got me some Blue Collar Comedy DVD featuring Jeff Foxworthy & Larry The Cable Guy. “Mom ? Why did you get me this ?” “Because it’s comedy and I know you like comedy.” , yeah that kind of situation. So of course I traded it in an FYE and probably got 50 cents out of it ( those trade ins are a real rip-off ). 

However one of those DVDs happens to be Steve Martin’s L.A. Story. Steve Martin was funny on The Muppet Show with Ramblin’ Guy and everything. But that seemed to be the only thing I actually found funny about him. I don’t remember exactly when I watched L.A. Story but Sarah Jessica Parker’s character SanDeE* immediately got my attention. In fact, I became obsessed with this character, had a crush on this character. There was something about this character that I couldn’t explain why I loved SanDeE* so much. I would watch my DVD endlessly !

I didn’t care much for most of the movie, just SanDeE* ! And what’s ironic about the more recent releases ( somewhat releases ) of L.A. Story is that SanDeE* is on the cover even though she wasn’t just the character in the middle until almost at the end.

Next year will mark the films 30th anniversary. But I’d like to express my appreciation for Sarah Jessica Parker’s character SanDeE* from L.A. Story ( 1991 ) even if I seem to be her only fan. Harley Quinn ( also a great character, well the original one from Batman The Animated Series version ) gets more attention than SanDeE* . In fact, Sarah Jessica Parker is best known for Sex In The City, still I which SanDeE* had some sort of fan cult following like she deserves.

Yeah most of Steve Martin’s L.A. Story is basically his comedic weatherman character who behind the scenes is just an average man with relationship problems. He loves someone other than his wife but he gets SanDeE* involved, what a mess ! Seriously SanDeE* deserves more than that.

So by 19 1/2ish minutes into the film, we have the debut of Sarah Jessica Parker as SanDeE* as a mall fashion employee who measures people’s clothes and marks them.

And IMMEDIATELY , Sarah Jessica Parker’s character SanDeE* and her personality SHINES !

She’s not a boring average who cares everyday person ? No way. She’s an extrovert. In fact, when I got into MBTI, she was the first character I was trying to figure out her personality type in 2007. She could be ENFP or even ESFP, but I might guess she’s ENFP, I’ll mention more on that further in this article. Anyway, Sarah Jessica Parker played SanDeE* when she was about 26 but she acts younger than she is, dresses younger than she is, clearly an Extrovert Personality Type. Definitely a Feeler Personality Type. Definitely a P personality type. So my guess for now is ENFP or ESFP. Why Sarah Jessica Parker’s character from L.A. Story “ SanDeE*” isn’t mentioned on MBTI Communities mentioning her ENFP or ESFP personality type is beyond me. Harley Quinn however is more common as she might also be an ENFP or ESFP personality type as well.

1 minute later, SanDeE* seems to be the kind of free spirited / care free character you’d love to meet. If you were a customer, she would remember you by name and face ( or by face ) . However there’s also a feeling that SanDeE* was basically written as a gag character for the movie.

Through out the movie, Steve Martin keeps getting spiritual signs from this highway sign. Ironically , I feel that my obsession with Sarah Jessica Parker’s character SanDeE* from L.A. Story ( 1991 ) was one of my earliest indicators of my spiritual awakening which would lead to my earliest Twin Flame telepathy. I’ve often noticed this if it was music or cartoons or movie characters like SanDeE*. In fact, one of the things about spiritual awakening and early signs of a Twin Flame Spiritual Awakening is Astro-Journeying in Dreams. And I have had many of those. Even signs which didn’t make much sense to me so I would often forget about them.

So is L.A. Story about Spirituality and Romance ? Well In this article I’m just focusing on SanDeE*.

By the way, I later found out that guy who is with Steve Martin’s love interest is from the hilarious satirical film “How To Get Ahead In Advertising”. lol 

Ok , so I fast forward to 16 minutes later into the movie to get to the next SanDeE* scene in L.A. Story. In this case “ SaNDeE* LOVES RAIN ! “ She doesn’t care, she loves it. She waves her arms like a spiritual experience. :)

One thing that is seen is that SanDeE* does show interest for Steve Martin’s character. But of course he hooks up with SanDeE* for all the wrong reasons. Yeah, I know, I know, Relationship drama. However SanDeE* doesn’t seem to catch on and have suspicions . And when you are a loving empath like that, yeah…I’ve been there, done that, gone taken advantage of, THEN realized what happened. So anyway…

The Spiritual Telepathy Highway sign wants Steve to hook up with SanDeE*. “ U Should Have Got Your Number “ it says on it’s screen.

After writing “ Bored , Beyond , Relief.” on his window with his cat next to him, he gets a call and suddenly ROCK N ROLL !

Hard Rock Cafe is product placement into the movie with a cover version of the song “Wild Thing” ( why not the original by The Troggs ? ) .

Then we get one of the cheesiest camera shots ever. A camera on the same plate as a Cheeseburger and Fries ( YUM ! ) . I don’t know. It’s such a distracting camera shot in my opinion.

