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Friday, May 29, 2020

Steve Whitmire Controversy Part 3 : Moving On ?

Steve Whitmire part 3 : Moving on ?

( The following blog article is LEGAL due to news-reporting / social commentary purposes . In no means this is meant to libel , slander , or lie about anyone. )

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Eventually I knew I had to write a part 3. Even though there hasn’t been anymore “ Conspiracy Theories “ or rumors regarding this situation, I did find out that I was wrong about one thing.

“ FleeceThroat “ IS A FRAUD !

 I was chatting with someone who used to hang out on Steve Whitmire's old blog " Muppet Pundit" and even though " FleeceThroat's " story about Steve Whitmire taking David Rudman, Eric Jacobson and John Tartaglia out to dinner which "FleeceThroat" nicknamed "The Mafia Dinner" telling them to leave Ernie alone because that's his character and they bailed on him telling him to go f**k himself sounds interesting, the big question is , IS THAT STORY EVEN TRUE ? At the time I have written the blog, " FleeceThroat " ( and perhaps " Conspiracy Theories " * depending on the situation * can be quite thrilling when no new or legit information is coming forward regarding the situation ) I thought " FleeceThroat " and similar accounts were in fact ACTUAL puppeteers that worked with Steve Whitmire. Especially when they kept reminding puppeteer "Mike Quinn" ( I'll walk up to you tonight during our rehearsals at the O2 show tonight ) . I seriously thought at the time that " FleeceThroat " was real puppeteers hiding their identities to save their careers. There was even some rumor that " John Kennedy " was the main one. Also the leaked email from Steve Whitmire which the point " FleeceThroat " was making was if Steve Whitmire truly cared about the other puppeteers maintaining the characters then why was he only concern that he performed Kermit himself and forget about the rest in " Muppets Ahoy ! " . And just explaining all of this, this seems legit doesn't it. That was until I had a conversation with a devoted Steve Whitmire fan ( who still thinks Steve Whitmire didn't do anything wrong unfortunately despite what the Hensons had to say " WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART ABOUT MY DEBATE / ARGUMENT NEXT TO WHY WASN'T THERE A SOLIDARITY AMONG THE OTHER PUPPETEERS STANDING UP FOR HIM. ) Within a direct message conversation, this person told me that they were literally CYBERBULLIED by " FleeceThroat " and showed me actual emails and evidence of this being true. So it destroys " FleeceThroat " completely to the point where I'm embarrassed to have gave that troll any sort of praise in the first place. 

So what has the aftermath been since this situation happened. In my opinion, the aftermath is STRANGE ! Strange enough so much so that it’s a perfect conclusion to this three part blog article.

Hopefully you’ve read parts 1 and 2 already.

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Hopefully I’ve mentioned this already . Steve Whitmire’s UNFUNNY Transgender remark holding up a stuffed frog with a greet the and comparing it with a Kermit photo puppet replica behind him saying “ He’s not the Transgender Kermit or anything. “

So when Transgender people make up to % 0.1 or whatever minority people LIKE ME are in are pretty much ignored by the majority of cisgender heterosexuals who most likely than not have ZERO knowledge about us even if they are a liberal progressive claiming how politically…. Whatever … ( I’m an Anarchist by the way , there’s a difference between liberals and LEFTISTS aka the true right . )

Like the subject of this blog post, I’m sure a lot of people want me to shrug this off and move on.

I’ve mentioned this to several people. One Steve Whitmire fan on the “ Cave-In “ ( Steve Whitmire’s new puppet show ) Discord channel told me that perhaps Steve Whitmire’s opinions have changed. I was even told by another Steve Whitmire fan to tell him personally how I feel without placing judgement.

I CAN’T DO THAT ! Especially when he blocked me from Instagram. Probably for just mentioning what the Hensons said about him in my Instagram stories or something, I don’t know. Maybe he read this. GOOD ! Will he learn from it, not until we live in an Anarchist society or he gains “ class consciousness “ . So maybe fighting about his pay isn’t a bad thing …. Buuuuuuut , The Jim Henson Company is NOT the wealthiest company in the world. It’s art before profit…. ok, that was in the 1990s, it’s probably the opposite now a days because it’s just not the same, anyway.

