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Friday, December 14, 2018

INFP vs The World

INFP vs The World
INFP vs The World

Life can seem like a confusing place.
And as for me , the confusion that I most certainly see is “ Hey , I found some brilliant ideas for world peace. Why are they always dismissed ? “

Libertarian Socialist Anarchism / Anarcho-Communism
Myers Briggs Personality Types
New Thought / New Age Spirituality 

Most people just dismiss the mess of the world with an indifferent perspective and say “ That’s life , it is what it is , might as well make the best of it. “ on one hand , then you have all sorts of political ideologies which can clearly be matched to personality type.

Today I’d like to examine some personality theories with you.
Perhaps some questions for discussion.

Now is it true that some personality types can be born this way while others might be the manifestation of authoritative upbringing as well as gens ?

Are iNtuitives smarter than sensors ?

Or is it just iNtuitives letting out steam for being minorities in a sensor majority world ?

Is everyone secretly INFP ? Or is this a nightmare world for the INFP to work their Lightworker mission until their life on Earth is complete ?

I have mentioned that perhaps there are a certain group of personality types or is INFP the closest to have their head in the clouds and the type to not have their feet on the ground so much as other types do ?

And as an Anarchist , just what personality types are responsible for the hierarchical world we live in ?

Is the whole “ iNtuitive Bias / Sensor Bias “ nothing more but hierarchy and oppression fighting against one another and the way to end it is to end hierarchy itself ?

Currently I’ve been doing some research as well as every single day and night for 12 solid years and continuing working on my Twin Flame Union .

And according to Twin Flames 11:11 
Sometimes when Twin Flame pairs are both reincarnated onto Earth ,
One would be more material focused and the other would be more spiritually focused ( Me ).

And in my recent Twin Flame update , 
I mentioned that maybe perhaps my Twin Flame is a Sensor. Specifically an ESFP .
I’m an INFP myself .

Also Twin Flames 11:11 has posted this recent meme 

What Cassady is referring to is known as The Twin Flame Mirror !

I highly recommend her Twin Flame videos too.

So is this related to iNtuitives vs Sensors ?

For all those INFPs and iNtuitives out there ,
Perhaps you’ve seen this meme and perhaps it cracked some of you up
Because you can relate to it on a deep level.
I know I can.
Or maybe not laughed with it so much , but perhaps (hashtag ) METOO !
This is such an INFP meme ! 
And perhaps it’s relating to my mission in life. Hi my name is Erica
And let me tell you about myself , can you relate to me ? You are not alone. :)

But even Greg of in5D mentioned that some people would get left behind in a 5D Earth.

So here’s a point I’d like to bring about.

Say we took a look at all the personality types ,
And let’s measure those types that are most closest and open minded to love and those that are not.

Perhaps people look at love differently. So is Twin Flames a cheat sheet to turn an sensor into an iNtuitive ? Or maybe it’s just Good Ol’ LOVE POSION NUMER 9 !

HIT IT ! A one … a two .. a one , two , three , four !

Fellow Twin Flames , only if we could buy a bottle of love potion number 9 instead of getting ripped off my con-artists or real Twin Flame with overly expensive products such as $500 for some PDF files and mp3 meditations.

Anyway let’s go onto the other half of a similar matter.
Authoritarian personality.
Relating , one of the things that Cassady of Twin Flames 11:11 said that I thought was interesting was “ Hurt people , hurt people “ . And I’ve heard other similarities .
Like “ Those who hurt others , hurt themselves. “ ( That one was from Jim Henson’s Tale of The Bunny Picnic ) .
The reason why I wanted to talk about it was there’s those damn PragarU stinky fascist juck-juck videos disguised as adverts that keep getting popped up before Anarchist videos . Not as violent as the Alt-right vs Antifa but still .
It’s a good thing I knocked the piss out of them earlier.

But here’s what interesting.
So the founder Pragar himself was talking about “ FEARING the LEFT ! “
Well , that’s the only thing Pragar got right ! FEARING THE LEFT !
Is it nothing more but authoritarian brainwashing ?

