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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Spiritual Anarchy

Spiritual Anarchy : 5D Earth + Anarchism

As you probably already know , I’m a twin flame and my twin flame is indeed on Earth and just lives in the city 30 minutes or so away from me.

Me and my Twin Flame go to this website and I’d like to share with you this particular update.

Which is what I’d like to bring up in this very article.

It’s about the power of The Law of Attraction and love and how it can not only help us all from the inside / out to a 5D Earth but also an Anarchist Society.

And of course I’ve mentioned this before.

Perhaps more then I remember

Take a look for yourself

And yes even though there’s a long history of Anarchists being against religion , 
I strongly disagree that New Thought / New Age Spirituality is hierarchical.
But unfortunately even some of the best Anarchist teachers out there could possibly disagree with me.
Like Libertarian Socialist Rants

But I think everyone is spiritual even unconsciously.

And again this is something I’ve most certainly talked about in a recent blog video .

Once again , perhaps love is indeed the answer.

New Thought / New Age spiritual empaths and Anarchists should work together.
Both are against hierarchy and both agree that we should work from the energy of love instead of hate and fear.

OK , there’s LOTS of Anarchists , perhaps most who work through their anger.

As I said before , negativity is the emotion that we need to be careful of.
Satirists and Heyoka empaths can work through this energy in a positive matter

As well as cultural anarchists. The 1960s expressed their frustrations through art , music , and even political awareness.

And I think that’s what we all got to do , spread the word.

The thing that I always found frustrating is sometimes getting the two to work together.
It’s overwhelming being an empath .
Especially being an INFP one !

I’m still trying to figure out if energy shielding is just calming down or spiritual bypassing ?
Speaking of which , ever seen Teal Swan ? She’s great !

So the point I wanted to make sure is like what I’ve said before , what if we could use The Law of Attraction to help out with an Anarchist Social Revolution because I won’t be surprised if 5D Earth and An Anarchist Society could both happen at the same exact time. Anarchists should know that the Law of Attraction and this New Age stuff DOES INDEED WORK ! I have a Twin Flame , I went through and seen and witnessed and experienced paranormal stuff including seeing 11:11 all the time as soon as I check the time or even on a car license plate while going for a ride as well as 222, 555 , angel numbers.
I’ve seen Heart shaped clouds in the sky in 2016 as an indicator that I have indeed meet my Twin Flame face to face.

And New Agers need to drop this idea of New Age politics and having a counsel of Elders be our hierarchical leaders even if their wisdom means well , even those people
Who just aren’t interested in the Law of Attraction , perhaps they can still manifest unconsciously ,

Negativity in terms of manifestation relates to HOW YOU FEEL , not what you think.

And Heyoka is indeed a mirror empath.

Perhaps shielding energy is in order and balancing the chakras and clearing Karma in meditation.

Before I end this brief post , I’d like to share with you an inspirational video from a Lightworker .

I can totally relate to this guy and his video.

Also in5D is awesome too !

5D Earth

Other Research Resources

Anarchist FAQ

New World Order


The Law of Attraction

And for Twin Flames out there , I strongly recommend

_ Erica

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