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Monday, March 15, 2021

Pepe Le Pew has been retired / fired / CANCELED by CANCEL CULTURE ( satire )

It's sad that Pepe Le Pew has been officially announced as retired / banned by Warner Bros. He's a satirical character. He's a romantic who's probably watched many romantic movies and read many romance novels but lacks experience in relationships and no one ever told him about boundaries, consent, respect, etc.

Today's culture seems different. Satire & Slapstick Comedy doesn't seem to be as popular as it used to be.
I love it because I feel artistically and creatively that it relates to this quote.
" Art Should Disturb The Comfortable And Comfort The Disturbed. "

I don't think any of this reinforces crime and abuse. It's satire. But culture is different now. It's very commodity focused rather than about life in my opinion.

Not everything is for everyone, not everyone can find this kind of humor healing. We all heal differently. Spiritually, through music, etc.

The world needs love, but we live in a world of hate, fear, sadness & pain unfortunately.

I don't think reform, commodifying, trusting people in power is going to solve anything. Fred Hampton talked about Class Conscious. The root cause of all political problems has the same pattern which is hierarchical power over others. If people got along horizontally socially, the world would be a better place. And when people live happier lives, people can laugh more. :)
Still, satire sometimes needs to do it's duty because that's what satire does. And satire is often a misunderstood art form.