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Sunday, July 29, 2018

INFP Social

INFP Personality Type in social situations by Vlogger Erica Crooks ( INFP Personality Type / numerology 5 / Pieces / Transgender woman ( lesbian ) )

If people are looking for a solid description , my best advice for you would be to hit the books and articles. Sure audiobooks are great ( plus you can have software read to you if your too tired to read ) but if it’s just someone on video reading it , kind of boring right ?

One of the things I love about the MBTI Community online is blog videos , parody memes and just the culture behind it because it does help people understand one another and maybe this can help bring about #worldpeace . Then again the INFP is the #idealist aren’t we ?

Subjects in this INFP video include but not limited too

_ INFP and ( ESTP , ESTJ / ISTJ , ISFP , ESFP , ESFJ / ISFJ , and a general mention of all intuitive personality types ( INTP , ENTP , ENTJ , INTJ )

_ Being an awkward extroverted Introvert in social situations

_ And finally , going off subject a lot because this was improvised on the spot . ( aka Perceiver )

So add this one to the INFP personality type blog video thingy collection to help out with the personality test type collective of research , self education and study ( intuitives can relate lol )

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