Without all the info on personality types out there and I’ve done my share of research.
Even though I said perhaps there isn’t an evil personality type , it’s not really the who but the what meaning “ hierarchy “ 

Guess what ?

I have a question.

What if you CAN’T separate them.

And if they did change for the better , would it be as accurate as
Say “ An ESTJ “ happy or would their personality type
Change radically !

Don’t you find it weird that certain types cognitive functions reversed resembles their worst
enemy ?

For example , INFP with cognitive functions reversed equals to an ESTJ 

ENFP reversed is ISTJ 

INTP reversed is ESFJ 

INTJ reversed is ESFP 

INFJ reversed is ESTP 

ENTJ reversed is ISFP

ENFJ reversed is ISTP 

And ENTP reversed is ISFJ

So speaking of personality type and mirrors , are we fighting the duality mirror ?

Or is it like The Dark Crystal where the Skeksis and Mystics are actually two sides of the same whole and end up turning into

But if personality types do merge , again , it might sound like a crack pot conspiracy theory or just intuitive thinking or both but …
Again , does that prove that everyone is secretly INFP ?

( My hit INFP spiritual videos )

So , is that the purpose of life is for the INFP to inspire positively ?

Maybe this isn’t even included in the INFP survival guide

_ Erica

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Luxury & Anarchism

Luxury Anarchism Anarcho-Communism Rich Wealthy
The Future of Luxury Living under Anarchism

Don’t worry this is not supporting anarcho-capitalism which isn’t even anarchism at all.

If you’re an average Joe or Jane or person , perhaps you only see Trump as this fascist bully who’s president of the United States of America. Perhaps you might have known that Trump was hated for many years before being President Chump as this rich glutton , how did he get rich ? Research the Trump Organization and prepared to be brainwashed into Luxury living.
Don’t worry , by no means is this a pro-Trump blogger and I already knew many people stop reading at this point. But putting all satire aside , let me talk about this some more.

Perhaps you might not know this about me but I’m actually a sucker when it comes to luxury anything. I see creative architectural beauty . In fact when I got into The Secret ( Law of Attraction / New Thought & New Age Spirituality ) , this was totally on my vision board.
“ If I were rich , what kind of a life would I live. “
So of course I read Bob Proctor , Joined the Bob Proctor Streaming Club and Six Minutes To Success and since I was a member , I was automatically a part of the referral program .
I didn’t think it was but I don’t know , is it a source of MSI ( Multiple Source of Income ) or just a get rich pyramid scheme ? 
Just the idea that I was paying $200 a month from 2012 - 2013 / 2014 and 
The idea if someone got into it , then I pay less so I can enjoy it more ,
Plus earn an income for my education !
I didn’t become an anarchist until 2017 ,
But I was always a leftist even if I was ignorant.
Besides , I sucked at business. Which as an anarchist now , I don’t regret.
I was an artist first and foremost , perhaps into philosophy which is what got me hooked in.
Bob Proctor is a great iNtuitive that’s into philosophy , New Thought Spirituality , and self esteem . It’s just capitalism is NOT how you get rich.
Bob Proctor has said “ It’s not about the money “ and “ you were born rich “ , which is true.
But when I became an anarchist , knowing that anarcho-communism is so rich , it would make every single wealthy person in the world crap themselves whatever their reaction may be.

So the question is this , 
Is it wrong for an anarchist to enjoy the beauty of luxury ?
I don’t think so.
The problem is not luxury , it’s capitalism.
Likewise I struggled to become a Vegan many times in my life and even today it’s just impossible.
Vegan food to me is absolutely disgusting.
And please don’t put a picture of a cute fuzzy animal in front of my face while I’m eating and scream at me with a megaphone saying “ FOOL , YOUR EATING THAT POOR DEFENSELESS CREATURE ! “
To me that’s not how to go about breaking the food chain.
I would be more than happy to become Vegan if Vegan food wasn’t absolutely disgusting and literally with no exaggeration at all “ MAKE ME SICK ! “

I’ve read about Anarcho-Transhumanism 

And it sounds to me like a high-tech Anarchism where anything with creativity and technology is possible and it’s right up my ally of interests.

