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Monday, July 16, 2018

Trump's Will

Trump’s Will ( an Erica Crooks puppet political satire comedy short film parody )

So it’s all come to this… A 4th puppet political satirical parody on everyone’s LEAST favorite president of The United States of Trump … I mean America since George W Bush . A bad haired right wing politician ( besides Boris Johnson ) . An unfortunate popular celebrity who’s also an authoritative figure ( like Ronald Regan was back in his day ) and just as hatefully popular as Nixon. Yes the very man who’s just as annoying , patronizing , insulting , belittling , demeaning and dumb down as mainstream television . No wonder he’s the most publicized guy around. That’s sure one popular …
Alright , that’s enough. He already has enough sycophants and ignorant voters. Talk about the most successful achieving rich and powerful man on earth , he’s got all the money in the world , he’s now president …. NOW WHAT ? What’s the very thing that he doesn’t got ? What’s the very thing that money can’t buy ? He tried buying love but it doesn’t work. So what’s the next best thing within the mind of a sociopath ? World domination of course . But what about this friends and family ? HIS WILL ! Wait…. WHAT ? Watch this hilarious funny parody puppet comedy video to see more !
From director Erica Crooks who brought you The Erica Crooks Show , Ask Dr. LeBrick , Bad Public Access Television , 
and the previous Trump puppet parodies “

Rich And Greedy Politician 

Two Dumb Presidents 

and Send me to Jail .

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