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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Simplifying the Heart

Love Erica Crooks

Simplifying the Heart
Erica Crooks

What would an Anarchist Society and 5D Earth be like as well as people being aware of New Thought / New Age Spirituality such as being able to manifest and attract anything happy into your life’s existence through The Law of Attraction as well as the abundant freedom that life has to offer where hierarchy becomes obsolete . 

I can’t help but notice that the world is like a big giant heart puzzle that was once but together and ha been shattered. Some were able to fill in a big piece of the puzzle while others may have been trying to destroy individual pieces or perhaps hoarding it for themselves ( hierarchy ) and trying to make people deny that it doesn’t exist so no one would take that puzzle piece away from them EVER AGAIN ! And when I refer to “ puzzle piece “ , I’m talking about love.

Love has it’s many variants and for the most part it’s so tender and strong that some shy away from it , some deny it’s existence , and perhaps try to replace it with something cheap , superficial and distracting such as building a business in order to earn money to by things to satisfy good in your life in a world gone mad. There’s addicts that get hooked just to access that feeling of ease into their body in a way where they think is the logical way to access such love and if it’s illegal , they will defend it with violence.

Perhaps what I’m trying to say is this . “ Perhaps love IS the answer “ .

Even people who watch current movies no matter how capitalist Hollywood it gets with movies in the genre of “ Slice of Life “ where it’s just about someone else’s life other than your own and it’s filled with laughs and positive satisfaction , something perhaps you wish to experience … maybe a little bit. So you defend that movie even though there’s better movies that achieve the same goal , perhaps it’s something you remember from childhood that cheered you up when you had abusive parents and barely any friends that are any good and aren’t sociopaths that took advantage of you , which you didn’t realize until it was too late. AKA television is your only friend because it can hurt you as much as people did in your life .

Even Rik Mayall as mentioned that the world needs laughter , even when people go to a funeral , someone could fart and many fear the rudeness of busting out laughing. A laugh is kind of like someone needing a drink , but when we are happy , we can laugh out of joy instead of coping with life.

There’s a light-worker mission purpose which I keep repeating myself over and over about the awareness of MBTI , Numerology , Self Determination theory , the pyramid of human needs , Libertarian Socialist Anarchist and New Age / New Thought Spirituality ( Law of Attraction ) , etc Perhaps these elements are like big completed puzzle pieces in which if we all act as a collective to corporate with ourselves and each other can help complete the heart puzzle which is unconditional love - Heaven on Earth.

“ Perhaps I’m a Dreamer , but I know I’m not the only one. “ _ John Lennon ( Imagine )

Even as brutal as satirists can be , it’s a literature that can make people laugh as well as entertain and think . “ Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. “

When I was going up to becoming a teenager , my mindset still is “ Look at this mess , who’s responsible and how come no one is bothering to clean it up “ . However now a days , I see it’s a more complicated situation that I thought. But love isn’t complicated , love is simple .
Hate and fear is complicated. 

Through years of research to current , it’s obvious that hate and fear is indeed hierarchy and it needs to be stopped. When we grow up , we are taught to hate and fear things. 

There’s a quote I’ve heard awhile back regarding the most cruel people in the world which goes like this. “ ( These kinds of people ) need the most love but deserve it the least . “

This kind of forgiveness from a distance is related to everything I’ve talked about even in “ Adults Get Bullied Too ! “

Libertarian Socialist Anarchism is the most perfect political structure in life globally I think. Because the only structure there is , is freedom but respecting your fellow others.

New Age / New Thought Spirituality ( Law of Attraction ) is great because no matter where your at if your living a good life which keeps getting better or your homeless or in jail , all you need is to think feeling that feel good and you attract your own life and create it with your thoughts and feelings. We need to think from the inside out instead of the outside in. That’s why it’s called new thought. If we can apply this spiritual phenomenon to anarchism and vice versa , perhaps it would help a social revolution happen that much peacefully and perhaps it’s possible. If I can manifest my Twin Flame who I only knew 9 years in telepathy in my mind and meet her face to face afterwords , I know AS FACT this stuff works ! It’s just takes practice and dedication to master it.

And finally I find MBTI ( Myers Briggs Personality Type Science ) , Astrology / Zodiac , Numerology quite accurate .

MBTI : Explains your personality. I’m an INFP myself and I know in my heart this is a personality which relates to my soul. However I wonder if this is the same with other people or if their personality type is a product of the effects of hierarchy such as the ESTJ .
Because there are personality types that are open to this stuff and there’s those who accept hierarchy as human nature which is anything but. It can be a great tool in the here and now to know yourself be true even a little better as well as those around you.
As an intuitive , I know that intuitive and sensors think differently. It’s almost like a different language. Perhaps it’s all about finding that middle ground of communication where both opposites can not only understand one another but can agree on something humanitarian .
That’s most certainly related to the idealist founder Isabell Briggs Myers ( also an INFP ) .

Astrology / Zodiac : I find it very accurate , especially if it’s the day something happens. However it can be vague . I say The Law of Attraction , you do determine it’s intensity. 

