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Friday, November 16, 2018

I’m not one of you : patriarchy , fascism and transphobia

I’m not one of you : patriarchy , fascism and transphobia
Erica Crooks
Transgender lesbian woman

Before I begin , I just wanted to say that
I don’t mean for this post to be anti-men or heterophobic or anything like that , in fact I am not , 99% of my heroes happen to be white cisgender heterosexual men but what sets them apart from the stereotypical alpha-males is what I consider to be related to their personality type , besides they think patriarchy is stupid too !

This post is like all my posts coming from me , me being a transgender lesbian woman.
And when your trans , it really does seem like it’s going to be most
Cisgender women who care about people would most likely at least try to understand and try their best to be on your side.
We’ve seen this theme all before , battle of the sexes crap.

And the thing about life is that cisgender heterosexuals aren’t the only ones who live on Earth and the media , politics , etc can alienate the LGBTQ+ just because we are the minority.

It’s interesting how there’s this belief that the majority is superior and matter most and minorities are inferior and don’t matter.
Such discrimination , prejudice , bigotry , hate and fear has it’s roots in certain religions but
I can summarize all of this in one word.

The Anarchist FAQ talks about it a lot
And well perhaps that’s the thing about being an anarchist.
We HATE the current system ! And I find this information very interesting.
It’s like The New World Order conspiracy theories but goes into detail .

Here’s a thing about me as a trans woman that I’ve noticed from experience.
If I dye my hair blonde , and wear make up , and I smile without saying anything ,
And I’m walking in the distance , I’m usually not harassed.
HOWEVER when I speak and when my hair is a natural brown ,
People just think that I’m some fat dude who’s into heavy metal rock music and has long hair.

“ No , I am NOT ONE OF YOU ! “

There’s this “ Gender Binary Norm “ belief which people believe the simple belief of two which is this is what makes a man a man and this is what makes a woman a woman.
And it’s absolutely stupid !
I define it all in three separate aspects.

( 1. Gender Identity : Gender Identity doesn’t relate to your private parts , it’s a feeling of relation. For example in my childhood , say if I were in a situation where I can play with either the group of boys or the group of girls , I’ll probably socialize with the girls because boys are way too rough and insensitive for me.
But there’s guys who might feel the same way but I’m just talking from personal experience.
It’s not like I believe that men are mean , anyone can be a jerk no matter what their differences is. Likewise , there can be people who are nice no matter what their differences are.
As for Gender Identity , I identify as both a woman as well as non-binary because I feel like I’m not 100 % feminine or masculine but androgynous ( See Gender Expression ) .
So that’s how I would define Gender Identity , it’s an identity which you know in your spirit. And perhaps your non-binary , your neither. 
That’s fine. I identified as just that 10 years ago.

( 2. Gender Expression :
Relates to mannerisms and expression.
But what’s interesting about this is that sometimes gender expression can change relating to sexuality.
In Lesbian terms :
Butch on the street , femme in the sheets 
Femme in the street , butch in the sheets 
That’s in the matter of your “ Sexual Expression “ . Are you the dominate one or the submissive one or perhaps you switch depending on your mood.
Gender Expression is like your everyday mannerisms.
I would consider myself to be Androgynous.
But perhaps maybe gender-fluid as well because there are sometimes where I can appear to be more masculine , others androgynous and at times completely feminine.
My Twin Flame is Masculine but there might be an androgynous side to her , I don’t know.
Perhaps she can speak for herself after our Twin Flame Reunion.

( 3. Sexual Orientation
Ok , most people get this one. But there’s still homophobes out there who think it’s a mental illness. Why ? Just because cisgender heterosexuals can multiply ?
Speaking of which , sexual norms and sexual oppression is mentioned a lot in the Anarchist FAQ

Anyway , LGBQ is pretty much the basics.
Lesbian ( woman who love women ) , Gay ( men who love men ) ,
Bisexual (  love both )
It goes beyond from there.

Noticed that I didn’t say cisgender or transgender , that’s because ANYONE can be of ANY sexual orientation.

Now back to patriarchy and transphobia ,
I like to consider such prejudices under a term known as
“ Man’s Club “.

There’s this kind of masculine bonding when it comes to men and same with feminine bonding with women.
And of course not all cisgender people are transphobic , but there are some who are.
And anything relating to hate is a manifestation of fear.

