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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

I Hate Stores

I Hate Stores 

I don’t hate shopping. If I wasn’t such a Penny pincher and I never run out of money I’d pimp up everything in my life.
And of course all the art / media / computer equipment I can play and experiment with.
There’s always kickstarter , indigogo and Patreon but that’s not what this article is about.

When I say that I hate shopping , I’m referring to my hatred of capitalism and bringing up the question 
Furthermore does it seem like the internet has more to offer than physical stores or even LIFE itself .

What stands in the way is what Anarchists are against which is these stupid hierarchical systems ( Extroverted Sensor catered society in MBTI personality type terms . )

I’m still looking for a place to exercise where an introvert such as myself can go where I can lose weight and not rant about anything about my environment.
  The park seems to be the only place but of course there’s that huge part of me that just wants the park all to myself to talk to myself out loud like in my apartment alone where there’s no creep in side who walks past next to me and gives me a look.

I used to think walking around the mall without shopping or buying anything was fun.
Now it’s a drag.

It’s kind of like “ Ignorance is Bliss “ . The unfortunate side effect in
Knowing what what most people don’t , in this case , Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism is you got this BS detector in your mind , you see the superficialness about it all in society.

Yesterday I was walking in this small plaza mall where there’s only less than a dozen of stores in there but still it feels the same as a huge mall.
It sucks because I can walk in Staples or whatever and here’s a bunch of phony smiling people with their uniforms walking up to me “ Finding everything your looking for today ? “ “ Nah , I’m just looking around thank you. “ and they leave you alone.
If I didn’t wear my makeup , then I would get the “ SIR “ added. 
If my hair was short , I would be laughed at if I told them that I’m in fact a Transgender Woman.
It’s one of those feelings which I had the female body.
Sometimes I wonder if Trans Men have it more rough than me.

Anyway , there’s something incredibly depressing about walking and looking around in a store.
Brand new stuff , stuff that people need obviously .
Even useless inventions would be good for a laugh.
Here it is , on a shelf collecting dust and at the end of the day , just how much stuff is actually sold ?
If it was a small business , it would sink.
No wonder there’s collectible toy stores selling themselves like a regular toy store where philistine parents bring their kids to look around and leave because “ THE TOYS ARE WAY TOO EXPENSIVE ! “
Why should I complain ?  That’s the good stuff , and THEY DON’T MAKE THEM ANYMORE !
So stuff goes either high in value or they don’t , they are just rare.

It just makes capitalism look even more useless.
Everything about it is a sham .
Sure there’s people who complain about taxes and people living off of their tax dollars.

MY theory is technically certain personality types can go to some crappy STJ neurologist and 
Get it no problem because “ Society views them as useless and disabled “

John Lennon knew about what was really happening !

Only if people that hierarchy is not justified , that people can take care of themselves as well as being caring of one another ,
We don’t need no authority / hierarchy telling us what to do and to perceive us as inferior or we don’t know what’s best for ourselves.

People for the most part are low in self confidence as I see it.
They fall into deep depression and have anxiety.
And here we are , people only focusing on their own lives and judging everyone else without having any sort of empathy , awareness and copiousness knowing they are NOT the only ones who suffer.

If hierarchy is the indicator , let’s get rid of it.
Certain Spirituality practice like centrist politics would say to only focus on your own self.
But I say listen to your heart and intuition , it knows when someone seems pure and when stuff just doesn’t feel right.

Sure I get taken advantage of narcissists , but does the narcissist wish to become what they pretend to be ?

As I looked around the mall , I was thinking “ If all of this ( capitalism ) is conscious then the ruling class must be pulling one hell of a sick joke on us. Perhaps even themselves. It’s not about being rich or pure , it’s all about power. They’d be just as pleased being a pharaoh , a kind , etc. The difference between a free country vs a totalitarian one is manipulating lies is the only way to survive. Throwing people off to what they don’t realize what’s really going on here. ”

If we had that Libertarian Socialist Anarchist / Anarcho-Communist society , everything would be better. If 5D Earth comes to play , then stuff would just come to life like a cartoon world come true.

_ Erica

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