I’m being told to just let it go. But I didn’t.

I written this blog.

I made a blog video saying “ HEY , Transgender Pop Culture Fans MATTER TOO ! “

Even a video saying that Transgender puppeteers matter too !

I have to stand my ground. And you know what ? PEOPLE GET ANGRY AT ME WHEN I DO !

“ Don’t bring that SJW Snowflake agenda into here, there’s a time and a place, etc”

And all of this Centrist , Liberal , Progressive nonsense which clearly shows that there’s a difference between the tolerable civil “ Don’t Want No Drama “ , “ Don’t Trend On Me “ , “ Quit solving your dogma down my throat”, liberals ( which are centered right , not left wing ) and Anarchists who are leftists and the REAL Left. 

It amazes me just HOW TRIGGERED and ANGRY people get when you say something that’s outside of the Liberal / Conservative , Capitalists mainstream politics and standing up for human rights ( )

People think I’m the rude, fight provoking , out of control one. It’s very similar to talking formal and polite in a store asking an employee and they think your being sarcastic. 

Is it me or is critical thinking becoming rare ?

And because of my political beliefs, because I’m trans, because of my differences, this hierarchical system will make sure that I am alienated and isolated just for me standing up for my rights and being free to be me.

White cishet men don’t have to go through the shit people like me have to go through.

I’m sure they thought the same exact thing when blackface was in the mainstream in the 1930s and 1940s ( Which the Jimmy Fallon situation does NOT count as blackface by the way . )

I’ll need to talk about this subject alone, how those who are fighting for their Human Rights are being labeled as Social Justice Warriors , LIBERALS ARE NOT YOUR ALLIES !

Anyway, in the situation regarding Steve Whitmire’s transphobic joke ( ) , perhaps he DID apologize since ( before the COVID-19 / Coronavirus Crisis ) he was at as many comic cons as you could imagine aka HIS NEW CAREER. I don’t mean to be ageist but that “ Transgender Kermit “ joke was really a “ OK BOOMER “ moment. Steve Whitmire IS a Baby Boomer, Steve Whitmire is from the Baby Boomer generation . I am a Millennial, I grew up watching his stuff. Whatever he did with The Muppets played a huge role in my childhood entertainment and still does regardless of how he treated the Hensons, other puppeteers or anyone else. And when it comes to white cishet men, especially if they are from older generations, they are NOT going to automatically understand the oppression of minorities.

But I will say this. Liberals are the ones who are open minded to listen , Conservatives will not give you the time and day and probably will hurt you at least.

But that’s an important point that I’m bringing up here. Steve Whitmire’s Comic Con career and being surrounded by fans. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bunch of Millennials that go up to say hi to them. But when I found out that he was coming to a Comic Con near me, I had to make the hard choice I knew was for the best. I passed. 

Most people would think , WHY Erica ? Come on, forget about all that stuff, that was so 2017 , come on.

So Steve Whitmire made that one bad Transgender joke….

But like what ContraPoints has said , “ The problem with Transgender jokes is that it often comes from people who don’t understand transgender people . “

Steve Whitmire has a new puppet show online , a new web series called “ Cave-In “ . What’s confusing is, this is an internet troll. A villain right ? So it’s a satire. However Steve wants this character to be lovable like Oscar The Grouch ( Which it was Caroll Spinney that discovered him and both of them were able to spend time together at Comic Con before he passed away. ) Also something that I DID find out on who built that puppet. STEVE built that puppet. Which is interesting. Perhaps it shows that Steve Whitmire has more talent that just being a puppeteer. 

But there’s something that bothers me about this puppet character of his. “ Well I didn’t say I was a male ! “ ( Big laughs in the audience ) . Here we go again. The way too common cishet miseducation and misconception that Male and Men are the same thing even though that’s the Gender Binary. Male is just the body. Men is a gender identity so therefore a social construct. I already talked about the differences in a blog video.

