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Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Erica Crooks Show Halloween 2018 ( a 1 Minute Halloween Satire / Parody Comedy Halloween Special Show Thing )

The Erica Crooks Show Halloween 2018 ( a 1 Minute Halloween Satire / Parody Comedy Halloween Special Show Thing )

" For those who remember , I've done two Halloween Shows in 2006 and 2007. I'm a fan of The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror specials so that probably inspired me to do a similar tradition. Special episodes like that tend to be very tough for me , same with plot shows which is probably why I either abandon such projects or I start one and have a hard time finishing it for whatever reason and just shorten it.

There was this short under 10 minute Halloween cartoon around 2010 / 2011 that was never seen except a few friends privately at a home halloween party ( if I want to call it that lol ) ,  I did but it got trapped in a dead hard drive which I don't know if I still have or I deleted it by mistake thinking it was just a draft.

I did have plans for a Halloween Special in 2015 which ended up being sort of a disaster because I was filming the making of the special at the same time and trying to beat the clock last minute a month or two ahead of time , just me doing it as usual. And footage was filmed and a sound track was recorded but I just ran out of time. lol The footage unfortunately got on the same files and stuff with the making footage and the audio I found recently so maybe eventually I do something with that on a later date . All I ended up editing I uploaded awhile back and they weren't even Halloween themed sketches. It was a Newscaster cold opening , a Westboro Baptist Church satire and Con & Spy Rotten going to the Time Out Room.

This time was similar to the 2015 show where I was trying to push myself to do a full legnth thing but ended up running out of time. A longer soundtrack was recorded which I'll probably do something with at later times. And I just didn't have time to compose music or sound effects . Plus I've been having some major technical difficulties with my computer so perhaps it's time to save for a new one. lol

So I decided to just take the remaining footage and turn it into this one minute thing , which is mixed with Halloween themed stuff / parodies / satires / pop culture topical gags / Which is clearly inspired by the tombstone gags from the early Classic Simpsons Treehouse of Horror specials. lol But my own spin on it I suppose.

It is what it is so ether way , Happy Happy Halloween ! :) _ Erica

( Mature Audiences Only ! )

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Is Adult Puppetry Not As Popular as Adult Cartoon Animation ?

Is Adult Puppetry Not As Popular as Adult Cartoon Animation ?
Erica Crooks
Erica Crooks
When it comes to puppetry , cartooning , animation , filmmaking and the arts , a lot can be said.
These are different kinds of art and media technics and like music , there's different genres and styles.
In the days before mainstream television puppetry and cartoons were mainly for adults and would express satire / social commentary . It's not very common today because no matter how hard puppeteers and cartoonists try , it really does seem to be marketed towards children's entertainment . I think this was due to the television era . Because before television , most movies if not all were basically G / PG rated but without the rating system. So yeah there was kids going to watch a Looney Tunes cartoon short during the double feature and or matinee and then there was probably a newsreel and then a James Cagney / Humphrey Bogart Gangster film . Some would criticize animated cartoons as being kids stuff but generally they weren't categorized as such like an old video rental store or even a DVD store would just shove something animated as kids stuff. Perhaps it was due to modern times when shows went beyond Classic Simpsons and Beavis & Butt-head which is South Park and Family Guy ( Sorry , I'm on the South Park side. I just couldn't get into Family Guy all that much. It's not like The Critic , Clerks Animated and Mission Hill in my opinion. )  And of course [ adult swim ] , MTV Animation from the 1990s , Nickelodeon in the 1990s and early 2000s Cartoon Network. And of course there's Anime which gain huge fanbases globally . However it really does seem that puppets never had the same edge as cartoon animation has. No matter how cartoony you can make a puppet ! It's probably because a puppet no matter how advanced and animated and cartoony as they can look , they don't seem to be treated as equal to cartoon animated comedy. Also CGI seems to already be replacing animatric puppets in fantasy films , sci-fi and even horror movies . So are puppets really that not popular ? It's interesting because Spitting Image I think was the next influential puppet troupe since The Muppets. However America never seemed to be that savage when it comes to knocking the piss out of their country. It's like comparing Team America to Meet The Feebles , Greg The Bunny to Puppets Who Kill , Spitting Image and Les Guignols De L'info vs DC Follies and The Happytime Murders . Still there was the heyday of Mad Magazine , Matt Groening's Life in Hell Robert Crumb and Underground comics , Love & Rockets and Tank Girl in the comics / graphic novel world . Though as I mentioned in my previous blog post talking about Modern Satire , when it comes to satirical puppetry in America , I would say that Dinosaurs was the best in that comparison . 
Like how The Flintstones was the very first adult animated cartoon on television , The Muppet Show was the first that was seen in over 100 countries . And the thing about Jim Henson and The Muppets was the best things that was ever made was done in independent syndication . Sesame Street gained popularity on PBS , NOT HBO at the time . And when HBO was still small , Fraggle Rock was on there as well as VHS tapes and books . The Muppet Show was filmed in England and syndicated on any independent time shots that were available . That was how it was done. Disney was not in the picture. Yet . So it’s interesting because it really seems like adult cartoon animation made a slow evolution into the mainstream eventually but adult puppet shows not so much. And just look how dumb down The Happytime Murders was . But regardless , there’s one thing to point out here. Barely anyone can say now a days that cartoons , animated cartoons , video games and comic books is kids stuff anymore . Unfortunately people don’t seem to thing the same way for puppets. Which is quite sad. 
Sure there’s people on the internet doing their own adult puppet show on youtube ( me included ) but still there seems to always be this association with puppets and kids. Again , is it just simply because someone could believe a cartoon character as being a caricature symbol of people while puppets just look like stuffed animals , dolls , toys ? I remember when I had a table at a local comic con , I had a looping 6 hour dvd ( which was muted in silence , family show at comic con you know. ) and try to edit out anything too extreme visually . And the thing I noticed was the only ones who were most interested in seeing these puppets on the mini flatscreen television on the artist table at comic con was kids . And I was kind of cringing because as an adult puppeteer who does adult puppeteering for adult puppetry things , you kind of want to escape that. It’s like Dr LeBrick suffering in Hell in the 2nd Erica Crooks Show Halloween Special ( 2007 ) , Dr. LeBrick is behind this puppet show stage being forced to do a puppet show for little kids . It was something I always fought against as an artist . That’s the thing about art vs business , which one do you care about more. Not all artists are created equal , some do things just for money so they don’t care just as long as their talent is raking in the income , there’s artists that don't mind entertaining children , I always seemed to be addicted to adult cartoon animation and adult puppetry at a young age and I strongly feel that when I aim things at adults then I can have the most creative freedom to say and do whatever I want. But who knows , maybe the world won’t be as careful of what they allow kids to watch I don't know . lol Speaking of which my work tends to be high brow on the satirical and dark humor aspects and then it can be totally low brow with extreme toilet humor , random swearing , slapstick , and all around goofy silliness gone out of control. But at least as an independent filmmaker , I have the freedom to do the art that I love doing. Even thought the budgets are insane at times , and the hard work can be tiresome. It’s all worth it . :) _ Erica

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