Non-Compete has mentioned the subject of art and science in a video which I highly recommend fellow readers to watch.

Also it can help fellow Transgender people too.

Perhaps they can invent the future of food where we don’t hurt animals and we get the tastes we desire and we never gain weight. lol
Sure there’s law of attraction too and the author of The Secret talks about it ( Book and Audiobook versions only , not in The Secret movie ) .

Anyway , in a similar way , I see a rich world , I vision a wealthy world for everyone when it comes to Anarcho-Communism .

Anytime you look up luxury living and high tech smart houses ,
Know that every person on this planet can have this without working their butt off , slaving 9-5 at some soulless job ,
It can exist but only with the help as many people as possible.
This is just one of the many reasons why I strongly support anarchism.

I strongly feel that anarchism knows a way to a better world ,
It just needs support from as many people as possible.

Most people complain about the same injustices and pains in life if you look at the whole big picture , but I feel anarchism has the answer.

Perhaps what stops people is fear.

It’s time to build the new world in the shell of the old.

_ Erica

For more info about anarchism check out The Anarchist FAQ

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Respect All Pronouns #WontBeErased

Transgender Anarchist Anarchism Anarcho Trans Anarcho Queer
Respect ALL Pronouns #WontBeErased

The following blog post is dedicated to my fellow transgender people. If you are a trans woman or a trans man or Androgyne , Genderqueer , non-binary , etc . 
Look , I know that I’m a satirist , I know that I’m a Heyoka empath , I am fully aware that I perform mostly cisgender men characters in my voice acting , puppetry and cartooning work , and perhaps people are curious of why my stuff is called “ Official Eric Crooks “ instead of “ Official Erica Crooks. Well for the last part , “ The Show “ was called The Eric Crooks Show from 1999 - 2016 and then The Erica Crooks Show then after so for those who remember the old name of the show with the “ A “ being late to the party , for awhile I tried the name “ Eric Crooks “ as this Monty Python kind of fake stage name but then I thought … Well perhaps it’s more haunting as a Transgender woman so I later ditched it by mid-late Season 10 of The Erica Crooks Show and that’s when The Eric Crooks Show became The Erica Crooks Show … ANYWAY …. 
YES , I am seriously a Transgender Lesbian Woman named Erica !
And the point of this post is that cisgender people need to respect Trans and non-binary people.

Yes it is true that I go about the pronouns of “ She / Her “ , but I do still feel like I’m non-binary and a gender nonconformist still. I do still wear masculine clothes and have barely to no interest in feminine clothing. I won’t be caught alive wearing a dress for the most part.
But no , I’m not a butch lesbian. That would be my Twin Flame.
I’m an Androgynous Femme. Meaning that I am the Feminine one of the Butch / Femme Twin Flame pair and so yeah I do have a femme side , but I’m for the most part androgynous.
Which explains why I identified as Androgyne ( aka genderqueer / gender fluid ) 10 years ago in 2008 and then coming out as a Trans Woman in 2013 when I realized that I AM A LESBIAN born in the wrong body.

But what I’d like to bring about this very blog post isn’t to talk about my own personal transgender journey so much but just the continuing discrimination against transgender people and even though we are going to be hitting onto 2020 soon enough , we still live in this totally outdated political system of slavery known as “ Hierarchy “ : A Tradition that refuses to die ! 

I’m always prepared to have some sort of button on my shirt or necklace that represents “ Transgender Equality “ and I would let them know in a language that anyone who’s cisgender can understand in a hierarchical society “ Under my state’s law , I have my legal transgender rights .” That’s for protection of anyone who thinks of “ Transgender “ as nothing more but Namby Pamby liberal feelings of political correctness which it clearly is not. One pattern I often notice is that it’s usually cisgender feminine women ( mostly heterosexual or at least bisexual ) and being “ YOUNG “ in their 20s / 30s that would understand or at least “ TRY TO “ on a social level where middle aged women would most likely screw up the pronouns due to their generation’s lack of transgender awareness. However nice someone can be , there’s the UGLINESS of legal documents.

