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Sunday, November 11, 2018


Erica Crooks

Erica Crooks

DISCLAIMER : If your a right-wing patriotic nationalist , THIS IS GOING TO PISS YOU OFF BIG-TIME ! But this post is for the sake of peaceful awakening and all things left wing. So if that ain’t your cup of tea , you might want to check out something else … unless you think you can handle THE TRUTH !

( might contain sensitive content ( * doesn’t most of my stuff lol * ) ) 

( Any copyrighted resources linked to this video is under fair use of educational / research purposes as well as linking aka social media . And perhaps copyright laws and the DMCA is a subject for another discussion . )

On This Veteran’s Day the stuff I’m going to say contains sensitive content to those who can’t handle the truth .
Yeah , this is going to get controversial .
But please know that I’m not doing this out of the sake of upsetting people , nothing I do is meant to do that. I have a point I want to make.
But of course when people hear the truth , they go through a multi-stage of emotions and they are either going to stay in denial or wake up to the truth.
So let’s begin.

If you are an American or wherever depending on the place you were born in human flesh , bone and blood ( since spirits can never die which makes up of what we all are ) , most people live in a hierarchical society . Most people are educated in the brainwashing that hierarchy is justified. Looking at the picture as a whole , it would show the inflexible highlight that it’s the ONLY way even though it’s not true.
Even in my family , authority was respected.
worked at at one of the major shipbuilder places building submarines for the United States Navy. And my mother who has always lived in low income / poverty had a bad Catholic childhood and lived with an Aunt and Uncle which uncle and other family members were veterans and even her step sister was married to a soldier which she not only ended up in divorce but now stays in a mental hospital spending a lifetime being taken advantage of abusive men and suicidal tendencies. 
Ok , enough about my life.

I’ve even seen a children’s book floating around featuring cartoon illustrated tigers , something on the lines of “ Mommy , why is daddy so mean. “
And it’s meant to justify PTSD of soldiers .
Now I from personal experience know what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Is.

And even during my high school years before everyone was on YouTube , I found videos on Peer to Peer Torrent downloading software like WWII Cartoons and Banned Cartoons
Which I bragged about to people I knew in High School in shock that “ THESE ARE LOONEY TUNES CARTOONS I’VE NEVER SEEN ON TELEVISION ! “

There was even this somewhat recent FREE DVD apart of Sesame Street for communities ( which it’s even free on YouTube ) , it’s current Sesame Street so forget it. lol
However this one ( like everything since the 1990s Unfortunately ) Is about Elmo’s Uncle Jack ( or something ) getting killed at war and his father was going into the war to fight “ The Bad Guys “ . Let me just say that Jim Henson even though there were sort of patriotic occasions in his work like The Muppets which were rare , Jim was antiwar and didn’t think of nationalism but internationalism / global which explains the goal of Fraggle Rock to be this family show that would bring peace to the world.

UH OH ! Your starting to see where this blog is heading aren’t you. Once I mentioned Anti-War , I’m going to cause trouble by being a left wing intellectual .
If this is all pissing you off right now , and you can’t handle it , well it’s your choice if you want to read further. Alright , enough “ Safe Disclaimers “ , here we go.

Here’s the thing about the world. We have traditionalists and we have those who think outside the box like me. ( INFP personality type )
And when it comes to Anti-war , I look at the 1960s .
The protests against Vietnam . 
John Lennon singing “ I don’t want to be a soldier momma “ , Creedence Clearwater Revival singing “ Fortunate Son “ , Barry McGuire’s Eve of Destruction , and of course Edwin Starr singing
And of course I can quote all my favorite anti-war songs
Including John Lennon’s Imagine.

But of course if that hasn’t pissed off nationalists , the rest most surely will so YOU’VE BEEN WARNED ! 

Veterans have hated Westboro Baptist Church for their heartless protests just like how LGBTQ+ people hated Westboro Baptist Church for their heartless protests.
And it would make since for the two to unite and yes there are LGBTQ+ people who are pro-military , come on , surely you’ve heard of Transgender people who were once veterans and also ones who want to get back into the fight. In my town , I know of a house that’s owned by lesbians who served . One has a Moo Cow car , and a llama in their backyard and I think they also do Tarot card readings. Maybe I’ll visit again. Lol 
But for the most part it’s kind of like LGBTQ+ people who vote for republican and I’ve talked to a couple , most are the current middle aged generation .

