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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Love is the Answer , Love Heals and Conquers all and Logic is useless ?

Love is the Answer , Love Heals and Conquers all and Logic is useless ?

Love is the Answer , Love Heals and Conquers all and Logic is useless ? Spiritual Anarchism

The Law of Attraction says that we create our live through our feelings and thoughts consciously and unconsciously . If we get rid of all negative emotions and thoughts , stuff that doesn’t make us feel good at all , all that remains is love. What if love can heal all , what if love can conquer all hate and fear , what if the world needs love to solve all the problems , what if love is the answer to the point where logic would automatically agree with the truth of the power of love ?

The world needs love but people live in fear which manifests into hate which can only be disastrous and dystopia. People fear what they do not understand.

As an Anarchist I’m all in favor of getting rid of hierarchical power over us and I believe that love comes natural while fear and hate is taught and learned.

Think of bringing home a pet cat. The cat is frazzled and paranoid , they hind under the bed and even hiss at you many times. But once the cat learns to trust love , let go of all that feels bad and learns to trust love , the cat becomes more friendly and perhaps a different personality than previously .
People are like that too.

This hierarchical system makes everyone’s lives miserable , especially those with the most power in this world. They fear the power of love. Perhaps they might be introverts , have social anxiety of the masses , totally ignorant that they are playing the same exact game and in alignment with their fears. This hierarchical system has caused people to act in fear.
Spiritual empaths would call this the 3D Human programing because it is out of alignment with love , light and unity.

If you look at the personality types ( MBTI ) and you did research of what each one of them fears , well perhaps fear , then compare which personality types would be most open to 5D Earth and an Anarchist Society , and a world of peace and love and creative possibilities .

Love or Fear , Soul vs Ego , this world has been more Ego and Fear than Love and Soul . 
And it’s not that very heard to do. We just need to let go of fear !

As an Anarchist , I know that there are collective alternatives in the here and now ( check out The Anarchist FAQ ) and also we have Law of Attraction on our side ( love is the answer ) and perhaps some of us have went through spiritual awakening , perhaps some of us even have a Twin Flame ( I do ) .

Perhaps we need to learn to trust the world and humanity a little bit better and not be so cynical and skeptical about it. It’s interesting how a satirist can be spiritual aka Heyoka Mirror Empath ( Sacred Clown ) . 

It’s in the matter of mass awakening to the truth of The Power of Love instead of The Love of Power ( as Jimi Hendrix once said something similar ) 

_ Erica

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