From transphobia against transgender women using the ladies room and ladies locker-rooms out of the fear that trans women are sociopathic men who just want to get away with rape which IS NOT TRUE AT ALL !
And this homophobia and transphobia cult among stereotypical cisgender masculine heterosexual alpha-male macho men  
Where it’s treated in a way of a cult ,
If one isn’t act like such a stereotype then they must be punished and banished ( or worse )
Because they are a disgrace among their fellow men.

Once again , I refer to The Anarchist FAQ relating to all this.

Say if I was such a stereotype except one of the members of the ruling class capitalist elite regime or perhaps a secret member within a secret society ( aka The New World Order ) , and I wanted to do something ridiculous that was going to harm humanity and planet earth some how.
For example , say I wanted to make the color “ Blue “ illegal and I start brainwashing people at a very young age and convince the current generation of all my justifications to back up my lies on why “ Blue “ is not normal , why “ Blue “ is evil , “ and why “ Blue “ must be destroyed by using “ Hierarchy’s ” favorite weapons of choice which is “ HATE AND FEAR “.
People would be on their typical EGO survival mode and try to kill off the color “ Blue “.

Same could be said about “ Sharks “ . Before stuff like Discovery Channel’s Shark Week , there probably was this religious belief that because people got killed by sharks , that they are the workings of Satan.

In politics , the same kind of brainwashing could apply but making fake scientific claims that “ It’s just human nature “ or “ life has always been messed up and there’s nothing you can do about it so only worry about yourself “ etc , and sadly most believe in this crap today because people are ignorant of the truth. And we can all be ignorant of something.

Sadly there’s people who believe that if it’s not taught by school , parents , friends , media , religion , etc then it’s fake.

No one likes being lied to , and I think that’s one of those aspects that create “ Transphobia “ .
They fear that if someone comes out , Transphobes dismiss the idea of “ born in the wrong body “ and just think of transgender people as mentally ill or worse EVIL.
And there’s horror movies where trans women are evil men who want to hurt women.

Now on the side of Transmen , there’s probably the other story coming from them on someone’s blog.
One that I hear often is how they are seen as being a Butch lesbian.
Another is the main subject of the movie “ Boys Don’t Cry “ which is about the tragic abuse and death of trans men Brendan Teena .

I’ve been very fortunate to have made Transmen friends.
Like wise , I’ve known friends who are cisgender men.

But if there’s something we all agree as humans and living creatures on earth ,
We all want to be happy , we all want to feel safe and secure , we all want to be free to be us and enjoy the best life we can possibly have , and we want all bad things to go away.

In my blog videos and blog posts , I talk about this quite a bit.
I’m not one of those to be indifferent about it.
I think the true battle of Good vs Evil is in fact Love vs Fear.

Transgender people are not mentally ill ,
Homosexual people are not mentally ill ,
They are the same as cisgender people and heterosexual people.

Fighting over differences is stupid !

It’s just as dumb as the belief that women have “ Cooties “ !

There’s something that I’ve learned a long time ago ,
I think I learned it from Bob Proctor.

“ We fear what we don’t understand . But once we understand something , the fear goes away. “.

So as people argue and fight online and off . The problem is really from hateful , cruel bullies who refuse to learn and listen. 

Politically , if you take a look at the political scale ( one that’s not bias and right wing sided propaganda and brainwashing dogma ) ,
And you go as “ Extremely Far ” as you can looking at Left Wing and Right Wing ,
Left would have Libertarian Socialist Anarchism
And on the Right is
   Slavery , Fascism , Nazis , Totalitarian , The New World Order .

It’s all in the matter of awareness.

Finally let me mention something about sexuality one last time .
Perhaps it’s related to “ Sexism “ .
And it relates to Transphobia .
But perhaps it’s going away little by little.
Even an ending to an episode of “ Bottom “ pointed it out.
YES , there are cisgender heterosexual men who find trans women attractive.
Did I ever mentioned that I would get hit on while going grocery shopping ? But as a lesbian , no sorry I don’t find men attractive in my taste.
And it’s not just porn.
Likewise there’s cisgender women who love trans men .
And all the combinations you can think of.

Even me.
A non-op Transgender lesbian woman who has a Twin Flame , a cisgender masculine butch stud lesbian.

There’s someone for everyone. 

_ Erica

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