And yes , I HAVE been friends with a veteran in the neighborhood who hated the lousy left but seemed to tolerate me , probably because I was gentle with my political ideologies .
If there was something we can both enjoy , it was old fashioned slapstick comedy and when New York City wasn’t horribly capitalist and sort of portrayed as this happy-go-lucky broadway stage like in “ Out On The Town “ and “ Guys and Dolls “. Yes they are cheesy and not realistic like “ RENT “ but like capitalist holidays , there is still a soft side to me that can appreciate that fun stuff. 
And this veteran I was friends with for several years and helped him with his DVD and Book collection , helping him build his collection of everything he lost when he lived in New York .
Including getting his Wildlife Photographers Of The Year collection up to date.
And even helping him get old issues of Sport Magazine .
Just like the 10 year old story on how I thought someone was my friend but ended up taking advantage of me and bullying me behind my back , 
Same with THIS GUY !
It was something that even my mother ( who this guy made it sound like he had a crush on her ) had noticed afterwords , especially when I was trying to educate him about the fact that I’m a Transgender woman and to please respect that ! And he kept thinking that I was hitting on him even though I’m a lesbian.
Sadly , welcome to my sociopathic filled neighborhood which I’ll soon move out of.
I do have a new apartment I just got but same place , different location.
I’m still working on Twin Flame Union so I know when my Twin Flame comes back , I have an escape plan. ;)
So I don’t manifest any more karmic people , I don’t let the neighborhood get to me.
Anyway , this post isn’t over yet.

Yeah , your going to see where I’m coming from in this structureless article.

Yes , not only the Old Movie Club but the Antiwar club is the only after school clubs in High School I went to. And it wasn’t because I had this crush on this girl with short hair that went to my anti-war club. She was also in my astrology class with my wacky ENTP science teacher who committed suicide from what I’ve heard.
And the thing about being a Twin Flame is any person someone finds attractive is just a symbol of yourself and your Twin Flame , there’s nice false twin flames and not so nice false twin flames. 
( Yes I like Teal Swan :) Cool Spiritual person and INFJ )

Ok , I’m beating around the bush so what’s my point ?

Well , ok .

First of all , I’ve always been anti-war . Instead of supporting the troops , I would rather support John Lennon’s activism from the early 1970s . “ ALL WE ARE SAYING , IS GIVE PEACE A CHANCE ! “

And second , I’m an anarchist .
So , according to what I’ve studied , nationalist / patriotism is fake.
Symbolically speaking , you can have a military person say things like “ I’m proud to be an American ! I fight for your freedoms and if you don’t like it , YOU CAN GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY ! “
But you know what the truth is ? Are you ready for this ? Can you handle the truth ?
Here’s the symbolically speaking part.
It’s no different from a member of Westboro Baptist Church or a conservative being told that those leftist minority weirdos are evil.
It’s no different from a Nazi who believed in Hitler and it’s no different from a religious terrorist on how the west is evil.
Sociopaths aren’t just these losers who use narcissistic supply too trick someone into true love with their soulmate only to realize their love was fake leaving the innocent victim depressed and cynical. And being a baby of my mother and father , similar situation. Plus my mother has suspicions that my father is involved with The Mafia as well as other things which I didn’t know until after I wrote Adults Get Bullied Too .

Well , what if people who are in the military are brainwashed into a lie.
Still it’s better than being drafted right ?
And for some reason , I have that Daffy Duck cartoon “ Draftee Daffy ( 1945 ) “

Yes , Bob Clampett , the hero of John Kricfalusi creator of Ren & Stimpy and headline news predator .

Ok , so what the hell is my point ! 
This would probably get you so angry that it would make you either point a gun to my head or go watch the barely funny cartoon from the Golden Age of Animation pro-American propaganda  “ Make Mine Freedom ( 1948 )

Well as an anarchist , I’ve read about how the military is nothing more but
“ NOT FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM ! “ but being FORCED for the interests of the ruling class and just blowing up who ever you feel like .
Also as a left wing believer ( somewhat open ) of The New World Order Conspiracies ( meaning taking a left wing perspective and not so much those of most of them like Alex Jones and David Icke so much. Because once someone disses on LGBTQ+ people - it’s prejudice not about NWO anymore . )

How do we know if the stuff with Trump and anything political is nothing more but this human puppet show. How can we believe what we hear on the news.
And when it comes to the news , I will watch Rachel Maddow for Rachel Maddow.
And The Last Word is anti-republican and anti-trump so therefore funny.

