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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Classic Sesame Street - (I Can't Get No) Cooperation

This is one of my all time favorite Classic Sesame Street moments. I remember discovering this on the 1990 VHS Rock & Roll and just rewinding the video over and over and over just studying this one song.
This was my introduction to The Rolling Stones. :) And of course, it's a parody of Mick Jagger & The Rolling Stones and their classic hit " I Can't Get No Satisfaction ". In this case, it's Mick Swagger & The Cobblestones in (I Can't Get No) Co-Operation. This was from Season 12 ( 1981 ) which was around the time when new Muppet Performers were joining in on Sesame Street. The vocals of Mick Swagger are performed by ( as well as composed ) the legendary Christopher Cerf. I'm a huge fan of his work on Sesame Street and he's definitely one of the best singers ever. :) He also made some great singles back in the early 1960s too ( Sweet Music, Fallout Filly, The Penguin, etc . )
I believe the puppeteer performing Mick Swagger is Karen Prell who would later be featured as one of the Fraggle 5, Red Fraggle on Fraggle Rock a few years later.
I also recognize Brian Muehl as the keyboard player. 
There's still many things from Classic Sesame Street which Muppet fans are discovering ( and listing on Muppet Wiki of course ;) ).
And it's really cool that many episodes and footage ( especially many which hasn't been seen in about 40 years ) has been restored and presented on HBO Max.
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