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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Achieving a Peaceful and Spiritual Revolution

Inner Peace manifests into World Peace

Something came to my attention recently. Which was the New Thought / New Age perspective of how a social revolution is indeed a spiritual revolution.
One of things that has puzzled me for 2 years in a row pretty much is just how can this brilliant information for world peace influence all the people in the world using internet technology in a way that such a so called ideal utopia can be achieved.
Just saying “no it can’t be done” will only make me question further.

Let me just say that I absolutely love the idea of Libertarian Socialist Anarchism and I still support it. But I do not think that atheism is the right way to go. New Age / New Thought Spirituality is not hierarchy in my opinion but absolute paranormal science ! When I meet my Twin Flame around 2016 , I knew all this stuff was real because the situation was so in my face.
Never before have I seen myself mirrored in someone else just as closely. 
Sure there’s the INFP personality type and artists that I admire I can relate to on many levels , but a Twin Flame is literally YOUR ENERGY being mirrored back to you in another person.
In other words , you can be thinking about something and feeling something , but if you think your “ save inside your mind … THINK AGAIN ! Because if you have a Twin Flame , they WILL react and respond to your thoughts and feelings alone just as if it was broadcasted on a live stream video and audio.

I do believe that this paranormal energy totally exists and perhaps the hierarchy of The New World Order explains a lot. I think both The New World Order conspiracy theory as well as the Anarchist FAQ explain EXACTLY what’s happening in the world. Even things John Lennon mentioned all the time in interviews and such.

And if we get right to the core of it all , we all maybe different but at the same time we are all the same. That is what “ We are all one “ is. We know what happy means , we all know what angry feels like. But perhaps according to our 16 personality types ( Myers Briggs / MBTI ) , zodiac , numerology , astrology , enneagram , etc - it all comes down to prospectives of what we perceive to be good or evil .

I like to think of the duality of Good vs Evil on a more Universally / humanitarian moral point of view. If no one is getting hurt , it’s fine. Hierarchy hurts and even kills so therefore , evil !

Anarchists , Socialists , left wing Communists , they all protest either peacefully and nonviolently or not either to display their frustrations or perhaps in deviance against Government imperialism used against the good intentioned. My heart still goes to these people because I can relate and understand what they are REALLY and TRULY trying to do.

But as I just mentioned , true spirituality I don’t feel is hierarchical.

Law of Attraction , New Age / New Thought Spirituality says that like attracts like . 

On a cultural anarchist level , it’s good to help bring awareness about what’s really going on . Same goes with New Age left wing Conspiracists ! Again my heart goes out to them.

But here’s some food for thought . How much time is spent thinking of such an ideal utopia of Heaven on Earth ? Less than you would spend on fighting against the enemy ?

In other words , if you really want to take out the enemy , you must go in psychologically and know what makes them tick. 

If dark traid , sociopaths , psychopaths and anti social narcissists alike can do this when the manipulate and hurt innocent people , we can do the same but instead of hurting them , send out spiritual forgiveness and unconditional love.

Which brings up a very important point !

 Is evil just negative energy for the sake of it ? 

I say that it’s the unconscious fighting against the world aka negativity aka low vibration aka Ego.

 But if we know that we have the power to our own mind body and soul by going within and finding inner peace , that’s going to be on a high vibration ( that’s why it’s called NEW THOUGHT ) and tap into the SOUL knowing that NO ONE TRULY HAS POWER OVER YOUR MIND !

What hierarchy truly is , is people trying to control others so they feel better about themselves and the world around.

The leftists I strongly feel only want peace . But then again , perhaps that’s on Everyone’s mind.

So , if you want to get rid of evil and hierarchy forever , each individual needs to find inner wholeness ! 

That’s going to create a spiritual chain reaction in terms of energy. 

In the form of an energetic collective.

So above , so below . Like attracts like .

Just as Anarchists say that if we all unite , Just as New Age conspiracies and Peace Protesters and Antifascists say that if we all unite , I say let’s all Unite within individually - and the energy itself is going to affect everyone on the planet from the creatures in the wild and sea to even your enemies .

They may not know what’s going on ,

But it’s all about “ SPIRITUAL AWAKENING OF TRUTH ! “

We all want to be happy and feel good. So if we all take control of ourselves by going within , that’ll create peace in the world.

Then hierarchy WILL collapse on it’s own ! Law and Order will collapse on it’s own.

And therefore an automatic libertarian socialist anarchist society , free society , Heaven on Earth , 5D Earth ! 

_ Erica

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