And I know , it’s like people believed something and it was all for not.
And I won’t be surprised if it’s going to piss people off with 

Well do you know what Anarchism is about ? 
It’s not about causing chaos . It’s about being independent , self govern , being free from people controlling you and telling you what to do.
It’s a political way of saying “ I am an adult , I make my own decisions in life , I don’t need to OBEY to my parents ! “
But that’s exactly what hierarchy is . 

Even though I’m somewhat close to my mother ,
I have to remind my mother that I’m an adult.
And someday we won’t be neighbors in the neighborhood.
And she should enjoy her own life instead of doing all my chores for me just because she wants to , I never ask her too .
I tell her that she needs to enjoy her own life , her baby is grown up now.

BUT ! If we tell hierarchy that , they WILL HAVE WAR AGAINST the peaceful protesters.
Even though I’m on the pacifist / cultural / philosophical anarchist side of things ( that’s right , left wing social libertarian socialist anarchist , yep ) , I would most likely be someone who would just yet people do the dirty work .
Kind of like John Lennon’s Revolution songs . He’s all for protesting for peace not using war.
However recently I was invited to a Transgender rally #WontBeErased and
Thinking about it , I would support the cause but not be one of the protesters .

Finally when it comes to Veterans Day  ( Instead of just ending this post by recommending one of my favorite episodes of the satirical puppet show “ Dinosaurs “ “ NUTS TO WAR “ ( parts 1 & 2 ) 

For me , when it comes to these American / Nationalistic Federal Holidays including the upcoming “ Thanksgiving “ 
If I needed to Support The Troops , I say this.

Why not Antifa ? Why not Black Bloc ?
Why not those who protected the Anarchist society during such successful revolutions like what happened during The Spanish Civil War ? 

But here’s the thing , they are often BOOED and HISSED and SPIT upon 
as being violent butt-hurt crybabies being useless to the good of humanity.
Yes they act on violence which I’m not a fan of either. BUT , it’s out of self-defense !
Did Jesus Christ fight off the authorities that not only nailed him to the cross but edited the Bible to make him say things that he probably didn’t say and the stuff he did say was manipulated just like a newspaper journalist which unfortunately makes the reports of a state neurologist much more accurate journalist and reporter ?
Well either way , he got murdered just like any peaceful protester.
Martin Luther King Jr and John Lennon both murdered.
But they have the legacy !

Same with what happened at at Kent State !

Same with hippie peace protesters getting beaten up by brutal police.

It’s not much different to what they do with Black Bloc.

Again , I may not be a fan of the violence such as breaking windows and lighting stuff on fire but if you ever watch those Black Bloc protest videos which of course happens all through the year all around the world , especially May Day , have you ever noticed that it’s the police that make the first violent move ?

And even though I’m more all in favor of education first because the ordinary person on the street just sees what the police sees , these left wing terrorists who are destructive for the sake of it , it’s because people are not aware of what’s happening.

Likewise there was radicals ( which I consider for the most part to be the American version of the Anarchists in the 1960s ) that did violent stuff too.
Black Panther Party , Weather Underground , Jerry Rubin and The Yippies , etc
But like I said , it was self defense .

Like I said earlier , I’m not one of those who would join the fight with action like that.
I’m more cultural , philosophical , pacifist about Anarchism .
So I just let others do that dirty work if they feel that’s what they wish to do.

And the whole thing about Antifa probably makes more sense because they beat up the bullies. Kind of like the saying “ I’m going to get my big brother on you and you’ll be sorry ! “
And no , Antifa aren’t a bunch of violent monsters.

Personally I would much prefer Antifa then the police any day.
“ Hello Antifa ? Yeah there’s this transphobe who treated to hurt me. Can you go out and kick their ass for me and all other transpeople like me ? Thanks ! “

However when it comes to an Anarchist society , Police would be replaced with
Psychologists which such anti-social bullies aren’t judged and shamed but recognized that bullying is mental illness and they would be kept away from society until they are cured and welcomed back into society !

