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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Adult Puppetry, Dark Comedy, Satire and other forms of puppet humor for...

The creator of the cult follow adult web comedy puppet show " The Eric Crooks Show " , Erica Crooks talks about how puppetry can entertain an adult audience from comedy for general audiences to humor that's for more mature audiences like satire and black comedy.

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ENFP and INFJ as Friends

ENFP personality type in a Friendship with an INFJ. The ways the personality types can relate as well as how they are different.

ENFP vs ESFP Friendship

Here's a blog video from ENFP blogger Erica Crooks about the ENFP personality Type being friends with the ESFP personality type. ENFP vs ESFP similarities and differences.

Coming Out to Friends and Family LGBT : Transgender

Coming out if your Transgender or LGBT isn't always simple and easy. It can be even more scary if your coming out to your friends and family. Not to worry, here's a positive self help video that might help if your in that kind of situation or perhaps know of a friend that's struggling in this situation.