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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Art , Anarchism , Spirituality and the Liberating Soul

Art , Anarchism , Spirituality and

The Liberating Soul

From INFP Transgender Woman Multi-Talented Artist Erica Crooks

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How Capitalism KILLS art and Science ( NonCompete )

The Case For Liberty ( Outdated Version ) ( Libertarian Socialist Rants )  :

The Case For Liberty ( Outdated Version ) Libertarian Socialist Rants ) Transcript :

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Spitting Image / Les Guignols : History and American Revivals

Spitting Image / Les Guignols : History and American Revivals

News broke out from the BBC / BBC Arts that A NEW Spitting Image pilot was filmed and brand new Spitting Image puppets were made including Mark Zuckerburg , Kanye West , The Royals , Vladimir Putin ( as a small hand and rod puppet similar to David Steel ) and of course a EVEN MORE OUTRAGEOUS President Donald J Trump puppet EVEN more hilariously gross than the Les Guignols De L'info puppet.

There has been news regarding “ AMERICAN “ versions of Spitting Image and Les Guignols De L’info ( canceled in 2018 ) .

Spitting Image being revived by NBC

and Les Guignols being revived by FOX under the supervision of Robert Smigel .

The United Kingdom / France / Europe are known for their leftist and satire tradition unlike America with the acceptation of Mad Magazine . Dinosaurs in my opinion was the only satire / satirical puppet show that was even close to leaning leftist from time to time. American satirists are for the most part right wing libertarian / centrist / and occasionally liberal .

Spitting Image in it’s heyday had the traditional leftist satirist vibe while going more liberal and turning into kind of a SNL entertainment like show during it’s final years including doing an advert for the Libertarian Party before they retired.

Les Guignols De L’info has been the strongest Spitting Image inspired show . They were very leftist , even rougher and darker than Spitting Image , had a bigger budget than Spitting Image and lasted for 30 years.

If an American Spitting Image / American Les Guignols became possible , the big question to ask is …

( 1. Would it be made by the original team like the original 3 NBC pilot specials in the 1980s ( Down and Out from The White House , The Ronnie and Nancy Show , The 1987 Movie Awards ) as well as the American dubs of Les Guignols sketches before it’s cancelation seen on Dailymotion )

For more on Spitting Image , check the following resources

Check out The Complete Spitting Image ( there are missing episode ) Unofficial Fan Collector channel

Official Spitting Image DVD releases from Network DVD

( Series 1 - 12 )

Steve Nallon’s article on Spitting Image and political satire

Official articles relating to Spitting Image’s 30th Anniversary and documentary

Roger Law’s Book Now on Kindle

And For more information on Les Guignols De L’info check out

Official Les Guignols De L’info DVDs ( RARE ) ( The Official Les Guignols YouTube Channel ) Les Guignols videos on the Official Canal + YouTube Channel Official Les Guignols De L’info Facebook Videos ( Includes two of the three final episodes )

Behind the Scenes of Les Guignols ( Official Video / Original Producer and Writers pre-2015 )


News regarding Les Guignols and how it almost got canceled in 2015

THE Guignols ( Les Guignols English Dub Trailer ) ( Les Guignols for American / English speaking fans )

Les Guignols De L’info. Appearing on the PBS documentary “ Anti-Americans “ ( around 7 minutes in )

Official PBS page to that documentary

Anti-Americans Documentary DVD ( * Coming Soon * )

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( The following video featured no Spitting Image or Les Guignols footage in it. Just a boring video blog video )