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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Spiritual Anarchism and Politics

Spiritual Anarchism and Politics
Erica Crooks

Who made this mess , how did it happen and how come no one is cleaning it up ?
My mindset during early teenhood . My perceptions in childhood whenever I seen a crying toddler being smacked up and screamed at by their parents like it’s the child’s fault they are upset. From time to time in my life , I have a bad habit of second guessing myself probably because I actually tend to listen to other’s point of view , then determine if it resinates with me and how I see the world. Most of the time what I hear is absolute rubbish . And I learn how to detect the very similar patterns to everything instead of just taking everything as individual issues. Then again , maybe it’s just because I’m an intuitive ( INFP in fact * MBTI / Myers Briggs Personality Types ) and that’s just what intuitives do . See the whole picture and the details afterwords . 

I guess in my recent years of getting into Anarchism , I’m finally finding the very answers to practically every single political problem that happens in this world today when I thought none existed beyond “ The world is a mess , we have evil and stupid people and that’s that. “
I know I’ve always sided with left wing politics one way or another even if I was raised by wolves. And when I mean wolves , I’m referring to Two STJ personality type parents ( not my mother , my father’s wife ) with a full authoritarian upbringing and toxic personality disorders in which I almost committed suicide / self harm if I didn’t run away with my mother to another state.

Myers Briggs Personality Type Science helped me understand just why am I always the odd one out , the social outcast , the nonconformist , really recognizing this at face value at high school . I was told that the reason why I was different was because I had high functioning autism / Asperger’s Syndrome / ADD ADHD / etc . I went to a neurologist early this year and why do I keep running into STJ personality types who are authoritarian and absolute [ so and sos ] ? Same with this judge who me and my mother went to see to try to get justice against this transphobic ringleader in the neighborhood trying to get everyone to hate me , the judge as you probably already guest is the same as my father and the neurologist , TRANSPHOBIC , AUTHORITARIAN , STJ personality type. Interesting pattern , heavy time indeed.
The thing that I’ve learned out of those experiences as well as similar things I happen to hear from time to time ( patterns ) is how intuitives are being diagnosed with stuff , the political system is shite corrupt , there’s a political link to those who’ve hurt me most of my life , and that I’m not alone and none of it was my fault .

Law of Attraction not only helped me gain self confidence but also find out the 9 year mystery of the soulmate in telepathic communication when I meet my Twin Flame face to face . I finally got a name and face that proves that this person is real. I’m sure I probably mentioned this a lot in my 2015 videos too. At this time , I’m still working on Twin Flame Union and I don’t want to reveal any information on my Twin Flame without her consent . Maybe she won’t mind but I’m just doing this to be nice and also to play it safe. I had some rough running issues I faced with my Twin in the previous years ( Twin Flame Running / Separation / Ascension / etc ) .

When I got into New Age / New Thought Spirituality and The Secret from a suggestion of someone who was helping me find my Twin Flame at the time , This was 2009 - 2012 , 
I got the suggestion in 2012 , and it radically changed my life. 

If you’ve seen my website and even my videos from 2015 or around then , I was learning stuff from Bob Proctor and as I said in previous articles , I think Bob Proctor is a great collector of wisdom , he’s a brilliant and influential NTJ ( I believe his personality type is just that ) but once I got into Anarchism - I realized that EVERYTHING that practically EVERY NEW AGE guru mentioned about capitalism , it's not your job to change the world only your life , the world is perfect the way it is I considered to look back and think " It's probably because you don't got this new knowledge that I just found —- ANARCHISM “

It’s interesting to hear stories about how people became anarchists. For me , it was just simply being an Anarchist who didn’t know what her political ideology was . lol
But it’s like typology with MBTI , I can see the patterns of political ideology even those who claim to be apolitical.

I think the WORST people who have ever hurt me in my life , were right wing politically .
And at the same time there was sociopaths who pretending to be good friends even though they were not ! It’s amazing how often I end up following for the “ Trust the sociopath “ situation . They act like a great friend , I know them for many years , and I just get taken advantage of and I act like the peace loving doormat as usual. 
Is this why we don’t trust people so easily ? Is this why we live in a world of fear where suspecting everyone is the right thing to do ? I don’t think so , I never did.
The Anarchist FAQ as well as other left wing social anarchists have pointed out that mental illness is clearly due to people’s needs not being meet. Body Mind and Soul .

Currently I suggest in5D because I believe this is what New Age / New Thought Spirituality should be. Left wing / anti-capitalist . These are those who believe in The New World Order is controlled by The Right Wing , not the left wing as David Icke and Alex Jones , etc want you to believe . But if you think about it , it bares a strong resemblance to Libertarian Socialist Anarchism .

That’s why I think Spiritual Anarchism in this sense MAKES SENSE , or at least to me .

Likewise , I do see a pattern with Modern New Age people that are very business wise , they thing anything leftists is a blockage to your spiritual ability and thinking is wrong.

It’s exactly like what happened with The teachers on The Secret. They claimed that the problem with it was Ronda Byrne was just selling one aspect of it , while the other teacher and ANY FREAKIN NEW AGE CAPITALIST does which is cash in on it and break it up into confusing pieces which has the customers begging for more knowledge but THEY WOULD TO PAY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS OR MORE OR SIMILAR AMOUNT aka MONEY THEY NEED TO SURVIVE ON JUST TO FIND OUT MORE !
I like to say that Twin Flame capitalists are people who don’t care that your Twin Flame is hanging off a cliff , unless you give them money , they don’t care and your wasting their time because their time is money .
THIS IS NOT HUMAN NATURE ! The Self Determination Theory is .

And when someone points out these injustices , does that mean Spiritual EGO ? I personally do not think so !

Hierarchy hurts . Hierarchy is Fear ! Soul is Love , Soul is simple not complex , Soul is Free !

_ Erica

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