I was at my bank not long ago and I just wanted to ask a simple question. “ Oh sure , let me ask for you “ , So someone gets on the phone and of course “ TRANSGENDER EQUALITY IS TOTALLY ABSENT ! “ 
“ [ legal name ] , yes he is hear with me. Would you like to… you don’t need to speak to him ? Sure , I have his information. Ok , his information is …. [ legal name ] … “
And when this is going on , my soul just SINKS slowly into my GUT painfully !
Fellow transgender people know what I’m talking about here.
If I was talking to a conservative cisgender heterosexual man , they would ignore me all together and just be a total Ben Shapiro about it ( if you don’t know who that transphobic , right winged fascist bigot is , I recommend the video from fellow Trans woman intellectual “ Contra Points “ [ trigger warning ]
In fact I tried to get a restraining order against a transphobic bigot in my neighborhood who was getting other transphobic bastards in my neighborhood to successfully push me out of my apartment and guess what ? I GET THIS JUDGE who looks like Lloyd Kaufman from Troma ( But Conservative ) and he only addressed me by whatever legal says about me ! Personally , I’d rather have Lloyd Kaufman of Troma. ( yes the link to my website is on next to Cinemassacre ( aka Angry Video Game Nerd ) . Perhaps my Troma parodies got their attention , still they were not interested in distribution in 2016 / 2017 .

Perhaps this is one of the many reasons why I am an Anarchist. I was reading about Pink Capitalism before going to bed around 7am ( Yes folks , you’ve read it right. ) and it just totally describes my local pride community perfectly. I did send this very wikipedia article to my Twin Flame but … I don’t know.

As an empath , I do feel the overwhelming pain and suffering which I know that I am not alone on at the same time I use my New Thought / New Age Spiritual practices to clear out the stress and anxiety which develops my migraine headache as well as preventing me from getting a negative manifestation.

Anyway Pink Capitalism . The more I read it , the more I recognize this within my 2 years going to my local pride community which leaves me to say that the only good thing about it was finding my Twin Flame. My Twin Flame is hugely involved so again , I don’t know if my Twin Flame’s opinion on this is different at the time I write this article. The more I read about Pink Capitalism , the more and more and more do I wonder why there’s even LGBTQ+ unity in the first place if politics were converted to capitalism ?
I know from experience and listening to people that I have felt time and time again to be perhaps the only one there who was all for political activism where every else only had their individual interest in mind or that voting / donating money to a fundraiser to get the local pride out of about 100 thousand dollars worth of debt. The only time I have ever heard about political activism within my local pride community was what I’ve read in my local pride community’s magazine publishing and even then it’s single issue “ LEGAL “ protests which I don’t know how effective they truly are ( from this anarchist’s prospective ) .

And as an Anarchist , I now know more than ever that not just LGBTQ+ people but everyone should know that “ Working within the system “ is probably not going to work.
Perhaps in one of my recent blog articles , I’ve mentioned this very example reflecting modern American satirists in pop culture.

Let’s talk about so called “ LEGAL “ ! Say if I wanted to get a LEGAL name change and LEGAL gender mark change ( and yes I have done my research ) , I need to face a Judge in the Court of Law and have it publicly in a newspaper ? AND PAY A F’in’ FEE ! ? Might as well tax anyone who makes love right ? How inhumane is that ! VERY ! 

Similar thoughts I now have about marriage ! It’s not marriage that’s romantic , it’s the vows and the ceremony and the honeymoon and just being with the one you love , not being chained together by the government ! You can LEGALLY do all that stuff without being legally married but technically I can wear a golden ring and say that I’m a wife and I am married because it’s freedom of speech and freedom of expression and authoritarian / totalitarian / hierarchical / fascism is stupid so there. ;)

Why should I have The Government decide “ WHAT’S MY REAL NAME AND REAL GENDER “ , they already control our lives in this useful hierarchical system. The thing about anarchists and new agers is this , We can not have a better world alone. Perhaps we can use the cheat sheet of The Law of Attraction to get by the best we can , but politically it is not wise to continue ignoring and denying the evils of hierarchical power over others.