And remember that call he got ? It’s revealed that SanDeE* was the one who called Steve asking him out ! WOW ! IS she the perfect flirt or what ! No wonder I had a crush on her. lol

SanDeE* reveals that she went to a psychic ( even though she doesn’t usually believe in that stuff ) but she had a special fifth sense about things ( meaning sixth sense ) ! 


Perhaps it was meant for me to see this movie. :D

The Universe works in mysterious was, doesn’t it ?

And let me just say, SanDeE* looks ABSOLUTELY beautiful. Eventually I want to get my hair to look like that, 80s perm. Also that Black Leather Jacket.

Also, she doesn’t sit down in the chair, she kneels. What an eccentric , carefree, free spirit isn’t she ? Again, how come Sarah Jessica Parker’s character SanDeE* from LA Story isn’t popular. Seriously SanDeE* needs a fan cult following !

SanDeE* is also in an open relationship with this guy named Jack ( who sounds like a real jerk ), “Oh he doesn’t care. I mean, he can’t care. He gave me this big speech about how even though we live together still, we should see other people.” 

And HE IS STALKING HER AND STEVE ! And SanDeE* doesn’t mind. “THIS IS HIM ! “ Pointing Steve out to Jack.

But don’t worry, it was his idea.

It’s still unknown of SanDeE*’s phone number 555-2312 is still in service ( No worries, it’s fictional * unfortunately * lol )

And yes, if you haven’t seen the movie, I’m spelling the name right 

Big S , small a, small n, Big D, small e, Big E , and a Star at the end ( So I use this * ).

Damn, where was this fictional character in my high school and college years ? My Twin Flame was way too young back then. Oh hang on. She would be too old for me at my time. lol

SanDeE* also reveals that she was going to College , studying to being a spokesmodel ( Because she’s always liked pointing ) .

Then Steve gets robbed and but Steve and SanDeE* don’t take much notice. Strange.

SanDeE* also likes enemas.

Seriously, all the awesome action happening outside SanDeE*’s home with the fire juggler and SanDeE* even knows some of the people selling stuff. It’s like a happy version of LA.  And SanDeE*’s home IS ACTUALLY REAL ! The Venice Beach Cotel !

So the scene ends at 44 1/2 minutes into the movie.

And you would need to fast forward to about 26 minutes later into the movie in order to see SanDeE* again.

So we find out that SanDeE* is going on vacation ! And she sure loves trivia games ( for some reason ). She’s so happy that she’s hopping up and down.

Steve reveals that he has relationship problems.

SanDeE* as the empath as she is says “ Share how that makes you feel. “

So Steve openly admits that if he went with SanDeE* , he would be using her and “she doesn’t mind”. 

SanDeE* REALLY LOVES Stars and to “ Spin on The Beach “ . Yes, very spiritual !

SanDeE* LOVES the Casa Oceana ( REAL place but called El Pollo del Mar in the movie ) .

And before any sort of romantic drama happens ( Which SanDeE* isn’t really involved, She’s just so happy to see people in general. Such an innocent soul. ) We see a some-what romantic scene.

SanDeE* LOVES the curtains and the bed sheets and blankets to the point where she’s twirling in all of them ! :D

And you know how much of a flirt SanDeE* is. She made Steve touch her boob !

And you can hear that romantic love making from the other side of the wall ( where Steve’s love interest is ) .

SanDeE* after making love, we see her reveal something about her love life currently.

“ You know before we left, Jack said he wanted to make our relationship exclusive again. “

Jack could never get a date and he just didn’t like SanDeE* going out with out people even though he told SanDeE* too. “

“I really like him. Even though he’s not so smart.”

So SanDeE* gets to have fun spinning on the beach at night, while Steve is fighting with his love interest. Even a kartwheel !

“ Do you ever wonder why the water just doesn’t fly up into the sky ? “

SanDeE* is always twirling, doing some kind of exercise, even getting into the car through an open window.

And that’s it.


So in terms of MBTI / Myers Briggs Personality Type , 

Is SanDeE* ESFP or ENFP ?

As I mentioned earlier,

SanDeE* is definitely an Extrovert, Feeler, Perceiver. 

Maybe an ESFP.

For many years I thought SanDeE* was an ENFP. And I thought I was ENFP. 

Perhaps it was the spiritual aspects and the love of the free spiritness but I’m an INFP.

In a way, I kind of wished that she was an ENFP.

Perhaps that spiritual side to her is, something that yet to be see in SanDeE*’s character.

“A Very LA, free spirit type” as Steve Martin mentioned SanDeE* in an interview.

In conclusion, I feel SanDeE* is a wonderful character. It’s characters like that in which stand out on their own. It’s like being a huge Harley Quinn fan without being much of a fan of Batman : The Animated Series. Or Just watching Lori Petty’s scenes in whatever movie she’s in. Like Haruko from FLCL, There’s something about free spirited women characters which we rarely see. And I would absolutely love to see more characters like them. :)

_ Erica

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