Numerology : It’s like both MBTI and Astrology together . It’s related to your energy I feel. Which is why I said in previous blog videos and blog articles on the reason why say that if someone had the same MBTI type , they can still differ slightly as well as their own individual life experience. 

But what’s great about MBTI is it gives you an idea of the kind of soulmate would best fit into your life as well as the kind of friends you would best get along with. However if you don’t know yourself in detail and in full , you could be slightly off but practice makes perfect . In 2015 I thought I was an ENFP not an INFP . Likewise I thought my Twin Flame might be an ENTP . Though when I meet my Twin Flame , I realized that perhaps what I found attractive in ENTPs wasn’t related to the T part of their personality type , maybe it’s just the ENP part , I don’t know. Sense of humor I suppose , but I’m an NP so I have it. lol 
For now I would say my Twin Flame is in fact an **FP . She might as well be an INFP too but I’ll know for sure at Twin Flame Union / Twin Flame Reunion .

In conclusion , if people are consciously aware of it or unconsciously aware , people need love. However due to the damage that hierarchy does every single day from any area we suffer in life if major or minor as it might seem. From someone destroying your car in a car accident who refuses to admit it was their fault so they place the blame on you for hitting them even though their car has barely damage on it if at all to a pet fish that only lived for months in a fish bowl which Chlorine water came from the sink with no filter , I hope someday the world will wake up to the bigger picture and not treat it as a individual problem that stands alone.

Perhaps this is relating to just how an iNtuitive such as myself might see things which is to see the patterns in which everything fits into a bigger picture .

But this isn’t about iNtuitives vs Sensors ( MBTI ) , this is about something we all need.

When we were babies , we would be co-dependent on our mother’s love. However when we get older , we are miseducated about how life truly is and what we can do to change it.

I think people would be interested in solutions rather than focusing on the problems of the world without any answers to it which is exactly what the news does all the time.

I would stay away from listening to the news , until last year when I got into Rachel Maddow because she makes it fun and entertaining even though I’m a spiritual anarchist . Ok , I watch it for Rachel Maddow . lol

But the point I’m trying to make is this , love comes from within not outside of yourself.
Perhaps that’s where all the problems , hate , fear and complexity is.

Look at Trump . What if his achievements of power are just an expression of the lack of love and or an attempt to gain love instead of an expression of love .

Like politics , why are we relying on co-dependency of others for our happinesses ?
Do we read other people’s comments of what they think of us or if they gives us a thumbs up or down on our uploaded videos and online content determine our self worth for ourselves ?

Perhaps this can relate to my personal Twin Flame journey which I’ve been working on every single day since 2016 which I’m currently learning to fill my own up , perhaps we all are.

It’s in the matter of inner stability , and I know that I’m not alone , we are all in this together.

It’s in the matter of inner discipline of self and personal growth. 

As I stated before , New Age / New Thought Spirituality ( Law of Attraction / Twin Flame ) teachers can tell you this stuff however very few will not only NOT CHARGE YOU ANYTHING but also bring awareness about THE NEGATIVITY ENERGY OF HIERARCHY !

That’s what most of them get wrong. And I’m sure I’ve written about this topic alone more than once .

Perhaps the ruling class who are on top of the hierarchy pyramid if capitalists , royalty , secret societies or perhaps invisible malevolent extraterrestrials ( The New World Order )

There’s a big debate which people know about which is the fight of Good vs Evil . 
But there are some who don’t even want to think about it or are indifferent to it saying that such duality doesn’t even exist because in human nature we both have a devil and an angel on our shoulder in our mind.

My perspective on this is that if you translate Good and Evil , you get Soul vs Ego , which finally reveals to be Love vs Hate & Fear .

So if people were pro-love and peace , perhaps it relates to what left wing people support university if American , British , French , anywhere .

Perhaps we need to look at The Ruling Class who runs hierarchy in a way someone in psychology does at toxic personality disorders and mental illnesses that can harm self and others , and it’s not like many of these people are going to cooperate with you or anyone if they aren’t gaining what they think they want. 

Also there’s sociopaths , narcissists , psychopaths , dark triad ,
Who can lie and do lie online or offline. 
And we’ve all been victims of such abuse in many areas in our life if someone who was close to us if family or social circle of friends or even a lover to perhaps some jerk in the neighborhood that pushed you out of your apartment which no judge , no lawyer , no cop , no landlord would be there for you.
We’ve all gone through situations like this.
I sure have.
9 years ago , I might not have been alive to bring awareness about all of this as I am.

But as I mentioned before , the crueler someone acts , the more love they need.
The question is how do we do it from afar ? 

I think I received something from my spirit guides awhile back which they tell me that they try to reach everyone in a matter which they can understand them but some choose to listen to their subtle voice and others dismiss it completely as a random thought in their head.

How interesting is it that the world finds actions more important than the science of the mind. The mind just is. Either it feels good or it feels bad. So who are we to judge.

My spirit guides I believe let me know that there’s people who are so mentally in bondage that the only way they are going to learn is when karma gives them a good kick in the butt.

And I think I know of a certain song that relates to what I just said.

_ Erica

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