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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Forth of July , no thank you

 It's Forth of July , 4th of July , and with every single damn holiday that celebrates or should I say " Brainwashes " people into patriotism , nationalism , hate , fear , and glorifying violence ..... Offensive isn't it ? Well perhaps people need to wake up to the truth that such a false political philosophy " Hierarchical Power over Others " Sides with Evil , Disaster , Dystopia , and turning the masses into mindless puppets for the ruling class capitalists .... not such a good idea. I understand that there's loved ones who have died in war. We are taught to HATE the countries that did it. Let's unite against hierarchy , the so called " free country / American Dreamer " lies need to stop !
John Lennon knew the truth. The 1960s anti-war peace movements knew the truth , so does ANARCHISTS ! Unite the left , there's something better than liberal / democrat politics and I'm not talking about the libertarian party. I'm talking about Libertarian Socialism / Anarcho-Communism. That's right , forget all about the 2020 Elections. Pete Buttigieg , Elizabeth Warren , Joe Biden , Nancy Pelosi , and Bernie Sanders ain't going to stop the republicans. In fact they are worse than you think. Hierarchy RULES THE WORLD ! The New World Order Illuminati Conspiracy Theories were hitting on some truth , but ANARCHISTS KNOW THE BIG PICTURE ! And no the left leaning and minorities are not evil or ignorant. We are born to love , not hate and fear one another. Another world is possible. It's called Anarchism / 5D Earth.
and how about Law of Attraction for good messure.
_ Erica
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