So is the main character in Cave-In “Non-Binary” ? Is the confusion of not knowing if this troll is good or not a part of the character or is Steve Whitmire’s aim just to get laughs, be entertaining, and just get something out of this puppet for the rest of his life never to work for The Muppets and perform Kermit The Frog ever again.

Steve Whitmire is all over the internet giving interviews all the time talking about his experience positively, Jim Henson’s legacy and performing Cave-In. And fans are just happy to see him.

That’s all that’s happening. NOT ONE MENTION OF THE PAST !

It’s like watching those first Comic Con interviews Steve Whitmire did when he started his new Comic Con career, the moderators being like “ We want all happy talk, we want things to be nice and happy, nothing sad, nothing angry, nothing bad or you can’t speak. “ etc

And that’s exactly what’s going on. NO ONE CARES ANYMORE !

I blame LIBERALISM ! I blame Capitalism ! Sounds vague to you maybe but I’m an Anarchist, this is my blog, and I’m going to express myself if you like it or not.

If we lived in an Anarchist Society. Steve Whitmire can perform Kermit The Frog whenever he wanted. In fact, no one would tell him what to do. But so would Matt Vogel and anyone else. However at the same time, there would be nostalgic fans and artists who would work hard to make sure that the original Jim Henson / 1990s era Muppets film library can be saved and enjoyed to anyone who wants to see them FOR FREE ! Steve Whitmire could perform with Dave Golez and Frank Oz again if they wish.

The Hensons can finally sit back, relax, and not need to feel the pressure of running a company anymore and just like everyone else, do whatever they want to do. Perhaps Brian Henson wants to continue doing Puppet Up, who knows. Maybe realistic CGI computer animation can recreate an animated movie of a history of what if Jim Henson didn’t pass away and the Walt Disney Company deal was successful and they agreed with Jim Henson’s fair deal blueprint without hassle. Another World Is Possible.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m an Anarchist, STUFF LIKE THAT CAN ACTUALLY HAPPEN !

But we got to let go of trusting hierarchical power.

So what about Steve Whitmire , how are we going to get justice against Steve Whitmire ?

Here’s how I see things for right now at the time I’ve written this. To Jim Henson Muppet fans, the news about Steve Whitmire was heartbreaking. There was a difference between when Jim Henson ran things vs life without him. That’s a clear sign which no one can ignore, even though it’s been 30 years since Jim Henson passed away ( in other words Streptococcus Pneumonia Group A killed Jim Henson and doctors worked around the clock to save him and nothing could have stopped the virus ) , Jim Henson is still missed by EVERYONE who remembers him. Fans, his family, his workers, etc. 

We are often reminded to remember why he liked Steve Whitmire in the first place, and like Kevin Clash ( who made that immediate come back out of no where ) , like Muppet Show writer “Chris Langham “ , sometimes it is best to remember them for the talents and good things that they did instead of the bad things they have done …. But at the same time, it’s still no excuse when they haven’t admitted it.

And perhaps that’s why we are angry. We want justice. But even that’s a vague statement and each situation would need to be examined for it’s own sake and judgement. 

When Steve Whitmire was fired , that was probably just as big or a bigger shock than the Kevin Clash news headlines. Muppet fans were split politically between siding with Steve Whitmire saying Disney was unfair for what they did. And there’s people who sided with Disney believing that whatever change is on the way , things will get better soon. And of course you have most Muppet fan community moderators if Message Forum or Facebook Group banning users for bringing up “ political agenda and ruining the community “ which is always common and typical as I mentioned similarly earlier in this blog article.

For me as you probably already know by reading all three parts of all of this , where I stand on the Steve Whitmire Controversy. The part that bothered me the most was the Hensons speaking up against Steve Whitmire. Especially Steve Whitmire telling Brian Henson “I am now Kermit so you better make me happy” in the mid 1990s , as in a few years after Jim Henson’s Death ? WTF Whitmire ?

