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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Official Erica Crooks YouTube : Funny Adult Puppet Comedy and Adult Cartoon Animation Satire

Erica Crooks ( / )

featuring but not limited to the following ...

 Funny Adult Puppet Comedy , Funny Adult Cartoon Animation , Funny Slapstick Satire Dark Comedy Craziness ?
Check out your funny video favorites on the Official Erica Crooks YouTube Channel

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Over 10 years of the satirical sketch comedy puppet and cartoon animated show for adults " The Erica Crooks Show "

The Dark satire of insane people with Bad Public Access Television Shows on " Bad Public Cable Access Television "

The Puppet Doctor of Malpractice " Dr LeBrick and his useless wisdom and toilet humor , especially his spin off comedy specials
The Ask Dr LeBrick Halloween Special and The Ask Dr LeBrick Christmas Special

Plus more wild untamed Funny Adult Puppetry and Cartoon Animated short films , videos , comedy sketches AND MORE !

100 % Independent Film !

Also Erica Crooks Blog videos on the INFP personality type , LGBTQ topics such as life as a Transgender Lesbian Woman , the importance of Personality Type Science , Libertarian Socialist Anarchism , and The Law of Attraction / New Age / New Thought / Twin Flames , and of course pop culture fandom.

Check out The Official Erica Crooks youtube playlists to watch a marathon of videos that fits your mood today . Like it's own TV Channel sort of thing !

Plus extra stuff like bloopers and behind the scenes of puppet indie filmmaking , puppet building , philosophy and more !

For more hilarious puppet and cartoon animation parodies , Dark Comedy humor , satires and funny stupid videos for adults
( and other cool stuff )
visit The Official Erica Crooks Websites : and today !

So check out The Official Erica Crooks Youtube for the wisdom , the funny satirical comedy featuring adult puppetry and cartoon animation too insane for the mainstream !