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Friday, November 16, 2018

When we evolve , others want you to second guess

When we evolve , others want you to second guess
By Erica Crooks

I’m not sure what the exact term for it is , perhaps there’s many which may include or not include how I describe it as. Self evolution perhaps.
When we experience this journey called life , it can either inspire us in a positive way or a negative way. Someone told me awhile back that I had the will of a boxer , no matter how many times I get knocked down , I always come back up sooner or later .
In my blog posts , I’ve talked a great deal about my life and what certain things mean to me as well as things that mean a great deal to me . Though there’s some people who just take life as it is and I’m sure you probably know someone like that. It’s like high school , perhaps you were friends with someone and perhaps someone generally liked you because you were nice and have a good sense of humor or something. But it’s up to them if you inspired them by example.
I didn’t even bother going to my high school reunion , I sort of had my own by looking up people I knew from school and the interesting pattern I often seen was most ended up being boring . Sure I was the outcast even though I dressed like a prep due to my middle class working father but socially I ended up with a small group of outcasts at senior lounge .
I think I knew right then and there to be proud being a non-conformist instead of feeling bad about being a social outcast. Lots of people were jerks and I won’t want to be friends with them even if they asked me to. Besides , I was mostly busy practicing animation and filming my public access television show to even bother having a social life with other students my age . I didn’t go to the senior field trip or the prom or anything like that. Besides , my 3rd year in high school was when I was having my Twin Flame astro journeying in dreams and nightly telepathy. When I finally did meet my Twin Flame face to face , I was surprised to learn that my Twin Flame was actually about 6 years younger than me when this whole entire time I thought she was older. Perhaps I had a life journey that differs from most. And of course people describe changes in life as simply that . One moment they like something , the next they don’t like it anymore. For me , I knew if I loved something , it was a keeper and it meant in some way or another it was speaking to some part of me that means something very important.
I tend to think like that spiritually , it’s like this gut feeling.

I remember a year or two ago when I was hanging out at my local Pride Community , just how much of an outcast I still felt like perhaps just being an introvert alone but I think it relates with other aspects of myself besides me being a part of LGBTQ+ . Sure it didn’t feel like high school where everyone is roughly around your same age , when your an adult things are different because people can be a young adult or even 10 years older than you. But perhaps this is going to bring up the MBTI online community TABOO known as “Intuitive Bias” but maybe all these things I’m mentioning sort of relate to being an iNtuitive or perhaps being an INFP .
When I thought there was nothing else left to learn in this journey called life , someone would prove me wrong. If I thought that I had to work my butt off if I wanted to get anywhere , I would be spiritually guided to The Secret / Law of Attraction / New Thought / New Age Spirituality as well as finding my Twin Flame in which I only knew in telepathy alone for 9 years until I meet her face to face. Then last year I got into anarchism as well as deeper spirituality knowledge such as empaths and perhaps having a slightly less cynical / skeptical point of view regarding the world around me. I can’t get too upset about people who don’t know this stuff , I was there. We’re all ignorant of something. I say the meaning of life is to enjoy it and to learn about the truth in everything as well as to do something that relates to your body / mind and soul that can be shared with the world to make the world a better place.

I know in many of my episodes and blog videos , I may have been brainwashed with the beliefs that capitalism is going to make anyone’s dream come true just as long as you work your butt off or the masses are stupid. Most of us were taught garbage when we were growing up but I think the things we learn outside of school , parents , church , the media will help some way or another to our greater good. But nothing happens unless we commit to it and apply good wisdom and knowledge into our own lives.

_ Erica

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