I like this theory from Non-Compete

Same goes with Trolls on the internet !


But we can not do that until hierarchy goes bye-bye.

Noam Chomsky has mentioned that the only way an Anarchist Society can happen is from a pacifist direction which we can do it peacefully or we might as well kiss each other goodbye.
Meaning that hierarchy has all the money so if they wanted to blow up all living creatures that’s not them into extinction , they have the power to do it.

Perhaps I’m on that side of things but just open to the idea that an Anarchist Society is possible !

So again , if I was going to support the troops. I would support ANARCHISTS !
The socialists , the peaceful left wing protesters , REAL AND TRUE Spiritual Peace who are all for peace 

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

And of course anyone who’s standing for LGBTQ+ rights ! And the list goes on.



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And if you want to help do your part , here’s my suggestion.

Print out and spread the word of John Lennon ! Just Like They Did In The 1960s !

Yes , we have our suspicions of Yoko Ono ( EEEEYAAAAAAAAAH ! ( * Dolphin Orgasm noises used as a form of singing * ) as well as conspiracy theories , and THEY MIGHT BE TRUE !!!

So that’s why I’m not giving her any credit , I think it was all John Lennon’s idea !

Seriously , she used John Lennon’s blood stained glasses for an album cover !


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

So that’s my anti-war pro - peacenik Anarchist post 
That’s probably going to piss off more people than inspire for the sake of good ( body , mind and soul ) .

It kind of reminds me of The Simpsons ( Classic Simpsons not Jerks Homer Zombie Simpsons ) episode
“ Lisa the Iconoclast “ Season 7
Where Lisa finds out the truth about the founder of Springfield but ( * spoiler alert * ) backs down due to the pressure of the happy brainwashed patriotic citizens .

It’s either you can tell a happy lie and keep things harmonious or
Tell the truth and have the world hate you.

REMEMBER , There’s good people with FBI files !

Including but not limited to the following famous and inspirational people .

George Carlin, Angela Davis, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Alice Walker, Harvey Milk, Noam Chomsky ,Gloria Steinem, Allen Ginsberg, Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, Russell Means, Jerry Garcia, James Brown, Howard Zinn, Charlie Chaplin, Bettie Page, Danielle Ellsberg, Jane Addams, Groucho Marx, Helen Keller , Tupac Shakur, Bob Dylan, Lucille Ball, Jimi Hendrix, Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Malcolm X. , Janis Joplin, Lenny Bruce, Cesar Chavez, Josephine Baker, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Marilyn Monroe, Pablo Picasso , Leonard Peltier, Jane Fonda, Abbie Hoffman, Edward Snowden, Martin Luther King Jr , Andy Warhol, and Dick Gregory.

Great Thinkers Have Always Encountered Violent Opposition From Mediocre Minds. - Albert Einstein

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. _ Jimi Hendrix

The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those that speak it. _ George Orwell
The most violent element in society is ignorance - Emma Goldman

For more information on why Anarchists are against millenarianism , 
I would strongly recommend

The Anarchist FAQ

And one of my top favorite Anarchist Resources
Libertarian Socialist Rants 
  • For those fans of Golden Age of Animation , you might want to check out his videos because he adds a bunch of clips from propaganda cartoons especially Looney Tunes and Disney’s Scrooge McDuck which crack me up. For example Sylvester the Cat when talking about poverty. Seriously , his videos are A LOT OF FUN and I strongly recommend checking out his youtube channel ! :) 
Cameron’s channel helped educate me about Anarchism since I became one since last year.
He’s totally an NP personality type , a great channel for other like minded intuitive to check out.
I highly recommend it to Anarchists and non-anarchists alike.
Also he’s hilarious , entertaining and really makes you think !

Educational Resources / Links I’d like to share with you for further information and self education : : D.5 What causes imperialism? : D.8 What causes militarism and what are its effects?

Anarchist Commentaries Episode 3: 'Why America's Military Must Be Strong'

Top 10 US-Backed Atrocities and Authoritarian Regimes

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Also just for the sake if it , I just want to add some of my favorite online stores

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