I’m probably hated by both sides at this point. I’m used to living this way because as a good friend taught me years ago, you can either live in fear of what people think of you or you can be free to be you and ignore your critics.

I think critical thinking is key to all of this, especially when it comes to talking about politics, fandom and having a good faith intellectual conversation. But I keep getting responses from emotionally sensitive , triggered and emotionally unstable people who hate me, thinking I’m some kind of mean bully, and no matter what positive spiritual / political wisdom I give them that I know would better their life , they ignore it. Probably to watch something to cheer me up and probably compare me to Miss Piggy and Oscar The Grouch or some awful Muppet character like that , I don’t know. lol

As I’ve read in An Anarchist FAQ,

This hierarchical system creates submissive or authoritarian personalities every generation.

So what else do I have to say about Steve Whitmire ? If he’s lying about stuff, tell the truth and be honest. 

Because I am so sick and tired of toxic people in this world. Especially when it relates to the arts and fandoms which I care about. If Steve Whitmire didn’t mind being vulnerable and just admitted to something like “ Can you blame me, I had bills to pay and…” I used to believe in Steve Whitmire , that was until the Hensons came to expose him.

When you can’t properly debate and stand up for yourself , no one is going to listen to you and take you seriously as long as we live in this hierarchical society.

And when you are established , and you are not alone , and people know you, they should easily be at your side.

But guess what ? No one cares anymore. I still care. But why do I still care ? Because I hate liars. I hate the fact that Steve Whitmire can act so nice to fans and so rotten behind the scenes.

So when I say “ No one cares “ , who am I referring too ?

Most people in the fandom and people he’s worked with.

Maybe it’s a Millennial / Generation Z / Young person thing. Maybe it’s a 60s thing. But Fandom is important. Art is communication, art is culture. It speaks to us. This was true during Jim Henson’s time and it’s disappearing more and more. People struggle with money more than ever but instead of reading Anarchist / Leftist political philosophy seeing that Another World Is Possible , people sacrifice quality and art for a paycheck. And the entertainment industry is probably the worst business anyone could ever get into. You think your 9 to 5 job is bad. Ever thought of being a freelancer artist like the greats in the entertainment industry ? Their fans love them. And if these people weren’t so locked down by the strict totalitarian contracts of agents , managers , unions , capitalism , perhaps they can just make a living off of Patreon or Go Fund Me or Kickstarter or some forum of CrowdFunding .

Sure they make you smile at Comic Con. But you are probably pissed off to pay about a hundred dollars for an autographed picture which is signed by them but printed off the internet using photo paper or double that amount to have a picture with them as if they were a family friend of yours.

THESE ARTISTS ARE LITERALLY STARVING ! And because of what happened with COVID-19 / Coronavirus , because the Entertainment Industry was shut down ( Normally I would be cheering since most of the stuff that comes out is SHIT but you know … ) , can’t you see what I’m trying to say here ?

What’s a celebrity ? A famous talented person ? Not anymore. A celebrity is a young sex symbol pop idol who loses their fame, fortune and drugs when they hit their 30s. We fans LOVE these artists, even if we disagree with their politics and they might say something ignorant once and awhile, and it’s this fandom / artist / art connection I wished politically that people advocated more and took more seriously. It’s more than just a commodity, it’s culture and it’s art. But these people are equal to you and me if you want to realize that or not. AND MOST ARE WAY OLDER THAN YOU THINK ! They got no retirement fund !

Many live in California and New York, and even have a bunch of 9 to 5 side jobs that you don’t know about otherwise you would bombard them asking fan questions, autographs , and they would probably get fired from their job and punch you in the face due to living in this global capitalist society.

Dave Golez said something very interesting on the Muppet Guys Talking Live Stream honoring Jim Henson’s Legacy. “ We have you to thank. You have us a life. If it weren’t for you, Frank ( Oz ) would be selling shoes . “

Yes, that’s fact. They are working class. This is true. And not one of my so called Pinko Commie Conspiracy Theories as you might assume Anarchism / Leftism to being. Anarchism / Leftism is ABOUT caring for the working class. Capitalism DOES NOTHING !

