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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Erica Crooks adult puppeteer talking about Dirty Puppets and part 3 of o...

Is Dirty Puppets doing adult themes and content actually funny at all ? Of course it is.
I strongly feel that it’s all about how it’s done relative to two factors which is creativity ( imaginative ) and or satirical .
Same goes with toilet humor and everything else. 

I talk about examples of this dirty adult humor with puppets from 2015 episodes of my Adult puppet comedy show “ The Erica Crooks Show “ 
as well as debating how the original uncensored humor of Jim Henson and his original crew probably were more creative with their dirty humor then what was seen in The Happytime Murders .

I was going to see the film but after reading the reviews , it’s probably not worth the rush. Unfortunately I would have never thought I’d say that about a NEW Brain Henson film which I was just as excited as Star Wars fans before they seen Episode 1 about 20 years ago as I write this.

And if you compare the adult humor of the original Jim Henson’s Muppets to Puppet Up / Stuffed and Unstrung / Happytime Murders / Henson Alternative Brain Henson’s Miscreant Puppets , and even comparing everything with Current Sesame Street vs Classic Sesame Street and Disney’s Muppets vs Jim Henson’s Muppets / Jim Henson Production Muppets 1990s . It should be obvious. 

Anyway there’s my two cents on that .

_ Erica Crooks ( adult puppetry / ( independent ) Jim Henson expert )

part 1

part 2

Part 1 

part 2

part 3


And speaking of Adult Puppetry , if anyone is interested , here’s my adult puppetry and adult animation artwork and entertainment. In no means is this competition. lol Art is art , not business .

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