Transgender people should be anarchists , in fact there are some who are. There’s even some who are members of ANTIFA . If you didn’t see this video , perhaps this would change your perception on Antifa . I for one am a pacifist but I do understand with empathy and sympathy their reasons WHY and Antifa and Black Blocs should not get the hate that they get just because someone disagrees with their actions. And if you do your research , they even have reasons why they break windows and smash up police cars and not mind going to prison. Again I’m a coward so I much prefer to use my Freedom of Speech ( Is this working within the system ? lol ) as a cultural / philosophy anarchist as well as satire because to me anarchism is not about “ BREAKING THE LAW “ but the political philosophy of liberation , what is closer to the soul. 

I seriously think those who are hierarchical control freaks are perhaps the most scared people in the world , in fact THE WORST and UNFRIENDLY and UNLIKEABLE people in this world no matter how cruel and evil their behavior is , if their abuse is verbal or physical , who who hurt people are probably hurt themselves unconsciously. That’s why life sucks for people , we are ruled by sociopaths , psychopaths , narcissists , dark triad , etc. Remember what I said about a transphobic neighbor and a transphobic judge . An Anarchist society would never allow such prejudice.
So yeah , homophobia , sexism , transphobia , ableism , ageism , racism , etc , are brainwashing technics and it’s not just Trump and republicans.

And yes we have activists who want to look out for our best interests.
And of course , it’s great to have such people on our side.
But here’s the question , is it effective ?

I’ve mentioned that my local pride community was having Transgender Rallies , 
And even though I’m all for saying NO to Transphobia , 
Isn’t my local pride just CASHING IN on Trans politics ? That is if my indication on the subject of Pink Capitalism is correct ?
Still I ask yet again , is it effective ?

Voting and Legal Protests , either way , you are asking permission from the bosses , and when you do that , are you really being liberating ?
If the police says “ Alright you crazy lefties , that’s enough of your permit. “
And seriously , If someone wanted to take away someone’s civil rights or perhaps ALL civil rights and turn the world into a totalitarian one just like George Orwell’s 1984 , aka The New World Order , they can , they aren’t going to listen to people. If capitalism can do it , why not Government , same thing.

It makes no logical sense at all and it puts the soul into chains !

Government is nothing more but parents for adults.
Daddy is a right wing conservative and works in all parts of authority and Momma is the democrat and works in all social services including social security .
And the marriage is totally dysfunctional .
It’s kind of like this !
Except the couple symbolize democrats and republicans , or labor and tories , conservatives and liberals , centrist Morans who need to wake up !

The ecosystem is getting screwed up. The big question is just how long are people going to be indifferent about all this ? How long are they gong to tolerate going into debt while paying the electric bill during the summer ? How long are people going to stand saying that the homeless going to jail and dying on the street is justified ?

Perhaps what we are taught about this so called “ REAL WORLD “ IS A LIE !

Perhaps there is this human machine that creates evil people.

And it’s just like a factory machine. You have those who are useful minions and those that get rejected and abandon.

So I ask you , do you still think voting , asking permission from authority , and just basically asking to be listened to is going to work 

Or would this work better ?

“ Spit on your own and you can’t do anything , but if we all spit together , we’ll drown the bastards ! “ _ Bob Crow 
( quote later adopted by Spitting Image )

Like I said , perhaps we can use Law of Attraction to get by nicely in life. Perhaps we can use Law of Attraction to help bring about a revolution for a better world for everyone.

One can’t do it alone. One may create a happy life for one self and find money on the ground to do whatever they want. But I do see a new world is possible. Where money is exposed for what it really is , freedom tickets. Things don’t cost money , people make things because they love it. If people’s needs were meet , we’d be richer than the rich , everyone would live that way without lifting a finger. That’s how humanity should live , animals , plants , etc.

And for those who say “ But this is the real world “ , don’t give me any of that because “ ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE ! “

_ Erica 


Transgender resources


Anarchist FAQ


Libertarian Socialist Rants


Thought Smile

Law of Attraction

And finally my stuff

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