We are all striving in this hierarchical hell hole together , and I’m not just talking about the COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis or Trump’s Presidency.

Freelancing is not a 9 to 5 stable ( so called stable if you want to call it that ) job. So if Steve Whitmire had those outbursts , put on this Ego just to save himself from losing his house or starving, that’s understandable. But again, he never admitted that. And that’s the thing. We can only go by the facts we are presented.

But when it comes to facts and critical thinking, there’s many who would rather have a live and let live , open minded , “ JUST BE NICE “ liberal mindset. 

That’s like ignoring the crimes that John Kricfalusi did and thinking he’s a nice guy and allowing him to fool you.


Is there darker things to Steve Whitmire which he don’t know about ? Or am I being a meanie judger hater ? Did liberals have the same exact mindset for anyone who tried to expose Jimmy Savile or Michael Jackson ? YES ! That’s why critical thinking is important. But you don’t want to get to the point where you fear life and people and you end up becoming a jerk.

Why do you think I spend so much time talking about spiritual personal growth and liberating politics ?

Because Another World Is Possible ! Do you want it ? Do they want it ?

One more thing about Steve Whitmire. Isn’t Steve Whitmire married to his high school sweetheart ? She has been appearing at comic con recently. 

Ok, enough about Steve Whitmire.

What about The Walt Disney Company ?

Again, I’m an Anarchist, so therefore I’m anti-capitalist.

Also learn how Disney treated Jim Henson in the books Jim Henson : The Biography and Street Gang.

Then there’s also a book called “ Disney War “ that looks like an interesting read.

As for the Muppet fandom community , I have a theory that it’s split between the nostalgic and the open minded just like any fandom. Eventually I’ll mention more on that in a future post as well as debating the big question regarding

What would Jim Henson do , Would Jim Henson be happy with how everything is going with his creations 30 years after his passing.

Most would not feel comfortable answering this and say “ No one knows so shut up “.

Others just assume and can’t separate Jim Henson’s idealism ( which is pure common philosophical / spiritual wisdom ) from liberalism propaganda aka Ellen Degeneres “ Just be Kind to Everyone, it doesn’t matter. “ .

And I think that’s how I’d like to end this blog article with that note. Like a religious war over what’s in the best interests of God, there’s sort of a debate regarding Jim Henson’s Legacy. But it’s not as epic as such a battle. 

The Jim Henson Company , The Muppets , etc seemed to have moved on . In general , Pop Culture Character Icons are now commodified shallow versions of their former selves. It’s no longer in the control of nostalgic fans who are artists, it’s under supervision of capitalist executives.

It’s art vs business. Business people have the money, The starving artists have the talent.

Like the working class, in order to get your basic human needs, you need to whore yourself to wage slavery aka capitalism.

Frank Oz in recent times has reached out to fans on Twitter and with Muppet Guys Talking. 

Frank Oz in my opinion is the one who’s keeping Jim Henson’s Legacy alive.

“ Those are Not The Muppets that Jim had intended. Their Job is to be rebellious, their job is to say SCREW DISNEY ! I don’t like majoritive Cute ! “

More on this in a future blog post.

With a reboot of Fraggle Rock on the way, it just makes all of this more relevant.

So I’ll end this with a question and an answer.

What would Jim Henson think and do if he was still alive ?

Answer : There’s a scientific theory that might keep you entertained until souls return to Earth when 3D earth gets the 5D Earth upgrade.

( 1. Read Jim Henson : The Biography by Brian Jay Jones

( 2. In the book it says that Jim Henson took the MBTI test and his result was “ Idealist “ aka INFP ( I am also an INFP by the way. ;) )

Jim Henson was born September 24, 1936

( 3. Jim Henson’s Zodiac Astrological sign is “ Libra “ and I find these horoscopes accurate

( 3. Jim Henson’s Numerology is

Life Path : 7

Life Destiny : 3

Soul Number : 3

Personality Number : 9

Have fun with this. :D

_ Erica

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