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Friday, October 23, 2015

5 Reasons why Erica Crooks at RI Comic Con is Good and Interesting Hallo...

Erica Crooks ( The Eric Crooks Show / Ask Dr. LeBrick / Random Man / ) is coming to #rhodeislandcomiccon ( Rhode Island Comic Con 2015 ) this year. So here's 5 excuses ... I mean 5 reasons why it matters. Especially if you don't know who the heck this is.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015

Bad Video Access Television - Bad Pathetic Woman Singer and Worst ...

Bad Video Access Television - Drink Orange Juice or you'll end up in Hell ! #darkcomedy

ENFP Under Stress : blowing things out of proportion

The ENFP personality type is known for being one of the most friendliest, warn, cuddly ( at times ), and nicest personality types ever known to Personality Test Science. But like anybody, we do have our moments of handling stress. And ENFP stress handling isn't always a strength even to to most mature and personality growth developed ENFPs.

ENFP Personality Type Vlogger Video Blogger Erica Crooks ( of ) would like to talk about ENFP stress. ENFPs want things to be harmonious all of the time and sometimes when stressed or confused can blow things out of proportion and fear things negatively worse then it really actually is in reality.

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If you can relate and would like to talk about your ENFP stress experience, have fun with the comments page below. Feel free to embed  this video in ENFP / personality forums too. Share with other like minded ENFPs and subscribe.

Thank you for watching and have a wonderful day. And try not to stress yourself out in life too much. :P lol


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Erica Crooks cartoonist artist coming to Rhode Island RI Comic Con 2015 ...

Erica Crooks coming to RI Comic Con 2015 ( Rhode Island Comic Con 2015 ) It's going to be a lot of fun ! :D #RIComicCon #RhodeIslandComicCon #RIComicCon2015

Transgender Discrimination, political incorrectness in comedy, and bette...

#Transgender #MTF #Lesbian woman Erica Crooks who's also a #comedy #indefilmmaker in her own right has something to say about how trans people have been wrongfully stereotyped in comedy media in past and sadly in the present. Spread the awareness that comedy and transgender needs a much more positive and truthful perception. It's time for low brow stereotypes to go bye bye !

Transgender political cartoonist satirist

Transgender MTF Woman Lesbian Femme

Satirical Political Cartoonist Erica Crooks

Has something to say !

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Eric Crooks Show - Dead Person

More crazy puppet slapstick and stupidity from The Eric Crooks Show.

The Eric Crooks Show - Lousy Viral YouTube Commenting on Videos Parody T...

YouTube Video Commenting TV Shows are really Stupid.

The Eric Crooks Show - Small Business Owners

Why local businesses should go bye-bye.

Erica Crooks talks about Transwoman MTF Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT...

Erica Crooks talks about HRT For Transgender MTF Women.

The Eric Crooks Show - Takin Bout Awesome Crap Album

New Album called AAAAhhhhh ! Coming soon NOWHERE ! GOOD !

From the satirical comedy puppet show " The Eric Crooks Show "

Bad Video Access Television - Useless wisdom about his miserable life ( ...

Sad or Funny ? Sad Man never shuts about being a loser.

Bad Video Access Television - Unfunny Stand Up Comedy for Saving My Life

Unfunny Hack Performs crap stand up comedy.

Bad Video Access Television - Crazy YouTube Woman

YouTube Psycho Video Blogger Wants To Go Viral for talking about Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber !
Performed by the hilarious Erica Crooks ( )